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NOTE: Please do not post your Ritual of Scrying quests here, post them on your personal profiles using the #DMQuests hashtag. THanks!

Do you receive the Initiate Reward only the first time you DM or can you receive it again at the start of a new season?

Does the Ritual of Scrying award reset at the start of every season?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but ran my first non hardcover tonight and trying to understand XP calculation.

According to the sheet it reads:

Dungeon Masters receive XP for every session, calculated in one-hour increments according to the optimization level of the adventure (or average party level for Hardcover adventures).

I had a party of 4 level 1 adventurers 2 of which were new online.
I ran DDEX3-06 which states in the adventure it is optimized for a group of 5 level 3 adventurers.

Does that mean I base my XP off the optimized level the adventure states? My gut says it should be based off APL but i'm confused why the distinction between modules and hardcovers then.

So I’m filling in for our regular dm for our weekly AL session, do I have to use pre-made content or can I create my own for a one off 4 hour session. And if yes how do I determine the rewards both for players and dm rewards?

About the curse of strahd luck blade. Hello I have a few questions. So I had 20 int and used the curse of strahd luck blade to raise my int to 22. I am now being told that it cannot raise it to 22?

Furthermore, the amendment seems to suggest a greater use wish from this blade is at DM discretion (as opposed to just reversing at the end of the game)

DMs have discretion on the adjudication of wish spells, but players should be forewarned that other DMs may rule differently; some may disallow some effects of their wish. For example, if a character wishes to be a Masked Lord of Waterdeep, one DM may accommodate that and consider it in the character’s adventures, but another DM may not.

Tomb of Annihilation.
My PCs are in Omu and retrieve almost all cubes. They are still low in level and I need to speed up.
I was wandering if spice up some encounters is allowed. In particular:
- Bag of Nails and Tabaxi come back as Acerereak vampires.
- Valindra Shadowmantle join forces with red mages in Omu.
- Other twist of this nature...

Is it allowed and legal?

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Hi Folks,

please take the time to submit your votes in the Organized Play category. This is the first year for this category, let's make sure to support it so the folks at the Ennies bring it back next year. .

Here are the five DDAL mods up for vote, along with a DM's guild link.

Best Friends Forever (

Bleeding Gate: Amalgamation (

End of the Line (

Lost Tales of Myth Drannor (

Wreckers (

Link to vote, (Organized Play category):

Full disclosure, I wrote Wreckers. I'd love your vote of course, but really want to see this category continue for another year, so please vote regardless :)

One of my players contracted werewolf lycanthropy and was not able to have the curse removed before he was turned. I've decided I want to use that player's character later in the CoS hardcover as a replacement Alpha. My mine query is his Cloak of Protection.

I know characters are not allowed to loot the corpses of other players. However its now become an NPC. If they kill him, can I make available another Cloak of Protection lootable to the team? Or would that constitute illegally added treasure?

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The Lost Tales of Myth Drannor, now in PDF on the DMsGuild! Take your players through these 6 short adventures that span levels 1-20.
The ENnie nominated adventure you've all been waiting for is now available in pdf! Lost Tales of Myth Drannor in all its glory. Adventure in Cormanthor!

Let us know if you've picked it up in the comments. Which is your favorite adventure?
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