Twitter Gets Into the Remarketing Game

Well, there you have it. Twitter just announced that they're going to allow remarketing tags to be used on your website so that you can target those users with your tweets as well.

So since you weren't already flooding these people on Facebook, Google GDN and in their e-mail, you can now do so on Twitter as well! 

How much is too much, really?

For marketers, this is a decent enough move and just another platform for you to target your audience. When I think of this as an end user, I really don't want to see the same company targeting me EVERY SINGLE PLACE I GO. It's like they're going to follow me around with a flyer everywhere I go.

My question is this, would you consider not using a particular remarketing platform on purpose? Would you think that, you know what, I don't want to flood my customer with my marketing material 24x7 on every platform they are - because that increases the chances of them blocking me or getting pissed off with me.

I could honestly consider this. Anyone else on board with this thought?
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I think that's a wise decision +Avtar Ram Singh - "brand overload" is definitely a possibility. For example, a few days ago I looked at a product on Amazon, but ended up buying it somewhere else. Everywhere I went for the next few days, I was followed by this ad for a product on Amazon that I no longer needed - which was more than a little irritating. Obviously there's no way I'm going to ditch Amazon, because I do a lot of my shopping there, but what if it was a smaller brand? That might be enough to push any consumer away, surely.

In any case, thanks for posting this - I'd missed the announcement, so it's good to know it's another option, at least.
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How do you find brand loyalists on social media?

I recently started helping a client who has done little to build their social media presence until now. They're asking me where they can find their brand loyalists and advocates. What do I tell them?

A recent study says that 78% of consumers are not loyal to any particular brand (stat found here: That means you have to find your company's portion of that 22% of consumers who's loyal to your brand. How can we as marketers find them?
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Good points on Apple Avtar.
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3 Simple Tactics To Double Social Engagement
Fantastic article that provides a strategy (with examples) of how to add some brand personality to your social media marketing. They call it the Brand Personality Social Tactic, and they noted a 110% increase in engagement on their clients posts.

I think branding is something that many social users (including myself) don't fully understand, especially when it comes to executing a branding campaign. But this article really lays it all out, and provides strategies and examples.

One of the best strategies to note is number 2: Creatively Show Off Services. This element of branding combines branding and advertising into one activity, and it's always great when you can promote your products in a non-salesy way. It basically entails brainstorming ways that you can discuss your product/services in a way that adds value to the customer, either in a fun, entertaining way or in a way that helps customers solve their problems and/or achieve their goals.

What social branding strategies have you employed and how did they work out?

Read More Here:
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+Avtar Ram Singh and +Indrajit Goswami,

Nothing really new here... But it offers several bits of important insight. I like that they quantify data around something as intangible/abstract as branding. And I like that they provide examples of how they go about branding themselves on social.

I think branding is one of those marketing activities that doesn't have direct or immediate impact on ROI or conversions or revenue. From an agency perspective, it's hard to convince many clients to invest in branding/rebranding efforts. But this article communicates the benefits well.
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Everybody is talking about the importance of #personal #branding, though most advice focuses on tactical elements of building a brand, such as building a blog, a Twitter following, etc.

My aim was to create a definitive personal branding resource, which starts with mindsets required for success, then shows you how to create a winning strategy - and only then moves on to the tactical elements.

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

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Thanks +Denise Zonca, glad you found it useful. 
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Wade Harman

• Branding  - 
Google Plus Marketing: The Pull & Push
There are tons of different strategies that we can go by when it comes to using Google Plus.  But while most of us have different strategies, there is one thing that we can all agree on.  

Marketing and Branding are two different things.

Read the article here:

+martin shervington (also mentioned in the article) has been a key element in helping me understand how branding actually works, and beat it all, +Dustin W. Stout kindly mentioned me last night in his run down of the speech +Jay Baer done at SMMW14 about how people were getting tired of the "look at me" strategy.

Push and Pull Marketing

This article really shows you why you should do each of these things and when the right time is to actually bring these ideas into your strategy here on Google Plus.  

Quote in the article

If you push a string it collapses in the middle, sometimes overlapping itself and basically represents chaos and disorder.  That is what pushing your followers too early can get you with your Google Plus marketing strategy.  Understanding when to push them is the key to being successful.


If you would like to be in my Blog Notification circles here on Google Plus, please let me know in the comment section and you will receive a notification every time I publish a post like this one, both in your email and here on Google Plus
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Shoot.  I knew that +Kay Kulkarni I keep forgetting to do it.  Sorry, will change it
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Nigel Ohrum

• Branding  - 
"Snapchat has had over 60 million installs. 30 million a month are active users. (Business Insider)

An average 16.5 million people use Snapchat everyday.

Average age range of a Snapchat user is between 13 to 25.

400 million snaps are uploaded every day (Cnet)"

Nice +Snapchat infographic from +Marketo & +Column Five

I like how it shows a few examples along with "use cases". I wonder how (if) smaller brands can leverage the social platform. +James Todman 
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Nice infograph
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I always admire the way Red Bull takes on marketing. Work in the niche, get more views, reposts and credibility + positive imago.
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Even works 2-ways: if you are alowed to wear the red-bull logo, you are sponsored and on top of your game. Consumers want the Red-bull mechandising because this way they can reflect themselves with the pro-athletes. It is always a win-win situation.
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6 Brand Health Perspectives That Will Stunt Growth
What you choose to feed your brand affects brand health – and how it performs today, tomorrow, and in the future. Here are some of the things that may not be healthy for your brand:
1. The brand detox- only spending one week a year to cleanse the toxins
2.  *Thinking it's a luxury that you can't afford* - preventing brand disease is less costly than trying to cure an ailing brand later on
3. The illusion of youth invincibility - branding should start from day one
4. My brand is doing just fine, there's nothing wrong with it- you should always be thinking about your brand and strengthening it
5. Looking for a jolt to the system - looking to increase revenue fast can sometimes cause people to jeopardize the brand
6. Thinking branding doesn't apply to you because your B2B - IBM, Intel, Oracle, and Cisco are all in the world's top 20 brands according to Interbrand's 2013 report, and they drive billions of dollars in value and market capitalization through their brands
All of these things can lead to your brand feeling sluggish. Have you experienced any of these "junk foods" at your company? What did you do to get your brand healthy again? How did you convince your team of the merits of healthy brand food?
You can read the whole article here:
#branding   #healthybrand   #brandingstrategy  
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+Still Ripah thank you very much! 
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Gary Crawshaw

• Branding  - 
Social Media Sizing Chart

In case you haven't made your own cheat sheet, or haven't seen this one from +The Pink Group, here it is.

+Gary Crawshaw
Co-Founder of +Success Pacific 

H/T to +Irfan Ahmad for leading me to it.
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Thanks so much for sharing Gary!
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David Amerland

• Branding  - 
4 'Simple' Rules

When it comes to branding and customer loyalty basics are important. Four seemingly simple steps is all that's required most times. I wrote about in on Forbes. 
Businesses are like countries. A country becomes desirable to live in because of a wide variety of factors. Those factors form its ecosystem. Nobody would cite the fact that they love Starbucks coffee as their sole reason for moving to America. And in the same way, no consumer will recommend a brand, just because they bought a product once...
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You're a bunch of rockstars, +TechSmith team! Setting a great example for social customer care. 
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With the rise of big data and social networks that collect demographic data points on Internet users every second they are on the web, there are so many more opportunities for marketers to get their hands on useful information that will help them target consumers more effectively.
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How do you deal with critics on your social networks?  Oddly enough, some brands ignore the negative comments and only respond to the positive.  But now, as more and more people turn to social media to discuss a brand experience, we must all deal with the positive and negative.

It's not enough to just respond, but it's best if you allocate a team member to respond personally to each complaint and remain positive while doing so.  This may be easier said than done, but it's becoming a must in all social media strategies.

#socialnetworks   #onlinecritics   #socialmediaresponse  
The opinion of online consumers has become just as much a part of a brand’s image as the image it projects for itself. 
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+Woon Lan Ang Now that would be interesting!!!
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People often under estimate the value in having a clear consistent brand. It can be as simple as a logo, color palette or font type making your sight instantly recognizable.Five helpful and simple tips to transition your brand to #SocialMedia increasing awareness and engagement.
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+Sandy Jacolow nice share, thanks. Consistent branding has huge value for an organization. It leads to faster growth and greater reach, because a recognizable, consistent brand facilitates the decision making process.

Why? Potential customers don't need to re-evaluate you, they just need to apply their existing brand perception. They associate certain characteristic with your brand. When they see your branding, they instantly transfer those to whatever it's on.
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How to Be A Social Media Winner
Here is a really well done interview with +Mark Traphagen regarding how a real estate agent can and should be using social media.

While the advice here is directed toward the real estate industry Mark's advice really applies to most businesses who are using social media as a tool to enhance and grow business relationships.

#socialmediatips #socialnetworking  
Talking #Realestate #socialmedia With +Mark Traphagen
If you are a real estate agent you will not want to miss this interview with Mark Traphagen.

Mark explains really well what a lot of Realtors miss the boat on when it comes to social media._

Social media is not selling! Here is a great question that is asked at the start of the interview and Mark's brilliant response.

 *Q.You’re a Google+ master. What benefits do you see from Real Estate Agents moving to that G+? Do you think that it’s better than some of the others for generating leads? What pointers would you give to first time Google+ users?*

A. I actually don’t try to sell social media in general to anyone as the best means of generating direct sales or leads. Those can happen from social media, but they’re rare, and not really the role of social media.

Social media does its best work higher up in the sales funnel. Along with your content, it’s where you establish your “creds.” It’s where you demonstrate that you’re trustworthy, that you’re an expert in your field, that you’re helpful, and that you listen and respond.

Social media is where you turn your brand from “just another brand” to “a brand I love (or respect).” Then you work to capture a dedicated audience out of those people who trust you, by getting them on your email list, subscribed to your YouTube channel, etc. It’s in those channels that you win your leads and sales.

Mark brings to life the perfect thought on why so many real estate agents fail.

Real Estate agents should be asking themselves this question - why would anyone care about a listing I just posted on Main Street in some city USA?

The answer is they don't. If this is how you use social media then you are going about it all wrong.

Take a look at the article - I guarantee you will get something out of it.

Above all else remember that you won't sell with kibble it will take kibble and bits.

#realestate #socialmedia  
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+Bill Gassett Sorry. Tied up with a few pressing projects. I fully intend on replying properly, thoughtfully. Thanks for the prompt!
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Why "Shut Up and Listen!" Might Be Your Best Social Media Strategy

+Carrie Kerpen of +Likeable Media in this slide deck shares the extreme importance of listening for brands on social media. 

She starts out with a number of painful examples of brands failing to listen. What's most interesting in these is not the complete fails that we usually hear about, but also brands responding, but not in a way that shows they really heard what the user needed.

Carrie goes on to teach us about the different kinds of listening, and the big benefits brands can get by practicing them.

For more brilliance from +Carrie Kerpen check out our Digital Marketing Excellence Show interview with her: Building a Winning Social Media Strategy
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Chris M Cloutier

• Branding  - 
Stop Doing That!
Attempting to go viral is trending. Social shares are highly prized, and click-through rates have become a dangerous measure of success.

Each element of a social post is now under scrutiny, and A/B testing easily sorts the traffic magnets from the time wasters. But it’s all so unerringly clinical.

Not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but I thought you might enjoy it.  There's actually some really good takeaways here.  It's not your typical "you're doing social wrong" post.
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Jerry Low

• Branding  - 
Brilliant, or ass hole?

The dramatic increase of online shopping has fanned the flames of competition between shipping companies. People would do almost anything to win. Here's a video of how +DHL pranked UPS, TNT and other logistic companies into advertising from them. 

Gizmodo thought that the trojan mailing is "The prank was simple and brilliant". Do you agree? And, more importantly, would you do the same prank on your competitors?
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+Kay Kulkarni Noted and thanks for the pointer. 
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Great article on brand tone for social media.

It is so important to understand your audience, your brand and its marketing messages, in order to establish a voice on social media that works for your business. 

Love to know your thoughts and opinions on this?
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Ephraim Cohen

• Branding  - 
Great move that skips short term profits for long term reputation (and repositioning into a healthcare company) as CVS stops selling tobacco. Well executed on the digital front with a strong message from the CEO on the web site an the simple logo across their digital channels. Next stage, health imagery?
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Public Speaking is a Social Media Activity
I get to do a lot of presentations during the course of a year, and I view this activity as a fundamental part of my company's social media strategy.  When I am presenting on social media or content marketing I always tell people that public speaking is a form of social media.

Someone inevitably asks me to justify the statement. My first response is to ask the audience how many people in the audience followed me on Google+ or Twitter, and inevitably a number of people put their hands up.  Point already proven!

But, it is important to view social media as more than a few different web platforms that you might use.  Social media is about using social methods to help others and build brand and reputation!
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+Alan Gilliam Your comment here is off topic. This is not what you are supposed to do in a comment thread on Google+.  For that reason, I have flagged it as spam.
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