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The SCALE Method - Case Study on the Importance of Relevance Score & Facebook Advertising

Our friends at +Social Media Ad Genius teach us a thing or 2 about Facebook Advertising.

Great video for anyone looking to get better ROI on Facebook Advertising.

Watch the 7 min vid ->
+Curt Maly.
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Bill Gassett

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How to Boost Your Business With Facebook

While this article speaks to real estate agents the advice in the article is spot on and will work for any business.

One of the main concepts discussed is re-targeting to a specific audience which will make your time spent on Facebook marketing far more effective.

A great marketer knows that you are only as good as the audience you are speaking to.

There are many great links within the article that explain how to boost your business through Facebook.

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Are you using Facebook to boost your real estate marketing? Social media is a great avenue to capture business. See these Facebook marketing tips!
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So sweet nice works 
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Josh Brown

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Do you want to target your Facebook ads more effectively? Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights makes sure your ad reaches the right audience.
How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Create Ads that Convert. It's now easier than ever to build relationships that lead to sales online. One surefire way to get eyes on your content is to create a Facebook ad that leads potential customers to your posts. Once there, they can engage and ...
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Jenna Gross

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Although a bit of a taboo industy, same basic principles apply for all businesses and clubs looking to drive traffic from online to thru your doors.
We get it, your particular industry has some very unique marketing challenges that most marketing companies can’t overcome. Many patrons desire a more anonymo…
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Again I love a great debate. which this subjectcould be a good one. I am not offended by others could..One could also say to the offended don't concern yourself if so..Well nice try.freedom of choice not marketing, the point obvious is public & as a Company I'd rather be suttle in my delivery. as target will reached regardless. The long run should be a goal ... (!?!)
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JD Prater

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When considering and analyzing your Facebook advertising efforts make sure you have answered these questions first.
Get the most value and maximize results from Facebook. Make sure your business is setup for success by having a Facebook marketing strategy.
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