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اهلا انا فتاة عربية وانتم من اين اريد ان اكون صديقة لكم ^_^

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Name: Dark queen Elsa

age: 18

species: human

type: Ice

power: Ice

Looks: Pic is provided

likes: darkness, ice, her sister, freedom, snow

dislikes: being around the castle, hans, fire

personality: Clever, slightly evil, bit out of control, stubborn, sly, She can't control the beast inside, so she gets out of control and likes to freeze peoples head..., when she's alone she gets scared and starts freaking out, she's quiet around most people....

Bio: Is the dark side of Elsa.

other: Nothing.

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name: Dawn

Age: 18

species: elf

type: fire

power: anything fire related

looks: pic will be provided

likes: thieving, chicken, cats, dogs, dragons, her friends, her job, people who are nice to her, dark magic, moon elves

dislikes: royalty, people who are mean to her, white magic, sun elves

personality: clever, sly, kind, funny, cute, nice (at times), stubborn

other: as a wolf and snow leopard, and is a newbie in dark magic
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Name: Iris
Age: 16
Occupation: Raven point in berk
Dragon: Sun Scorcher (dragon like cloudjumper)
personality: Like astrid, elsa, and anna put together
bio: abandoned at age 8, lonely, rebel, hates crowds and being in the area of others.

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Name: Destiny
Gender: Female
Species: Night fury
Owner: None
Bio: 14 year old Female Night fury up for adoption

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Samantha Cat Valentine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Samantha Cat Valentine

Alias: Super Cat

Appearance: Looks latin, but has an australian accent. Hipster

Birthday: October 17,

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Personality: Shy, quiet, brave, forgiving, nice.

Species: Human (Vegan)

Gender: Female

Bio: Just a city girl that's not the same as any other girl you'll meet. My parents died in a car crash when I was 5. After that i was sent to a orphange, I was bullied the whole time I was there. I was yelled at by the teachers because I would always yell out the answer when they didn't call on me. When I turned 15 all the other girl threw rocks at me because one of the people who worked there got me a cake. When I turned 16 a nice couple adopted me and my life got better after that because they helped me control my powers so they benifited me and my powers got me out of some sticky situations that I've got in.

Powers: Strenght, speed, intelligence, and my eyes color from time to time.

Strengths: Sunlight, apples, and exciting things.

Weaknesses: Boring things, red meat, blood, and animal products.

Likes: Black cats, Music, butterflies, books, potions, Halloween, incantations, jewels, and masquerades.

Dislikes: darkness, claws, and spiders. 
MY RP CHARACTER. ((Ari Grande.))
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I need to ask, what is going to happend now? Are you going to make a new community or something else? Now when Amanda's Fullbuster is hacked?

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HI I'm Rainlight and i need a rider! so will someone please be my rider?
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