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Feb 5 2017 Most recent IACM bulletin.
+International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines

- Israel: Government wants to decriminalize small-scale recreational cannabis use.
- News in brief.
- A glimpse at the past

News in brief :
- Israel: Government wants to finance 13 research projects on cannabis.
- Science: Discussion on the assertation that CBD may be converted into THC in the stomach.
- Science/Human: Maximum blood concentrations after oral #intake of THC were reached faster in a fasted state than in if taken together with a meal.
- Science: Activation of the CB2 receptor may be helpful in #psoriasis .
- Science/Animal: Beta caryophyllene may protect the #liver .
- Science/Cells: Beta caryophyllene stimulates mineralization of #osteoblasts .
- Science/Human: Effects of inhaled and oral THC on pupil size and #psychomotor performance.
- Science/Cells: Activation of CB1 receptor promoted growth of #melanoma cells.
- Science/Animal: Cannabigerol (CBG) increases #food intake.
- Science/ #France : Increase of THC content in cannabis.
- Science/ #Israel : Differences between medical users of cannabis and recreation cannabis users. An online survey of 1479 Israeli cannabis users compared unlicensed medical users (38%) with recreational (42%) and licensed medical (5.6%) users.
- Science/Animal: CB2 receptor function is increased in a brain region responsible for pain modulation in #chronic #inflammation .

A glimpse at the past :
One year ago :
- Science/Human: Cannabis use was associated with improved outcome after bleeding in the #brain .
- Science/Human: Cannabis reduced #pain and #opioid use in a clinical study.
Two years ago :
- Science/Human: Cannabis use may not have a significant effect on traffic accidents according to large US study
- Science/Human: How cannabis increases appetite
- Science/Human: Does cannabis very high in THC increase the risk of #psychosis ?.

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