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Coming up with a Live Streaming Strategy?
Which platform to choose? Some would have you believe there are only two options, and only for iOS at that. Actually - there is one option for live streaming that has been out since 2013 - is on both Android and iOS, and even allows for creators to monetize their content, just like YouTube. Hang w/ isn't going anywhere yet.

More features than you can shake a stick at.

Already know about Hang w/?

Hang w/ Viewer's Guide:

Hang w/ Creator's Guide:
Sure, you know Meerkat and Periscope - but Hang w/ has been busy, quietly building an active and engaged user base of over two million users.
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Have you guys begun looking at Personalised Marketing at Scale yet?

It really fascinates me that we can start reaching consumers with content that's personally relevant to who they are, where they are and what they're doing... as long as we don't get too creepy! It's one of the big things that digital/social channels will be able to do a lot faster than traditional TV can.

What do you think? I've highlighted a few basic steps/thoughts for those interested in giving it a try on my #DigitalSense blog:
Personalised Marketing at Scale is fast becoming the newest* digital marketing trend but whilst increasingly everyone is talking about it, few brands are truly delivering on the promise yet - here's how to start.In essence it's the ability to reach different consumers with different creative messages, rather than having to have a single TV advert that everyone sees. It means you can subtly tailor your executions based on demographics, interests, ...
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Do you know what is more important on social media? Yes, content curation. But do you know how to do it to gain maximum exposure? Chime in with your tips and feedback.

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Due to social media outreach and consumerization, we are now exposed to more information than we were ever before. And sifting through this massive load of information and reaching out to the target audience is not a child's play for the brands. The brands yearning for engagement on different social media channels can tell how rigorous social media can be for them at times. It gets dirtier as you delve more and more into the social catharsis. But...
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This is an awesome article!

I find content curation on Instagram works really well. Especially when tag the person's content you're sharing.

Actually, there's a South African brand who takes sharing to the next level, Nifty250.  They literally share their profile. They let fans take over their Instagram profile for a weekend. Naturally, it's called The Weekend Take-Over. They have seen a lot of engagement from that.
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Social Media Referals by Platform

Facebook is still well on top of the pile for social media referrals, but Pinterest and Tumblr are gaining ground while Twitter slips to 4th.

Tumblr and Pinterest are our two favorites among the group. Pinterest is incredibly functional beyond even the social aspect as a visual bookmark service. And Tumblr has a great hashtag system, built in queue scheduler, and easy functions for sharing other users' content. One reason both might be surging is their strong emphasis on visual content.
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Interesting stats, but at the end of the day social media is definitely not one size that fits all strategy! What may work for you, may not work me. 
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Do you have an image per paragraph ratio you employ to your blog, say one image per three paragraphs? Here's an interesting take on finding or creating your own images for your marketing content. 
#socialimagery #marketingcontent
The images you choose image can make the difference between someone clicking on a post or passing it up completely.
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I thought it was really helpful too...I was struggling with it my self...
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Bryenn Bierwirth

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I feel like when we talk about social media, YouTube lags behind the rest that come to mind. Okay, so YouTube isn't top-of-mind, though it should be in the top three, but this doesn't mean you should ignore or discredit the power that it has amassed -- and how you can leverage it. 

When I was deciding what topic I should put this under, this community didn't even have a "YouTube" section. So that's the perception I want to break today with this article.

Three strategies that will boost any companies' SEO ranking, awareness and, ultimately, revenue. 

1) Become familiar with the platform and the "new celebrities" (hint: adverting and endorsement would be handy here)
2) Reimagine your digital content (think bigger than TV and be creative and unique here)
3) Make YouTube a "priority spend," not an after thought. 
With a billion people watching, the necessity of a plan for the network is clear.
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+Kay Kulkarni My pleasure. Thanks for the thought-provoking question. It's nice to get feedback like that. 

And you can be the change of that perception, just like Lauren Luke was. I'm rooting for you. 
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You spend valuable time and effort into developing social media content, but when you publish it just becomes a part of that noise. With these tips mentioned in this article, will help get across your brands messages and boost its reach!
Looking for the best ways to publicize your content? Want more social exposure from the get-go? Sharing on a variety of social media platforms in different ways helps you engage with a variety of audiences. In this article I'll share posting guidelines you can use to promote your content for the first 24 hours after…
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Great share +Digital Insights! Keep them coming. We are always trying to think of new ways to boost the reach of our content and using G+ communities is one of our favorite ways.
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A Detailed Instagram Marketing Guide: Including Software and Secrets

There isn't an #Instagram category so I shared this in Content Marketing. It basically covers:

- How to write the most effective Instagram bio
- The best days & time to post on Instagram
- The ideal number of hashtags for Instagram
- How to schedule your Instagram posts for multiple accounts
- Leveraging Instagram to boost your other social channels
- How to connect with Instagram influencers and engagers
- How to increase your following by hundreds and thousands of loyal - fans.
- How to track ROI from Instagram.

ht: +Luiz Centenaro 
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Hey +Steve long , glad you liked it!
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Mark Traphagen

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4 Audience Growth Trends for 2015

From the +Contently Summit.

1. Agencies will push brands toward more sponsored content.
2. Brands will need to be better at going where their audience is.
3. User Generated Content is making a comeback.
4. Bigger, better, richer stories are the future.

HT +Copyblogger 
What does liquoring up your lawyers have to do with content marketing? Quite a lot, as was revealed at the Contently Summit last week.
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Not really disruptive or advanced trends but still useful to keep it in mind.

+We are Social Media I dropped my Facebook page (not closed but unused and tell my fans why) since 2013 may 3rd.
My business is still making more money year after year ;-)

Facebook is not bad (if you have a budget for it).
Facebook is not good.

But surely Facebook is unfair with their fan-brands and fan-businesses that he was calling for free marketing and communication for years.
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This quiz is for teachers with a sense of humor, or people who enjoy teacher humor. The quiz isn’t perfect, but it is darn funny! WARNING: If you don’t like thought provoking humor, stay away! Disclaimer, no students were harmed in the making of this quiz…. but a few were embarrassed
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Digital Insights

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A lot of times the headlines, become a deciding factor for whether your audiences should read your content or not! Thus it is of vital importance, that you spend appropriate time crafting the perfect headline for your copy. To help you get started, in this article they've shared 4 ways that will help you create the perfect headline to entice your readers.


Shared for free via +Do Share
Do your headlines capture the attention of the right people? This article shares four ways to craft stronger headlines to engage your readers.
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+Digital Insights good share!!
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Use Storify For Killer Content Marketing
Have you used Storify to get more online visibility?
If not this social sharing platform is worth a try! The beauty of +Storify is taking a piece of content you have written and creating a fantastic resource around the topic.

You of course will make your content front and center but to make your resource the best it can be you should add others who have written about  the same subject.

This will not only make your page better but by letting others know you have sourced their content the chances of them sharing is much greater.

Take a look at this quick Linkedin post I put together explaining Storify. Click on the link to see the Storify page for Massachusetts real estate.

#contentmarketing #socialmediatips #storify  
Have you heard of the social site called Storify? If not this is something you should check out right away. Why? Storify is a great place to get a new set of eye balls on your content!Don't we all strive to have our content seen by more people? Most bloggers I know work to create the most compelling content and then once their master piece is created they begin marketing it.What is neat about Storify is you can take an article you have written an...
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I think you will really enjoy it +Brian Lang !
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Aaron Segal

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Quick, interesting read on "native advertising". We're always trying to sell something, but getting users to engage in the media overload society we're in is becoming exponentially more difficult.

"The way you can spot native advertising is that it does not look like an advertisement or the old-fashioned advertorial. Instead it’s often sponsored useful content that does not read as an advertisement but as useful content in and of itself that the audience will likely enjoy and engage with."
Where Are We Seeing Native Advertising?
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Steve Faber

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Bridging Your Brand's Content Credibility Gap
Are you creating credible branded content, or doing more harm than good?

It's a two way street. Branded content is tasked with helping create credibility and position your organization as the go-to resource in your market. If it's not credible however, you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

No reason for that, so I put this together to help ensure your branded content is building trust instead of just consuming valuable resources. 

For something so vital, its better to bring in the big guns, so you've got
+Brian Honigman 
+Joe Pulizzi 
+Amy Higgins 
+Randy Frisch 

Along to help.

What are your keys to ensure your content's got cred?
Creating Credible Branded Content - It's vital for content marketing success. 6 experts reveal how to maximize branded content credibility.
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+Steve Faber thanks for the great post! It's a good reminder that branded content doesn't mean talking about your brand itself, but is establishing the virtuous character of your brand through helpful action. In this case, we demonstrate brand values through actions, tone of voice, and experience (ie this brand is a helpful, trusted and delightful one) rather than try to shout out what you can offer ad nauseum. 
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Create a fellowship with your readers.
Have you ever been so caught up in your writing that you sometimes resemble Smeagol, clutching your content to your chest and whispering, “My Precious”?

As +Wade Harman points out, content marketers many times share the same opportunity. Some will do great things, others will fail miserably. Don't let your content opportunity go to waste. Build a fellowship of community around you. Read on to find out how.
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Good Stuff!!
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In reality, did #Ello arrive DOA or does the "September Sensation" have a long-term place in your social media strategy? #DigitalDisaster ?
Already-forgotten, anti-Facebook social network Ello today launched the ability to share music and video clips in its feed, but that won't matter. Here in..
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Do You Use #gamification in your social media strategy?

Core Drive Number 4 - Ownership and Possession

This is as simple as it gets - if you own something - you care about it, you want it to be perfect, you fight for it, you protect it.

This drive is related to virtual goods, currencies and the urge to accumulate wealth. On the other hand if you have invested a lot of time customizing something to your liking you are more likely to feel ownership towards it.

Our brains are quite complicated, but if you look from a certain perspective you might find things are actually quite simple. There are a lot and I mean A LOT of processes going on in our brains that makes us feel a bond with something or someone, but basically if you own something or you feel ownership over it you have much stronger bond, connection call it whatever you like (even if you don`t like the said thing).

Lets pretend you are in first grade school and give one of the children there a rusty toy, it will most likely just put it away and not care about it at all, that is until another child gets near the toy and want to play with it, at this exact moment the first child will start caring what is going on with the toy.

Another obvious example of Ownership and Possession :

Many people in their workplace feel that they are there doing something for their boss and they are not as productive as they can be. But if the company manages to install more ownership in their employees either by giving more control, or by giving them a piece of the pie ( making the success of the product, a success for the employee as well ), this is when people start working tirelessly for the idea.

There are basically two types of points that you can give to your users through gamification:

 - Status Points - Where people can see where they stand among other players and get a sense of how well they are doing. There are of course different types of status points ( for daily quest, challenges, overall progress and so on ), but these are just more advanced systems

 - Exchangeable Points - Where people can use them to get other valuable items, either in-game or in real life. Again there are some advanced systems that give players the chance to trade and send thеse valuables with people in or out of the system

 - Combination of both - Most well done gamified systems use a combination of both Status Points and Exchangeable Points

Gonna make a tiny step back and give one more example of how "*Ownership and Possession*" can manifest itself on the Web.

Whenever someone spends time customizing its avatar, profile, page, gallery it is because of that sense of ownership and the more time it spends the stronger the feeling.

Anyway keep in mind that all 8 core drives work together and you can not go all the way by just implementing one of it. There needs to be a balance cause if you make someone spends too much time customizing without giving him a Win-State (Goal) you will most likely lose him.

You can watch this 2 great educational videos:

 - Part 1 -  - Part 2 -

As always I expect your comments, questions and critiques.

Best regards,
Professor Chaos

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Is your business creating white noise on social media or is it supplying customers with true, sharable value? It's easy to get carried away and to focus only on the amount of "likes" and "retweets" your message will garnish. But this could actually hurt your business and drive customers away. 
Your audience won't tire of quality content but the key word is "quality.''
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Great post, its always quality over quantity! 
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Thomas Oppong

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These are a few lessons for distributing your content for the best results:

1. Understand who your audience is
2. Discover where they’re finding and sharing content
3. Learn what type of content they’re finding valuable (and sharing)
4. Execute creative topic discovery; capture eyes with interesting content
5. Build and maintain relationships
6. Community is key — get involved and join the conversations
7. Remember to write like a human, for humans
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+Thomas Oppong "1. Understand who your audience is" (and what REALLY motivates them / what their problems are). That's marketing's number one rule.
Thanks for the excellent share. If #distribution lags, it matters not how excellent the content.
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Jerry Daykin

Content Marketing  - 
Which agencies or partners do you trust to come up with branded content for you?

Digital agencies have backed themselves into something of a dead end around building websites and applications and haven't developed the classical storytelling skills they need... Traditional creative agencies have those but seem unwilling to apply them, they too want to build big heavy things... Could the likes of Buzzfeed sweep in and take the content crown?

As digital media spends exponentially increase it's still all to play for...
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I have a local competitor who builds time the past.
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