Facebook  - 
Facebook Ad Relevance Score

It's great to get direct feedback from the social media platform instead of a 3rd party that has to make assumptions based on tests. However, I hope this isn't Facebook pushing "pay to play" further and reducing organic reach.
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Facebook has a very large user-base, naturally it attracts a ton of brands to target their audiences. There is more to marketing than just have a presence and sending out 2-3 posts a day, it is all about doing it right so it will help you create buzz and stand out! Take a look at these 9 brands mentioned in this article, that are nailing Facebook marketing and businesses can learn a thing or two from them. 
Any brand can market on Facebook, but which ones are doing it well?
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Instagram is one of the most powerful tools on social media to promote your businesses! If used correctly, it can increase your engagement, followers, sales and provide many more benefits. But for that, you need craft a effective plan which helps you promote your business effectively on this platform.
Do you use Instagram to promote your business? This article shares four tips for successfully promoting your products and services on Instagram.
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+Digital Insights Instagram is really becoming quite the leader. Facebook better watch their backs :p 
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I normally do not like using #facebook  for business because its algorithm can be gamed. However, facebook made some improvements. As of January 12, 2015: Facebook has provided some new stats and tips on using video, including these:

In just one year, the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally and 94% in the US.
The amount of video from people and brands in the News Feed has increased 3.6x year-over-year.
Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views every day.
On average, more than 50% of people who come to Facebook every day in the US watch at least one video daily.
76% of people in the US who use Facebook say they tend to discover the videos they watch on Facebook.

This article provides you with a great understanding of facebook algorithm and how to promote your #brand  

How are you using Facebook as a marketer? 
A newly-updated collection of all the factors that go into the Facebook News Feed algorithm to determine whether or not your content gets seen.
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Facebook is always a mystery to me. No matter how I try to "game" the system and work on what I feel may result in better engagement, it surprises me. I think it works far better as a platform for friendship and entertainment/time killing than for serious brand or influence building.
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5 months of a Social media Experiment of building up my slow Facebook page, and it is showing a great improvement.
I like the fact My Fancy Shoe Land Fans are back and seeing the page again.
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Facebook launched a new set of helpful publisher tools last Wednesday that provide greater ability to target posts and promote timely content, as well as greater automation.

#internetmarketing #socialmedianews #socialmedia
We're introducing ways to target posts, remove posts that are no longer relevant and identify popular links that you haven’t shared.
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After a talk with my friend who runs a shop I decided to write a blog post on ideas for e-commerce social media content, supporting each point with an example from a powerful retail brand. Despite the enormous amount of content on marketing, some small businesses still lack of knowledge on social media strategy, that doesn't make me happy, but there's room for improvement.
30 social media marketing ideas from big retail brands is here for you in case you're stuck with what to post. Learn social media from famous e-commerce shops!
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Great Share and beneficial ideas.Thanks for share!
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Setting up a Facebook fan page is easy, but building followers and engaging with them is a different story. Want to know how to have them flipping over your product and services? See how these 10 types of Facebook content can drive engagement.
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apparently thats not right, you have a minimum of $5 a day in the US!
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Avtar Ram Singh

Facebook  - 
Still Trying to Get the Most Out of Facebook?

Starting January, it looks like Facebook pages will see a further decline in their organic reach. With most pages struggling to reach between 1 - 5% of their fanbase, this further reduction... well, it just kills everything doesn't it.

What's the point in having an organic presence on Facebook any more? Why should you invest time and money into creating content for Facebook in a pure organic sense? The message from Facebook for 2015 seems to be incredibly clear.

1. If you don't have $$$ to spend on Facebook next year, don't bother with investing time and money into content.
2. Build a presence on your own platform like your website and your blog.
3. Diversify into a different social platform, cough Google+ cough for your clients.
4. Stop listening to those "influencers" who are telling you time and time again that you need to "optimize" for Facebook. They're just panicking because if you stop using Facebook the way you always have, their posts and insights will be useless for you.

Facebook is changing the game for brand advertisers.
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Look, for business, don't think of facebook as social media. Its not. Its a way for you to direct market your business into other peoples social media. I dispair at people whinghing about organic growth on facebook. That's not what its about...
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what do you think about the recent changes to #FacebookPlaces  and the effects on social media strategies?

do you think Facebook will soon be able to compete with Yelp, Foursquare and TripAdvisor on local discovery, maybe with a standalone Places App?
Facebook Places have recently undergone some deep visual and functional changes, paving the way for a big push into local discovery
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Not surprised - Expect this tie in with a business Facebook pages. Likely that you'll have to pay to get a high spot on the local page. - +Joe Gullo @ +Pixel Insights. 
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Are you looking for ways to improve your Facebook marketing? Facebook can be a tough place for brands to make their mark, due to the amount of noise on the platform. Make use of these 7 free Facebook tools, which will give your page a leg up and also increase your productivity!


Shared for free via +Do Share
Are you looking for ways to enhance your Facebook marketing? This article shares seven free Facebook tools marketers need to succeed.
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I have downloaded the AdEspresso's examples. They are really good. Thanks for sharing.
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Mike McGrail

Facebook  - 
You can now add a CTA (call to action) button to your Facebook Page header. You should get the option to add it next time you log-in to your business page. I'm not actually sure how much effect it will have as only 1% of people return to the actual page after liking, but will be interesting to monitor! I recommend you add a Google tagged link to it so you can tell the on-site effect of a click.
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I have had three on my mining photos and video page with a "watch now" CtA! This is an example of one where I have paid ads which include in themselves a CtA to visit the Page itself. So I am getting people visiting the page itself in this case instead of interact with individual posts in their hometream.
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Still on the Facebook advertising strategy theme. I think +Andrij Harasewych might like the sciencey aspect to part of this long post, which I have replicated here:

Facebook Ads are not just for Marketing, they are also an amazingly powerful Market Research Tool. One could argue a FB Business Page is principally a major Research Tool, which just happens to result in more and more returns on investment along the way.

Because Facebook ads are so cheap.
Because they are infinitely tunable and changeable.
Because they can be targeted like a laser beam at a very specific demographic or used like a blunderbuss.
Because they give you back very rich data in almost real time.
Because you can change one thing at a time, test and measure the outcomes, and make the next change intelligently, based on all you have gleaned so far.
Did I say it is a Market Research Tool? Anyone with an Applied Mathematics background like me will recognize from the above description that a FB Page is actually, in effect, Optimization Software.
Facebook Page = Rapid Computation Engine which allows you to Optimize your Returns.
Here's how it works.
Your Task is to maximize your target numbers (Page Likes from engaged and interested parties, Click Thrus, Video Views or Conversions?) while minimizing your Spend and your Time & Effort.
Your Weapons of Choice are your Content (type of Ad, the Graphic, the Text, etc.), the Ad's Demographics and Keywords.
Input your choice into your Facebook Program and it prints out the Outputs: those numbers which measure the success for that particular choice of Weapons.
Or in other words, give FB your best guess and it will tell you how good your guess was.
This article is an extract from an introductory section I am writing for an online course which shows and explains, using detailed analysis of real case studies, how the concepts described here can really work. Here we go. Facebook Ads are not just for Marketing, they are also an amazingly ...
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Forget it ignorant 
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Is it Time to Become Bullish on Facebook?
Despite the negative press around organic reach, +Jon Loomer believes there opportunity for those willing to buy in.

I haven't always been the biggest believer in Facebook, but Jon has done a good job of showing me the light.

Where do you stand on Facebook Marketing?

#facebook   #facebookmarketing   #facebookmarketers  
This week we learn how to be good at Facebook Marketing with Jon Loomer, creator of the Facebook Mastery training series. Listen right here...
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Great stuff - you've got the right person here for Facebook advertising. None better than +Jon Loomer around.
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Instagram is an impactful platform to do your brands visual storytelling. As audiences these days continue to consume visual content, it is imperative for your brand to craft a social strategy which ensures success. This infographic shares valuable tips, and is a guiding source on how to become a guru on this platform!
Do you ask yourself each day how you can gain more followers on Instagram? Here are some powerful tips on how to become a guru on Instagram marketing.
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Facebook Ads: Pros and Cons

Hi everyone, I'm new to the community and mostly here to learn.

I'm interested in using Facebook ads (and other social media ads) to promote a product we plan to launch this summer, fingers crossed.

I researched pros and cons of Facebook advertising these days, and discuss them in this 11 min podcast episode.

If you listen, I'd love your better-educated thoughts on the matter- thanks!

Looking forward to interacting in the community.
Entrepreneurs In Training
EIT 3&3 Facebook Ads Pros And Cons
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+Blanca Valbuena
Thanks Blanca- I'm such a greenhorn I had to look up "cpa"... Cost per Action, it seems.
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There has been some discussion on Facebook's policy changes already in this community. Here I have brought together two policy changes, which together are the old-one-two knockout blows for some Facebook business users existing strategies on the platform. The question in my mind is how do we adapt to these two related changes?
What Do Facebook's Policy Changes Mean for Business?
Facebook have announced policy changes which mean business seriously need to start reconsidering there strategies for using the platform for marketing. I already advise businesses to carefully consider  what activities like chasing Likes and Shares actually...
Facebook have announced policy changes which mean business seriously need to start reconsidering there strategies for using the platform for marketing. I already advise businesses to carefully consider  what activities like c...
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Hello, been a while since I was here, been off on adventures exploring all sorts of social media and online things from a fresh perspective. I have read and contributed to a few posts this morning and am struck by the talk about Facebook.

What I found out about Facebook on my travels is this. Facebook is your very best friend as a business. But you have to slip your friend a dollar a day to help you help yourselves.

The numbers below are real. While this is not organic growth of a post, it is near enough zero spend per engagement to effectively be so.
The Truth About Facebook Video Marketing.
The above statistics are very real. They are from a video post on our Facebook page. The knock on effect from the above spend to all our other posts, Page Likes, etc. has also been large. But this is neither intended as a "boast post" nor a self-promotion. ...
The above statistics are very real. They are from a video post on our Facebook page. The knock on effect from the above spend to all our other posts, Page Likes, etc. has also been large. But this is neither intended as a "bo...
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Mike McGrail

Facebook  - 
Knickers in a Knot Over Facebook? Get Used To It! (Full Post)


That was sound of Facebook slapping marketers across the face with another algorithm change that will see a further reduction of 'promotional' content in people's newsfeed. The change will take place in January 2015 - Facebook claim that this won't lead to more ads being pushed into people's feeds, I don't buy that for one minute. The strangulation of organic reach from Facebook isn't new (I wrote about the need for a budget back in August) but we are now seeing what feels like the final moves towards a predominately paid-only platform, if we aren't already there that is.

The fact is, that if you aren't willing or able to pay, then you can forget about seeing any serious results. The right type of content may well still make it into feeds - is that native video, or what Facebook term as 'news'? Well we don't really know. Frankly, it's going to take a huge amount of time to make an impact, and when you take the time-cost Vs actually spending cash, it will most likely make more sense to just to chuck the money into ads that drive people to your site, content and so on - after all, the targeting is excellent and can be cost effective. Just make sure you're measuring it. Please.

To Page or not to Page?

Just a quick thought on this - yes, you should have a presence (this doesn't apply to all businesses), maintain a well thought-out and regularly updated Page, but regard it as a base for advertising activity (ads will still send people to your Page even if that isn't your primary aim). I honestly think that this will be the most effective and efficient approach for Facebook come 2015. Achieving real success (which to me, is an effect on your actual business, not just fluffy likes, comment etc) without taking these measures will be very, very tough.

This will stretch beyond Facebook in the future

Why should any platform allow brands etc to market for free? It really doesn't make any sense. Us marketers have jumped on every social media platform and made every possible move to make it work as way of getting to people. Of course, I'm not denouncing that, but do people really think it was going to be a cheap route to eyeballs forever? Facebook and Twitter grew at a time when this was all very much a step into the unknown, the social media we know now was an embryo, they were almost powerless to stop the marketing rush. Things are a little different now, they hold more power (especially Facebook) and we're beginning to see the full flex of muscle.

Social media platforms can't represent free marketing forever

It's just not viable. Yes, we may see approaches that fall out-with the fairly standard ad models that Facebook and Twitter employ, but they will always need to be monetised in some way. The hype around Ello and their promise of no ads or data selling was huge in October, how that pans-out remains to be seen. The route to revenue may not always come via brands, but may be passed onto the normal users, which could upset the apply cart. The fact is, that we all need to accept that the lovely days of 'free' social media are numbered, and change our thinking and approach to reflect that. Oh, and stop whinging about it. You've had it easy so far...

Original post -
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+MediaVision Facing the truth is the key thing here. Social edges towards a weighted towards paid platform every day it seems!
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Introducing Business Manager...(insert drumroll)

The tool that saves you time managing multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts.

The tool that lets you control your employees' and consultants' access to your business page and ad accounts.

And the tool that lets you organise all your Facebook pages and ad accounts by projects, so that you can easily grant and remove access to any individual with just one click.

I know it isn't easy for consultants and existing page managers to learn a new tool after being used to managing their Facebook pages through their personal account for so long. But trust me, after the initial setup, you'll find managing your Facebook pages and ad accounts a breeze and free of worries about mis-clicks/mis-posts.

To make it even better, I wrote a 2200 article to condense the entire setup into a guide that will take you through everything in 10 minutes (15 minutes if you use Projects).

Check it out and let me know how you find it!
If someone apart from you work on your Facebook page and ads, then you should consider using the Business Manager.
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