3. Businesses are booming on Instagram.
2. Mobile is Key.
1. ....

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Clive Roach

Branding  - 
Brand Equity Modernized: Why Social Media is your Best Asset...
Do you do social listening around your brand conversations? This post may change your mind to start sooner than later

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Social Media has the power to be the most compelling asset a business has, helping to improve every customer touchpoint and driving stronger brand equity.
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social media is my best asset because of my kind heart soul communited commitment talent work of cultural indepent studies writing /poetry!! into nature's best relationships gifted experienced into biracial stats and fun exposes
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Steve Faber

Branding  - 
How Do You Define Your Org's Brand?
More Importantly, how do you shape it to achieve your goals?
Once you've done so, how do you reinforce it to build brand equity?
WELD2's Frank White lays out branding as he sees it. He works in the tech space, but this is universally applicable for most organizations, small to behemoth.   
He stumbles once or twice, rare for such a dynamic speaker, but hey, we all have a hiccup once in a while!
Define your brand. Can't do it? Well, Frank White, Senior Consultant with Weld2 & StayTuned is here to help.
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thats true
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