Steve Faber

Branding  - 
How Do You Define Your Org's Brand?
More Importantly, how do you shape it to achieve your goals?
Once you've done so, how do you reinforce it to build brand equity?
WELD2's Frank White lays out branding as he sees it. He works in the tech space, but this is universally applicable for most organizations, small to behemoth.   
He stumbles once or twice, rare for such a dynamic speaker, but hey, we all have a hiccup once in a while!
Define your brand. Can't do it? Well, Frank White, Senior Consultant with Weld2 & StayTuned is here to help.
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thats true
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Luiz Centenaro

Branding  - 
Your Guide To Running a Successful Snapchat Contest

Contests for consumer products continue to work wonders. With Facebook organic traffic being absolutely nothing, we turned to Snapchat this time.

I hadn't seen anyone blog about this before so I asked a ton of questions before launching this and can't take all the credit. 

If you are looking to host a contest on Snapchat this will be a great beginners guide. Let me know if you have any questions!
Step by step how to hold a snapchat marketing contest to drive hundreds of visits to your website while creating valuable brand engagement.
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We are all in Sales! And personal branding has never been more important now than ever! #SocialSelling & #LinkedIn has literally helped transform my life. And I’ll explain shortly and provide you 5 step process that will revolutionize your life if you apply all 5 lessons together. 

In this article i go over 5 steps to help you find your dream job. These 5 steps are as follows 

Step 1: Understanding Why Your Doing This
Step 2: Be Bold In Finding Your Dream Job
Step 3: Complete Your LinkedIn profile
Step 4: Create A Digital Resume
Step 5: Reach out and connect 

I go through each step and provide you with references and case studies to show you that its not only possible to use your brand to land your dream job, but its necessary. 

If you stay consistent by taking massive action and follow all 5 steps together you are bound to see some interesting results in your life. Regardless of what age or industry you’re in. If you enjoyed the post, please click the thumbs up icon above and let me know! Please let me know if you found this useful.  Follow me on Twitter @RonnieCuriel and lets connect on LinkedIn and explore ways in where we can help each other out. Even if we decide not to work together, I am confident our conversation will be full of insights and strategies to help you leverage LinkedIn more effectively.
We live in interesting times, Switching Industries No Longer Means Starting Over. Last year on April 16th, 2014 I made the decision, after my first-born daughter, that I was going to change my life. I wanted to make a career transition. I made the decision to make a commitment and expose myself and
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Use #SocialMedia to celebrate #EarthDay!

No matter where you're standing today (April 22), NASA​ wants you to share your favorite views of Earth. Hashtag your image or video with #NoPlaceLikeHome and post it to Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Vine. More details are available at

How are you using social media to brand your business?
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+Harvard Business Review has a great article on the "risks" that social media poses for young, and surprisingly, old workers. 

Do you remember the old adage: "You're only as good as your word"? Well, your word is only a click away from going from a respected professional to a damaged name that has gone bankrupt in terms of respect and job security. 

I know the internal struggle that you have with yourself on whether you should accept your coworkers, let alone a supervisor, invite to share your "private" social media pages. This article does a fascinating job at labeling each of these problems and giving solutions in the most professional and respectable, because that's how you should want to be perceived among your peers as, ways. 

Don't ever forget that you're your own brand. 
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Aaron Segal

Branding  - 
The difference between conversation and narrative is representative of the difference between people's interests and identities.

h/t +Hans Youngmann​
Cognitive anthropologist Bob Deutsch argues that brands seeking connections with people should be looking to enter their narratives, not their...
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thanks for sharing +Aaron Segal 
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I came across this great blog post by +Kelly Hungerford and thought it was seemingly fitting to advocate the power of communities in a community of marketers and alike. 

The era of marginalized discounts is dying and the rise of transparency, personable brands connecting on platforms with community members and creating "feel good" moments -- emotional connections --  for customers is the new fuel for gaining consumers attention and retention.
Today a vast part of brand awareness and business success points directly to online communities and consumer advocates shaping brands, driving growth and increasing revenue. But if brand advocates ...
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+Allen Quinn I can tell you've gotten it all figured out, Allen! Very right you are. Thanks for your feedback. It's a great article, I agree. 
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Branding  - 
Did you know that Millennials will have a combined purchasing power of $2.45 trillion by 2015? Naturally, you want a slice of that pie. Here are some takeaways from one of our account managers blog! What would you add for #9?
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This is helpful and very concise :) Thanks 
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The era of “likes” is over for businesses. If it ever was truly an accurate gauge of how your social media strategy was working, Facebook officially killed it when it changed who saw your brand’s posts.
While having a strong number of followers on social networks is still important, the process of turning followers into customers requires digging deeper and acting on the more nuanced social cues that your customers are sending you.
So here are some helpful ways to understand your followers and have the ability to turn followers into customers.

#socialmediastrategy #socialmediamarketing #customerloyalty  
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Ken Robinson

Branding  - 
TOUCH the HEARTS RING you choose to move to - your choice of coherent emotion- and intentional empathy.

Empathy training is immensely valuable to corporate boardrooms, healers, peacemakers, military generals, bank managers.. to name a few.

In this version you have a choice of inputting your heart rate (HRV) by putting your finger gently and without moving on the camera light of your iPhone, - or connecting the Polar or other HRV chest strap to the small iThlete plug for the iPhone audio connection - available at  

 - (iPad has no light so that requires external chest strap). You can easily begin and get dramatic feedback with no external hardware - using just the camera light (iPhone) - or you can order a separate Heart Rate transmitter- at our web link. Thanks so much for letting your HeartsRING!-
Welcome to. ---->New Below! 2 Latest Demo / Training Films. Where A Ring of Hearts.. Learn to Ring Together! Powerful, VERY Inexpensive REAL Heart Coherence / HRV / Breath BIOFEEDBACK / Empathy Training- for iPhone / iPad!
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Special Edition. Ammonia Fumed Rustic European Oak with the new black bass reflex tube... We were just testing this new iBox XC, and the whole block was shaking. This bluetooth speaker has it all and more... Order yours today!
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Clive Roach

Branding  - 
Brand Equity Modernized: Why Social Media is your Best Asset...
Do you do social listening around your brand conversations? This post may change your mind to start sooner than later

#b2bSocialMedia #branding #BrandEquity #SocialListening
Social Media has the power to be the most compelling asset a business has, helping to improve every customer touchpoint and driving stronger brand equity.
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social media is my best asset because of my kind heart soul communited commitment talent work of cultural indepent studies writing /poetry!! into nature's best relationships gifted experienced into biracial stats and fun exposes
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Branding  - 
11 Awesome Tools for Hassle-Free Influencer Outreach

If you plan on manually doing your influencer outreach, you're going to lose a lot of sleep. Instead, use tools like these to cut down on the time involved.

#influencermarketing   #tools   #socialmedia  
If you plan on manually doing your influencer outreach, you're going to lose a lot of sleep. Instead, use tools like these to cut down on the time involved.
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I'm amazed with your list, it's good.
However, I recommend you to make a guide about how to create a good brand, then use this list as the relevant post.
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Anytime I find a formative and practical article about marketing on Google+, I always feel inclined to share it. Being a community on Google+, we're all marketing and branding ourselves among one another. 

But now, we have a step-by-step guide on how to enhance your image and create the desired result you want by using these templates as a guide to your marketing plan. This article is great for anyone who is active on Google+ and uses it for personal recognition or for their business. 

Try to incorporate this formula into your branding and marketing strategy and let me know if you have any success.

Formula: 1) stay on topic, 2) Share business posts from personal pages, 3) post third-party content and 4) track standard and unique metrics 

#googleplustips   #socialmediatips  
Do people pay attention to your messages? In this article you'll discover five ways to strengthen your Google+ marketing for more engagement.
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+Cynthia Johnson has a great piece on +Entrepreneur about three fundamental tips, when using #Twitter, #Facebook and #LinkedIn,  that can enhance your presence on these sites and grow your network immensely.

These three tips are vital to know before delving any further into social media tactics and strategies, because these are the three building blocks that you need to know before implementing an approach to increase and enhance your social media engagement, presence and authority.  

I agree with Cynthia that Twitter is the most underutilized social media tool around. I would use my personal account just to RT things that I found entertaining or related to my field of study, but I was missing out on the big picture and was missing out on tapping into conversations with experts in the field of Advertising and Marketing. Now I manage my personal account more tactically and continue to grow my "tribe" of followers thanks to the power of networking 
We know the biggies when it comes to social networking. But are you using them right?
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Think of this community as a marketing showroom.
Open to businesses and marketers alike, we want to show off the best of what you can offer. Not just everything you publish, but the best stuff you publish. Advanced marketing techniques and tips, guides, case studies, and more. Originality valued over repetition.

To Join: Please fill out the form at to join the community. We apologize for the extra step, but with hundreds of requests to join each day, this seems necessary to help those that are truly worthy to "skip the queue," so to speak.

Have a help request, basic discussion topic, or question for the group? Be sure to head to to post these. We try to avoid the simple Q&A in this community, in order to keep the quality as high as possible and reduce repetition.

Tips for New Members:

Become familiar with the Community Guidelines
We’ve outlined some simple rules to maintain a safe space to connect with other businesses. We didn't come to these rules on a whim. These are after using Google+ for nearly five years, while running these communities for two. The rules are based on marketing best practices - to help our community have the highest level quality while also helping you maximize your own engagement. Take the posting lessons you learn from the guidelines here - and apply them to your posts in other places - and you'll see engagement steadily increase.

Check in regularly and share valuable content when needed. Sharing of course is not the best way to engage members here. There are great discussions popping up in the community every day. Stop by regularly, chime in, and engage with other members' discussions in order to build trust and authority on a subject.

Search or Browse for posts that interest you. Use the community search feature on your computers and larger tablets (for now, browse categories using your iPhone or Android Google+ app). There are many posts from the past that will aid you in your marketing strategy greatly. Before you post - be sure to search or browse the community to be sure no one has posted something similar.

Don't be discouraged if your post is moderated. There are many reasons a post may be moderated, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us - We will be happy to explain. In order to expedite your help request - be sure to include a direct link to the post in question (if you delete it, we can't tell you why). 

Posts that are moderated are not always meant as a judgement call on the quality of the content being linked, but due to either lack of interaction with the rest of the community, a poorly described or framed Google+ post, or because we have had a large number of posts on the same subject in a short period of time. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (or me, personally).

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+Eli Osadchenko For now, focus on reading and commenting. Learn before teaching and sharing. Get to know the community first, see what people talk about here, learn more about the profession. Posting is more from people that are professionals in the industry of social media, not just people who have an interest in it as a topic, remember. If you have an interest in it as a career, I highly suggest sticking around, reading, asking questions in comments if you don't understand, or are looking for more information. 
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Getting your business noticed. Thank you +David Amerland for this excellent info graphic on the best actions to use in Social Media advertising, promotions , #branding and #marketing The advantages of sharing and the tools, resources and activities that make all the difference for the most beneficial effect for your business to be seen online.
Simple Truths

If you are a company, brand or person there is simply no other way to establish authority on the web than to engage in all these activities. 

Two things emerge from this: First the degree to which each contributes to what you do and who you are will be different because your aim, context, intent background and experience will be different.

Second, when there are so many steps to take the opportunity to completely fake it and get away with it becomes very remote.

You really need to be the real thing.

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+David Amerland onto this one now...
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Many of you will be aware of Facebook's fight against the Ebola. If you already haven't seen a message that informs you about donating money to fight the disease you are to see it pretty soon, today I saw mine.

At the same moment I thought that it's a good thing that companies as big as Facebook involve themselves fighting against social difficulties such as this. Those acts reflects their humanity.

"Humanity" what a powerful word. That very same word made me think. What company wouldn't love to be seen as a company that is moved by a hazardous situation and decides to involve itself in the fight an become part of the solution?

So Charity program or Branding Strategy? What do you think? I would love to know your point of view.

Facebook is urging users to donate to Ebola charities with the launch of a 'donate now' button in the coming weeks
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Thanks to +Mijo! Brands +Jerry Daykin and +Kirsty Hollands for adding your point of view.
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Sanket Patel

Branding  - 
Keeping a clean #OnlineReputation is too important for anyone.

But it's not too easy to control your online reputation. That's why, we are here to make sure you look great when people #Google your name. More at
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