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Hello again, guys. We need more members for this community. I want to very nicely ask you if you would please share this community amongst your circles and get people to join. I at least would like to have 100 members and active roleplayers. So, if you would please share this community, that would be really great!

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Name: ludvig belice
Age: 17
Race: human
Likes: reading, working out, joging, playing guitar, kickboxing
Dislikes: being tricked
Hobbies: running, working out, eating, drawing, and kickboxing
Personality: is kind and is not easily mad but when he is mad it takes him a long time to recover from being mad

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Attention, everyone!

There will be a homecoming dance event being sent out to all members or this community and then some. This is our first event, and I hope you will all come.

this is my character.
name: Azarzath
Blood of an angel but the daughter of a demon and is kind to must but her father, and treated kind. She does love art and other things such as Dean Winchester... But that is not really important. What's more important to her is protection of her baby brother Castiel.

I'm here

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Yo, I don't wanna just be that person that sits there and mods without talking and communicating with my community members, so what's up? Also, if you wanna, you can tune into the Mod Announcements soon, because there's gonna be something great coming up! I'll post soon.

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Hey, everyone!

I've noticed no one wants to rp... Is there something missing that keeps you from doing so? If so, comment below.

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Hello, everyone! I've got some exciting news. I am looking for 3-5 people to assist me in moderating this community. However, there is a certain criteria that I am looking for in each person that I choose. Those are:

•Good Grammar Correct punctuation, no grammatical errors of any kind, especially when posting sometning in the mod section.

•*Mods cannot curse whilst posting anything in the mod section* RPs are allowed, but when it comes to work, lets try to keep it professional here.

•Know that this is not a pass for you to break any of the rules. You will be held to higher expectations than anyone else. Therefore, punishment for breaking rules will be more severe. But I am very lenient and I trust that you will follow all rules.

•You will be accountable for others who break the rules This means that if you are moderating the community and see a character breaking the rules, and turn a blind eye to it, then you will be punished as well.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested in gaining Moderator status.

Is the Moderator of this community trying to keep this community small or make it big?

Welcome to the community where there are no boundaries. I would like to formally thank you for joining and say you're awesome for doing so. But, there are rules, which are written below:

•Hentai Roleplays are allowed, however they must be done in a private post. Any hentai roleplays being posted publicly will be taken down immediately, mid roleplay or not. what I'm saying is that you can propose an RP, but I don't wanna see sexual rp in this community. There are some people that aren't comfortable with that and so out of respect for them, I would appreciate it if you would please refrain from sexually rping publicly in this community.

•No hate towards the mods, the owner or anyone in general. Be nice, please. Rudeness is not tolerated in this community.

•Please be descriptive. People want to see what you can do and what your abilities are! One-liners are allowed, but its boring to rp one sentence!

•Cursing is allowed, but please do not go overboard. This means cursing is okay, but if you say fuck every other word, then your post will be removed because that is not tolerated. Again, people are not always comfortable with that stuff, so out of respect for them, lets try to keep it clean.

•Maximum of 5 reposts. It gets a little bit annoying to see the same post over and over, so please don't post that much.

•Maximum of 5 character profiles. If you need another slot for a character profile, please consult with Me or one of the mods, and we will arrange something.


_Also, character profiles and posts will be moderated as well, but only the reposts and amount of characters you're putting out. Thank you once again for joining, I hope you enjoy this community and make many friends here._
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