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Same problem: Youtube not working with LineageOS 15.1 on Nexus 10
Any help?
I managed to install LineageOS 15.1 on my Nexus 9 Wifi Tablet. MUCH better performance as before with stock Android 7.1.1.
Biggest issue: youtoube not working! Anybody come over this issue and has a solution? Much appreciated!

I want to install Pure Nexus on my Nexus 10. I went to site and found the downloads for 7.1.2, the slim gapps they list next will only download them for
the One plus One, are those the ones to use or is there slim gapps for the Nexus 10. And which SuperSU version do I use? And what twrp version.
Thank you is someone can let me know. I'm running version LMY49J from 4/1/16 Android 5.1.1

Seems no nougat version for N10 has the camera working. Some think it will be possible on unofficial Oreo?

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Battery update. Since replacing the battery and flashing 7.1.2 Nougat, this tablet is amazing. Over 4 hours OST with 49% remaining!
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I got my Nexus 10 back from my friend in CA. with a new 9000 mAh battery and now running 7.1.2. It is a beast again! Very snappy and fun to use again!

Need a replacement for my many years old Nexus 10 (battery down at 70% and many lags).
Did some of you move to the Pixel C? I was interested but now noticed this do not have GPS.
So may have to think about Galaxy Tab WE.
Your thoughts?

I'm having a friend replace my battery in my Nexus 10 and flash Marshmallow or Nougat on it. I'll keep you guys informed!

I nominate the Nexus 10 as the most egregious waste of money I've ever owned. Not only did it always have trouble finding a wifi connection, but every little update caused it to pretend it was dead. To top it off, for the past 2 years it has had the typical Nexus battery problem: from 80% battery to zero in under ten seconds. I'd been using it, plugged in to a power source, until I realized it was time for the sledgehammer.

I look forward to destroying it with all malice as soon as the snow clears in the driveway.

I forgot my password to my Nexus 10. How can I open it?

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#simpleaosp for #manta

This is alpha version.
Not working : camera, video recording
Device tree and kernel are using scanno and omnirom.
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