38% of B2B Tech Buyers Not Seen Content from Vendors

According to a report highlighted in Marketing Profs, 38% of B2B technology buyers say they have not seen any content from vendors on social networks in the past six months that influenced a business purchase.

This is a wasted opportunity, considering the willingness of B2B buyers to consume content helping them to make purchases during the pre-sales, initial-sales and mid-sales phases of the buying cycle. 

Examples of useful content in the B2B tech world include case studies, guides, White Papers, blog articles, podcasts and more.

What could convince more vendors to invest in content marketing to generate leads, drive acquisition and convert customers?

Full article here: #B2B #ContentMarketing  
Content - Some 38% of B2B technology buyers say they have not seen any content from vendors on social networks in the past six months that influenced a business purchase, according to ...
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Holy Awesome Features, Batman!
Seriously, so much awesome that you can do on social media, that you likely don't even know about. Though some of these are to save time, a lot of them are just flat out awesome for the sake of awesome. Big thanks to +Lindsay Kolowich of +HubSpot.

Hubspot is one great blog to keep tabs on. Always delivering amazing content like this!

1) Save links for later.
2) Replace ads with baby animals.
3) Find targeted conversations.
4) Poll people in a group or event.
5) Edit photos directly in the Facebook mobile app.
6) Reorder the sections on your business Page.

7) Embed SlideShare presentations directly into your tweets.
8) Find out who's unfollowed you.
9) Pin your GIFs on Twitter so they autoplay.
10) Analyze your tweets for free.
11) Research and analyze a hashtag.
12) Tag people in Twitter photos.
13) Create a Twitter photo collage.
14) See all the tweets you've "favorited."

15) Add hidden relationship notes.
16) Embed media files on your profile.
17) Save a job search (or ten).
18) Create a Showcase Page.

19) Use trackable links that aren't marked as spam.
20) See who's pinning from your site.

#smstrategy   #savetime   #mindblown  

PS - Tough to drop this into any one category, so it is going into Market Research.
Check out this list of 20 little-known things you can do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
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These are a great list of tricks to have up your sleeve! 
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Facebook Leads the Pack Once Again

Looks like Facebook is far ahead of the other social networks, with 71% of online American adults using it. Interestingly, Twitter seemed to have fallen behind. 

Other interesting statistics from Pew Internet's Survey:

1) Multi-platform use is on the rise: 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites, a significant increase from 2013, when it stood at 42% of internet users.

2) For the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors. 

3) For the first time, roughly half of internet-using young adults ages 18-29 (53%) use Instagram. And half of all Instagram users (49%) use the site daily.

4) For the first time, the share of internet users with college educations using LinkedIn reached 50%.

5) Women dominate Pinterest: 42% of online women now use the platform, compared with 13% of online men.

I wonder why Google Plus isn't in the survey? :)

Full details of the study in the link here:

#socialmedia #research
While Facebook remains the most popular social media site, other platforms — like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter — saw higher rates of growth over the past year. In 2014, 52% of online adults used two or more social media sites, up from 42% in 2013.
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+mark gaines What kind of people are you trying to meet? Admittedly, much easier to find new people with a certain interest on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest than on Facebook - and easier to connect to that person you find on G+ over Twitter and Pinterest, imo.
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An in depth study of 800 million emails send out and what creates good email marketing. The Science of Email Marketing for 2014 
Science of Email 2014: Get the latest trends and best practices in email marketing from this report based on over 800 million sent emails.
New from HubSpot and Litmus: The Science of Email Marketing 2014 Report. Based on big data, this report breaks down macro trends in consumer attitudes, consumption behavior, and effectiveness of components of email.
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Great stuff from +HubSpot - thanks for sharing +Ronald D Curiel ! Required reading for anyone in #emailmarketing  
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Social Platform & Publishers' Sentiment with keyword analysis

Based on social network sentiment analysis I'm happy to know that Google+ is among the most positive social platforms after LinkedIn and Pinterest.

+LinkedIn is the most positive social platform which makes sense for me. Looking at the keyword analysis people talk about ways to achieve success, habits of successful people, leadership, fortune, and more.

+Pinterest is all about experiences and feelings consumed in a visual way. From the keyword analysis it is apparent that women obviously dominate this social platform talking about nails, manicure, hairstyles, kitchen and more. The most used keywords refer are about life-hacks, health, decorating ideas, healthy food and recipes, workouts, DIY, yoga and more.

On the other hand +Google+  has a bit more weird keyword analysis with keywords like introvert, pillow, whistleblower and more.

Moreover, it is evident that publishers' sentiment has a direct impact on the social platform sentiment analysis as shown in the social network sentiment analysis graphs.

It's nothing new that most News organizations tend to publish more negatively toned articles than any other type of outlet but I'm glad to see highly consumed publishers being more neutral and/or positive such as +BuzzFeed and +Upworthy with +Mashable ranking first as the most positive publisher.

Read the full report -->

Don't miss: click the black arrows on the bottom-left corner to reveal  more graphs!

The report is made by  +Contently 

#sentimentanalysis   #socialmedia   #publishers  
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Brant Bell

Market Research  - 
How do you generally research a new (to you) niche or business opportunity? 

Have you considered +SlideShare as a tool to quickly find relevant information and materials?

Things are even better now that SlideShare has made many of its Pro level features free! 
Do marketers take the content on SlideShare for granted ? Let's examine the benefits of utilizing SlideShare for content strategy and research.
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Avtar Ram Singh

Market Research  - 
Can You Answer these 5 Questions that Marketers Just Can't Seem to Answer?

So today, after promising at the +Social Media Hangout, I dove into the data of the Social Marketer's Quiz [] and decided to find a couple of data points that would be interesting to share.

The graphic attached, is the response to the question: Google Analytics tells you that 1,000 people came to a particular page on your website, and 250 of them went on to view another page from that page. What’s the bounce rate of the page?

38.83% of marketers were unable to calculate bounce rate based on a simple calculation, which leads to me basically believe that they don't understand the concept of bounce rate. 

There are four other questions in the quiz that I've highlighted that talk about other marketing principles that had some absolutely shocking results when asked in the quiz. Take a look, because I've basically also done a little analysis on:

1. The understanding of the concept of CTR (click through rate) and the ability to calculate it without a tool giving you the answer.

2. Understanding of the various roles that are available to staff on a Facebook page.

3. Principles of ethics, and how much trust you can place on your community manager.

4. The response marketers have to a drop in the amount of content / news / data available for them to share with their followers and what they decide to do when there isn't a lot happening in their industry.

Would love some discussion around this - what do you think the driving forces behind this are?

If you haven't taken the quiz yet, please do so! :

CC: +Mark Traphagen / +Eric Enge  / +Andrij Harasewych  / +Kristoffer Howes  / +Jessica Smith  / +Kay Kulkarni  / +Wade Harman  / +Ben Fisher 

Full Source With Data Points for All Other Insights I Pulled Out for the 4 Questions
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The Analytics Round! ;) Yep, that one definitely is a little brain twister.
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Avtar Ram Singh

Market Research  - 
Is tracking what your competitors do a part of your social strategy?

It should be. I've been doing this for quite some time now - keeping an eye on the competition. But in what sense? And to achieve what? Most guys I speak to always say, "Oh - to look at what they're doing with their product and if there are any features they have which we don't so that we can track what they're doing."

Fair enough. From a product standpoint that's fairly important. However, when you stretch that into something new, something different - something social, it changes meaning.

You know what I hate? I hate A/B testing. I hate putting out 10 versions of something and seeing which will work the best. It's time consuming, it eats up my budget and I don't like the uncertainty or the process of creating those 10 things. It's a vital thing to do of course, but I've found that if I keep a close watch on what's working for my competition, I can cut down those 10 things down to 3, or perhaps if I'm in a time crunch, 1 thing. After all - since the TA is the same, the same thing should work.

There are of course a number of risks associated with just doing what your competitor does. That's not the purpose of tracking what they do - but it's more important to learn from what they're doing so that it, in some event - might help to optimize the way you work.

How do you track your competitors guys? And girls of course. ;) Not leaving you out +Meg Cook, don't worry - haha.
Marketing your business well in the digital world that dons different trends every other day can be ...
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good article..
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Shareaholic released a report today covering referral traffic data from the eight largest social media sites in Q1 2014.

In short, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Google+ all gained, while YouTube and LinkedIn lost.
Social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic today released a report covering referral traffic data from the eight largest social media sites in Q1 2014. In short, Facebook, Pinterest, ...
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Please remember, this is not a broadcasting community, in order to post in the future, we need to see some engagement on other people's posts in the community (we just want to see give and take). Welcome.
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Nigel Ohrum

Market Research  - 
"Over two-thirds of millennials buy via multiple channels.

77% of Facebook users purchase both online and in-stores.
66% of Twitter users purchase both online and in-stores.
63% of Pinterest users purchase both online and in-store

Over one third of millennials purchases more than half of their products via smartphone and tablet devices." +Heidi Cohen 

Makes a great case for businesses and brands to be mobile friendly and have presence on multiple social media channels.
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Walter Lim

Market Research  - 
Interesting findings on how tween girls use social media. Not surprisingly, 81% of kids between ages of 12 and 17 use social media. Moreover...

- The most popular social networking site for tweens? YouTube, used by 45% of girls age 6 to 12 in one survey.
- 38% of kids between 8 and 12 use Facebook. 35% think of it as a site for parents, not kids.
- 44% of girls surveyed between the ages of 8 and 12 use Instagram, and 23% say it’s their favorite app.

Useful for those of us keen to reach this emerging market.
Remember back in the day when you thought it was absurd that kids had cell phones at age 15? Well, today, 48% of girls between the ages of 6 and 12 have a cell phone — and 51% of those have a smartphone! It’s not surprising, then, that tweens (who thrive on social interaction at... Read more »
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This is very interesting +Walter Lim.  Thanks for sharing. 
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Interesting Findings in Global Social Media Customer Service

Do you know that 73% of customer queries go unanswered on Twitter? Or that Bangladeshi Telcos are the world's most socially devoted?

I wonder if its a matter of culture, ie people in certain communities prefer to use social media as a platform for customer service issues relative to others. What's universal though is that telcos face the brunt of customer queries (which are usually complaints) around the world.

More here: #SocialMedia #CustomerService
Wonder who the global kings and queens of customer service on social media are? How do Facebook and Twitter rank in social media customer service?
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Great information and helpful data; customer service is where the comments and feedback are, if you are getting them on your social channels turn around their experience into a positive one! 
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Andrij Harasewych

Market Research  - 
'Don’t focus on the competition, they’ll never give you money.'
Jeff Bezos, the man who said this, likely knows everything about his competition. And he doesn't model his company ( off of them.

It is incredibly tempting to just copy someone else's formula for success. You likely have no idea what the competitors are doing that is working. Truth is - they likely don't even know. As moderator in these communities, you'd be surprised how many marketers and agencies I've come across that don't seem to have any planning and strategic data to back up their daily decisions.

Unless you can prove the competition's success based on data and hard facts, the things you deem "vital" to their success, is likely just your own perception of the situation, and not the whole story.
Don't focus on the competition. As you grow your brand online, focus on creating a style that is your own.
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It's easier to learn from your competition's mistakes. Success is tougher to dissect otherwise everybody would be successful. 
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I think we would all agree email is our most mission critical technology used in the work place.  Recent research released by Pew Research show only 4% of those surveyed find Social Media an important technology tool at works.  That includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I find that number remarkably low and counter-intuitive to growth trends, users statistics and trends regarding how e-commerce is being driven.  Read their finding and make your own conclusions...
Online American workers say the internet and email are very important tools for doing their jobs, rating them higher in importance than landline phones, mobile phones, and social networking sites. Just 7% say the internet makes them less productive at work.
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+Sandy Jacolow That is very surprising. However, social media are trickier since they do pose great threat to productivity. When we are generally able to find the balance, the trust in the use and the use itself will rise.
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Market Research  - 
Below are some fascinating social media marketing facts and statistics, which will blow the mind of all social gurus. Even if you consider yourself the “Cookie Monster” of paid advertising on social, the astounding statistics provided below do not lie in regards to how businesses are flocking to promote their content on social media.
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J. Nolfo

Market Research  - 
This is something I have always there is some #data  backing it up.

Check out this article by Kevan Lee to learn about the Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research
Learn the ideal length of Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, Google+ headlines, title tags, paragraphs, and so much more.
View original post
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I'm pleased the "ideal" blog post length shows as 1600 words. It debunks the idea that they should be much shorter. Something I've always ignored. If I'm covering a topic I want to do so thoroughly.
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There are many inherent human biases that pollute the #marketresearch  process. This piece covers several of them, including the observation effect, moderator bias, questions bias, and participant bias. 

Marketers need to make every effort to minimize these biases and focus on the root of customer feedback: why do consumers act the way they do? Certainly-- the who/what/when/where explanations are obviously important, but their impact is dwarfed by "why." I ask you all the following questions

How do you think Social Media can be leveraged to optimize the reception of consumer feedback?

What have you discovered as your best practices when performing market research?

What are you most focused on figuring out about your consumers?
Why the methods companies use to gauge the market for their products are often rife with bias.
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In Market Research the moderator plays a large role, as the respondents need to feel comfortable with he/she to open up and express their opinions. 
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7 Social Media Trends

Hey guys, I came across this latest post from +Michael Stelzner highlighting the results of Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014. This came from a survey of over 2800 marketers.

The trends identified are:

1) The written word still rules. Despite the growth in visual social media, people still like the written word.

2) Blogging is the biggest area of increase. Surprise, surprise! However, getting people to read your stuff will be a challenge.

3) Google+ has leapfrogged Facebook and LinkedIn as the platform that marketers are most keen in. Yay!

4) Tactics are a key challenge. I can't agree more, having seen how the best laid social media strategies can go awry...

5) Social ROI remains a mystery. While engagement is still primarily used by many, the key here is move towards response.

6) Facebook ads dominate social. Its funny how marketers view Google+ and Facebook, but I seem to think that Google+ may be less of a consumer platform and more of an ideation one.

7) Podcasting is still rising. Perhaps this could be more relevant for B2B or information intensive businesses (eg magazines, financial services, real estate) as opposed to FMCG?

Would love to hear your thoughts. #socialmedia #research   
Are you wondering what the latest social media trends are for marketers? Find out in the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.
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+Walter Lim thanks for sharing I agree with all points we are starting to see the benefits of doing a podcast have not started our own yet but have been a guest on a couple.  
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The internet population at large is now at 2.4 billion people.

The world’s data pool is expanding at an astonishing rate with every click, share, like, and comment. With the business markets now paying closer attention than ever on online marketing potentiality, it is time for digital marketers to capture this data and convert it into sensible data sources. Understand today to make crucial decisions for the future. Take a quick glimpse at this infographic on how much data is generated every minute

Original blog post:

Via: +Domo 

#datamarketing   #businessintelligence   #socialmediamarketing  
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It's mind-boggling.
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Which Social Networks Really Matter? [Video]
Before using precious time and financial resources on social media marketing, businesses want to know Which Social Networks Really Matter?

1. Search for your company's name or brand. This will help you to identify which of your existing social media profiles are already returning favorably in search results. This can help you get a head start on your social media efforts.

2. Search for keywords that are directly related to your business and/or brand. This will provides a good overview of your own social media presence and highlights the social areas where your business will need to participate in, in order to remain competitive.

3. Perform a search of  your local competition. This will provide a good overview of which social networks your competitors have been using, to effectively communicate with their Internet audience.

Find this video tutorial, as well as more Google+ tips and marketing advice at

#smallbusinessmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #wealquicktips
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Thank you +Kris McGee for your kind words and support. :-)
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