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When I was younger I wanted to be older. Now that I am older I wanted to be a kid again!
Share your childhood memories

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Here's how we get hours of data and research done for our marketing for next to nothing. [FREE Download PDFs and Docs] 

Something to think about.
According to eMarketer, the global market for mobile advertising will reach record amounts of investment for 2016. For example, it is estimated that this year over $100 billion dollars will be invested, which represents over 50% of all digital advertising investment.
Neglecting mobile is no longer an option, in case you were doing it. 

More information at:

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Digital Marketing Trends - Key Insights for 2015

What is the single most exciting digital marketing opportunity in 2015?

Nope, it isn’t about generating great content. Neither is it mining mountains of big data, or optimizing social media channels.

Rather, customer experience is the holy grail for digital marketers this year. At least according to Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2015 report.

Covering over 6,000 marketers around the world, the survey found creating positive customer experiences is the top digital marketing priority for companies. This is especially so in Asia.

More about the report and my analysis here:

#DigitalMarketing #MarketResearch 

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38% of B2B Tech Buyers Not Seen Content from Vendors

According to a report highlighted in Marketing Profs, 38% of B2B technology buyers say they have not seen any content from vendors on social networks in the past six months that influenced a business purchase.

This is a wasted opportunity, considering the willingness of B2B buyers to consume content helping them to make purchases during the pre-sales, initial-sales and mid-sales phases of the buying cycle. 

Examples of useful content in the B2B tech world include case studies, guides, White Papers, blog articles, podcasts and more.

What could convince more vendors to invest in content marketing to generate leads, drive acquisition and convert customers?

Full article here: #B2B #ContentMarketing  

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Interesting Findings in Global Social Media Customer Service

Do you know that 73% of customer queries go unanswered on Twitter? Or that Bangladeshi Telcos are the world's most socially devoted?

I wonder if its a matter of culture, ie people in certain communities prefer to use social media as a platform for customer service issues relative to others. What's universal though is that telcos face the brunt of customer queries (which are usually complaints) around the world.

More here: #SocialMedia #CustomerService

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Holy Awesome Features, Batman!
Seriously, so much awesome that you can do on social media, that you likely don't even know about. Though some of these are to save time, a lot of them are just flat out awesome for the sake of awesome. Big thanks to +Lindsay Kolowich of +HubSpot.

Hubspot is one great blog to keep tabs on. Always delivering amazing content like this!

1) Save links for later.
2) Replace ads with baby animals.
3) Find targeted conversations.
4) Poll people in a group or event.
5) Edit photos directly in the Facebook mobile app.
6) Reorder the sections on your business Page.

7) Embed SlideShare presentations directly into your tweets.
8) Find out who's unfollowed you.
9) Pin your GIFs on Twitter so they autoplay.
10) Analyze your tweets for free.
11) Research and analyze a hashtag.
12) Tag people in Twitter photos.
13) Create a Twitter photo collage.
14) See all the tweets you've "favorited."

15) Add hidden relationship notes.
16) Embed media files on your profile.
17) Save a job search (or ten).
18) Create a Showcase Page.

19) Use trackable links that aren't marked as spam.
20) See who's pinning from your site.

#smstrategy   #savetime   #mindblown  

PS - Tough to drop this into any one category, so it is going into Market Research.

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'Don’t focus on the competition, they’ll never give you money.'
Jeff Bezos, the man who said this, likely knows everything about his competition. And he doesn't model his company ( off of them.

It is incredibly tempting to just copy someone else's formula for success. You likely have no idea what the competitors are doing that is working. Truth is - they likely don't even know. As moderator in these communities, you'd be surprised how many marketers and agencies I've come across that don't seem to have any planning and strategic data to back up their daily decisions.

Unless you can prove the competition's success based on data and hard facts, the things you deem "vital" to their success, is likely just your own perception of the situation, and not the whole story.

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Facebook Leads the Pack Once Again

Looks like Facebook is far ahead of the other social networks, with 71% of online American adults using it. Interestingly, Twitter seemed to have fallen behind. 

Other interesting statistics from Pew Internet's Survey:

1) Multi-platform use is on the rise: 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites, a significant increase from 2013, when it stood at 42% of internet users.

2) For the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors. 

3) For the first time, roughly half of internet-using young adults ages 18-29 (53%) use Instagram. And half of all Instagram users (49%) use the site daily.

4) For the first time, the share of internet users with college educations using LinkedIn reached 50%.

5) Women dominate Pinterest: 42% of online women now use the platform, compared with 13% of online men.

I wonder why Google Plus isn't in the survey? :)

Full details of the study in the link here:

#socialmedia #research

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I think we would all agree email is our most mission critical technology used in the work place.  Recent research released by Pew Research show only 4% of those surveyed find Social Media an important technology tool at works.  That includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I find that number remarkably low and counter-intuitive to growth trends, users statistics and trends regarding how e-commerce is being driven.  Read their finding and make your own conclusions...
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