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Will senpai notice me if I put a tutu on him?

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My profile pic... If I set it to this will Senpai love meh?

Rubs hands--

OK so,


hello bbe--

I have no feelings towards you rn--

and so stay away from me, creep--

I hope we can still be "Friends"--

let's go say hi to Senpai, oh Senpai where are you, I'm coming for you Senpai, DON'T YOU BE AFRAID OF MEEE

I want a senpai xDD please I love anime, art, dance, and puns

+Natasha Ott
I need you to stop posting spam this is not a spam community

I need a Senpai but I can never find the right person :(

So, just stay away, and we'll be fine...

Notice me +Skylar sᴄʜᴍᴇʙᴜʟᴏᴄᴋ ​senpai

I am currently in need of a Senpai. CRIeS*
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