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Name: vinaash srshti

Hero name: limbo

Age: 17

Gender:  changes at will

Allegiance: um none? I think neutral good


-can teleport

-can enter different dimensions

-can bend gravity

-can turn into a demon or Angel

-gender changes at will

Weapons:  staff, fist, dart gun attached to wrist , armor gadgets

Personality: mysterious, trickster, caring

Bio: I can't remember my past but every week I remember something.

Remembered things: I'm an orphan my mother died giving birth, My father killed himself.  My father was the deity of destruction and my mother was the deity of creation, I woke up one morning at xaviers academy for gifted young ones,
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Human/Demon (Through the necklace)



Weapon/Device of choice:

Prehensile Tail, Fire, Horns, Teleportation, Levitation


Needing to transform





Lives In:

Sweet, Kind, Shy, Perverted

In school, she was made fun of and stuff for wanting to be a hero and then boom, the good karma strikes and says here yo go, and she finds a special blood diamond that activates her transformation and she keeps it a secret from everybody


Hair: Long Red/White
Skin: Tanned lightly/Pink
Features: Smoth skin
Tall? Short?: Tall

Other: She can only use her powers if she is wearing the necklace in the demon form
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Name: Quindarius Summer

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Alligence: None

- Flight
Laser beams from his eyes.
-Mind reading
Able to move things around with his mind.
Bio: Quin was more of the less buff of Scott and Jean Summer son. Scott can be hard with him but he cares for Quin.

Weapons: hand to hand combat His powers.

Personality: Kind, caring, can put himself down a lot.

Can my OC be a god like Thor.

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Name: Emily Ross

Nickname(s): Ross or Em

Species(Combination?): Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Weapon/Device of choice: Swords and knives

Abilities: able to make you see, think, or hear what she wants you to

Likes: To mess with people. Boys. And being in the sun

Dislikes: People being rude to her.

Strengths: Her powers are very strong and she is good at throwing knives

Weaknesses: She is to full of herself. Thinks nobody can beat her

Crush/Bf/Gf/Married: Open

Friends: None yet

Personality: Stuck up. Full of herself. She likes to make friends but most people don't like her because she's bad

Bio: Find out by rp

Pet: None yet

Appearance: See pictures
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I'm new here and I was wondering about my oc, and if it is okay with you Thedoctorisnotonfire. You see my oc is half human, half bunyip. (If you don't know what a bunyip is you can look it up online when you got the time, but to be short with it, it is a mythical creature in Australia) Thank you for having your time on reading this, and I hope you say that it's okay for my oc. Thanks! ^w^

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((i'm new here))

Name: Scarlet Witch

Age: 19

Type: Psychic 

Likes: Her Brother, Using Her Powers, Her City, Iron Man (end), The Avengers (end), Ultron (Begginning)

Dislikes: Iron Man (at the begginning of the film), Ultron (the end)

Powers: Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Making You See Your Worse Fear, Force-Shield

Bio: She was born with her brother as twins, In the war they went under the bed to escape the bombs and that what killed their parents. They was taken in by the Russian bad guy (forgot his name goddamn it!) and thats where they fought to stop te avengers. When te Avengers come to attack them they were sent out however nearly got deffeated. A while later they found Ultron and teamed up with him and Scarlet made the Avengers see their worst fear. They escaped and on the flying city they teamed up with the Avengers and defeated Ultron. 

((btw, if you haven't already seen The Avengers Age Of Ultron, i highly recomend it, it is an amazing film. i won't spoil it for you but it is truly amazing!! i saw it on the premeir and i saw some proper Marvel nerds, it was funny. Also, pretty much the first line Stark says is "shit" XDD))
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"Ohh, burn! Literally, you should get some ice.."

Name: Lorelei Flecks

Age: 16

Superhero Name: Pyromaniac

Powers: Lorelei can create and manipulate fire with her bare hands. She also cannot be harmed by fire in an way.

Hero or Villain: She is a carefree young hero that helps save people in the concrete jungle known as New York.

How I got my powers: On a beautiful autumn morning, she was born with these powers.

Traits: Lorelei is completely carefree. She makes most decisions on a whim and has been described as a "hippie" of sorts. She lives life to the fullest, knowing that she won't be young forever.

Strengths: Lorelei is very impulsive so most of her moves are unpredictable and unreadable. She's also known as "Flashlight" around S.H.E.I.L.D due to her ability to light up a room with a small ball of fire.

Weaknesses: If her oxygen supply is cut off, she wouldn't be able to light any fires. Also, her tendency to be so impulsive has its downside as well, it deeply effects her teamwork and sometimes just barging in and torching the place isn't the best idea. 

Likes: Lorelei really is a pyromaniac and can often be found playing with fire in her free time.

Dislikes: Lorelei hates training. No matter how many times Fury tells her that it will make her a better hero, she will always hate it.

Allies: Her teamwork skills aren't very good but she is willing to fight alongside anyone from S.H.E.I.L.D

Enemies: The usual everyday villains.

RElationships: None so far.

Does anyone want to roleplay?

+• Shailaja Vyas • want to roleplay together?
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