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Are you looking to hire a social media manager for your organisation? Don't go about hiring just anyone, it won't do your company good. In this article mentioned are things to keep in mind so you find the right fit!


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Are you hiring a social media manager soon for your business? Here are 5 solid tips you should consider before while selecting a candidate for social media job.
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Kathy Cho

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Social Media Infrastructure Advice for Growing Businesses:

It's been a challenge trying to figure out what the best structure will be for my growing e-commerce startup in terms of how to build out our social media team. We are heavily focused on content and customer engagement, and our engagement is growing exponentially to the point where it's becoming difficult for just one person to manage.

I wanted to find out how other brands/teams structure this, what the goals are, and what advice you have on balancing strategy and customer service, and having the bandwidth to produce quality results in both those areas. 
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Thanks for sharing, +Andrij Harasewych, and really appreciate your suggestion. I agree; a marketing director-type organizer is essential. I think Zendesk (or similar) may be a solution for when we have a larger team and need to route things. As of now, my goal is to find a solution for managing the volume of engagement and build out a more formal process for supporting this initiative. We also need a more robust listening tool that isn't Hootsuite, Sprout, or Percolate. If anyone has any suggestions for deeper listening tools that can also be used among other departments, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Sprinklr was one tool I was impressed by but wondering what others think. Thanks, Kathy
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Randall Evans

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Make sure you are getting measurable results with your online ad spend. Empty numbers mean nothing. 
Online advertising is often based around the idea of an "impression," but few of us actually know what that means. We assume it means some sort of interaction with a human being, but as it turns out, we're quite wrong. Today we dive into some staggering statistics with Samuel Scott.
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If I buy CPM ads on site A and CPC on site B. And my effective cost of customer/lead acquisition is less from the CPM ad spend? I'm buying that CPM all day long. 

Just the same, I might be able to buy CPM ads on site A and CPC on that same site... and earn an effective cost per lead that is LESS on the CPM buy.

This does not negate the fraud issue. 
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Natasha Aidinyantz

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Ok just read this article about Twitter being better for sales prospecting than LinkedIn. Not sure we are experiencing the same thing in our company and wondered how everyone else fared out. 

So which is your favourite for making sales?
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Exactly - I think #retail  may be rocking #Twitte  sales atm :P
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Kristin Drysdale

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YouTube Advertising: Target the right people at the right time with the right message.

+Imran Sq breaks down and demystifies how YouTube advertising works. I love this quote from him:
...the only time you are guaranteed to get nothing from YouTube, is when you don't try to reach and measure the value of YouTube.

That can pretty much apply to all areas of communication.

H/t: +Irfan Ahmad 

#YouTubeAdvertising   #youtube   #Advertising   #SocialMediaStrategy   #videomarketing    
YouTube Advertising: Reach Facebook & Playstation Audiences With Google AdWords

I finally managed to get +Imran Sq, the ex-product trainer for Google Support, to share his perspective on YouTube Ads and he put together a three-step overview for all.

• Who do YouTube ads reach?
• What are our ad options?
• What are our payment options?
• What are our audience targeting options?

Read it here:

#YouTubeAdvertising #youtube   #Advertising  #SocialMedia #videomarketing  
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Very informative. Thanks!
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Rebecca Jordan

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Different marketers follow different tactics for their re-engagement campaigns to get a subscriber's attention.  Here are a few of the most popular tactics with examples ...

#Engagement     #Email  
Last Sunday, I received an email from Kim Garst (CEO of Boom Social). It was beautifully written.  It had a relevant subject, and the body of the email included the right amount of concern, things that I missed and a re-engagement request. In totality, it was too good a re-engagement email to overlook. And it…
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Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych

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In a Marketing War: Strategy is Everything
If the key to succeeding in business were to just focus on products closest to those the customers want, the market leader would be the one that performs the best market research and testing. Surely there must be more to it then this...

History has shown us that the best businesses understand the concepts of marketing warfare, and use the strategies to their advantage. Take a trip to marketing school as we learn about four of the main strategies involved in marketing war, the fundamentals of each, including examples, both good and bad.

At nearly 5000 words, this 5-post series took me a little while to finish, but I believe it was well worth the time and effort.

#marketingwarfare   #offensivemarketing   #defensivemarketing  

Part of the Marketing Warfare Series
In marketing warfare, should your company be on offense or defense? Should you be executing a flanking or guerrilla attack on your competition?
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Gary Sharpe

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We have gathered extensive data now on what does and does not work when using Facebook Pages for Marketing & Sales*. We refer to our approach as Intelligence Based, meaning:

using intelligent thinking;

gathering intelligence through experiment, measurement and analysis of data;

exploiting expert knowledge or inside intelligence about a business and sector.

So what does the Intelligence Based approach tell us about Facebook for Business?

The vital element for success on Facebook is paid advertising. If you are about to switch off at the word paid or you think you should not have to pay for social marketing, then just wait and listen. The profitability or returns on investment you can make using the Intelligence approach are simply unachievable otherwise. Content marketing, engagement posts, posting to groups, etc., are all fine and these still help, but unless you pay you are shooting in the dark and most importantly you are wasting the time resources of your Business - and it is a fact that for every Business time = money. So wasting time messing around on social media is just pouring money down the drain. What you might be missing is that what you need to pay on Facebook is trivial in order to start seeing major returns on investment. Put pay you must. We are talking at the level of $5/day or less. If that gets you just one sale on your products and services, for most businesses you will already have won.

Our conclusions on Intelligence Based use of Facebook are as follows, supported by the numbers presented:

it is an extremely cost effective method;
it is a major labor (time & effort) saving device for businesses on Facebook;
there is really nothing much to lose in spending a minimum amount on Facebook ads and using the intelligence based method to tune it for maximum effect;
it is real time, so that you can simply stop and rethink if its not working before you've spent much at all - there is no commitment whatsoever;
it's not a magic bullet - you still need to have great content on your page and for your ad, but if you can get this right for your target audience, the returns on investment can be spectacular.

[*The  post on LinkedIn contains some graphical data and evidence, if you would  like some numbers to back up the above thoughts.]
We have gathered extensive data now on what does and does not work when using Facebook Pages for Marketing & Sales. We refer to our approach as Intelligence Based, meaning: using intelligent thinking;; gathering intelligence through experiment, measurement and analysis of data; ...
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Nice post...Thanks for sharing!
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Steve Faber

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#######Marketing. If You're Using Hashtag Marketing - Read These 6 Tips!

Thanks to +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Louise Julig for the share and post, respectively.
6 Tips for a Killer Hashtag Marketing Campaign
from +Social Media Examiner and +Louise Julig 

Great tips turn your next social marketing campaign into a social hub!

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy  
Does your company use hashtag campaigns? This article shares how Travelocity successfully implemented and followed up on their 2014 #IWannaGo campaign.
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+Steve Faber it is a great question, one that we have not researched as yet, but I will let you know if we do!
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Blue Sand Group

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The next big change to the major social sites may very well be the introduction of buy buttons. The news that Facebook is working on including a payment option in its Messenger app is just the latest piece of evidence demonstrating how focused the big social sites are on direct sales. The ability to make sales directly on social media sites and apps could mean significant changes for businesses that deal in e-commerce.
For more info and the benefits from selling on social media read on below.
Our Long Beach online marketing company gives you articles that display great techniques for online marketing and website design.
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Bill Gassett

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How to Master The Top Social Media Marketing Networks
Do you have a blog but are not getting much business traction from it? Have your social media efforts got you nowhere?

In the article I share some of my best tips on how to use the major social media channels for business including Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Facebook.

The article speaks to #realestat agents but the advice applies to anyone who is looking to take their blog and social media to another level.

If you find the article helpful please consider sharing socially.

#socialmedia #socialmediatips #contentmarketing  
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No doubt +Mike Poynton !
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Bill Gassett

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How to Crush it With Real Estate Social Media
I am thrilled to share that RE/MAX International has recognized me as one of the top real estate agents using social media as a tool to increase online visibility and business.

It is no small feet to be recognized by a large corporation such as RE/MAX. Take a look as I share some tips on using social media.

#socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #realestate  
Bill Gassett was winning the Internet and social media before it became a must-use tool. Find out how he’s turned it into a lead-generating machine for the long haul.
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Sure thing +Bill Gassett!
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Walter Lim

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Marketing With Everyday Influencers

What or who influences you the most in your buying decisions?

a) Advertisements in the newspaper;
b) News reports featuring an interview with a CEO;
c) Consumer review reports on an online forum;
d) Pop-up display ads on your mobile;
e) Endorsements by your favourite celebrity; or
f) A friend or family member’s recommendation.

If you’re like most people, your day to day consumption and purchase habits are likely to be influenced by the people you know. Online or offline, these folks play a big role in driving sales, yet are often neglected by big brands.

Indeed, everyday influencers wield tremendous influence on buying decisions of consumers. 

Who are they and how can marketers work with them? 
Everyday influencers wield tremendous influence on brand purchase decisions of consumers. Who are they and how can marketers work with them?
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Thanks for the support +Digital Insights  and +Hugo Phang! We truly believe that everyday influencer marketing is the way to go.  
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What if you could turn failures into a positive learning experience and use them to fuel your business success?

A great Infographic from +Entrepreneur with 5 keys to using failure to succeed in business!


5 Keys to Use Failure to Succeed in Business
What if you could actually use failure to help you succeed in your business?

Here are five keys to start failing your way to success via +Entrepreneur!

1. Call failure something else
2. Use failure as a stepping stone
3. Never fail alone
4. Don't hide your failures
5. Redefine what you want

Pin it for later:


#entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #smallbusiness   #success  
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No. It should not make you feel as if you are doing business on an island. Yet, we must embrace failure for what it is. Diluting the effect of failure by naming it something else would not make you do amends (in both personal and professional capacities)needed  to succeed in future. Failure is a lesson for life, learn from it!
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Germano Silveira

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How To Reduce Friction & Increase Conversions With Social Media
The Master of Conversion Optimization, +Neil Patel, shares 3 excellent ways to boost conversions by using social to reduce friction.

Friction is Public Enemy #1 when it comes to converting. The more effort your target is required to invest in completing an action, the less likely they are to actually do it. As Patel describes in this article, Social Media can be an effective way to reduce that friction by:
- Using Social Login To Increase Sign-Ups
- Using Social Checkout To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
- Using Easy Social Share Buttons To Encourage Social Shares

Everyone should take time to analyze their goals and the various ways they wish to convert customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and take note of how much friction, even seemingly innocuous obstacles, stand between them and goal-completion. Your goal should be to eliminate as much of that friction as possible (certainly without creating alternative problems).

The great thing about friction reduction efforts is that they require relatively little time, effort, and resources to eliminate. It's usually a one-time investment that will yield recurring benefits after being put into place. And those benefits can potentially be HUGE... particularly if it's your first effort at reducing friction.

As Patel puts it, the overall philosophy of using social to reduce friction is to:
Guide your customers toward more social interaction and sharing with subtle but deliberate design choices and the option to share their purchases. Both of those tactics provide social proof, the most powerful element of conversion optimization.

Learn More About These Social Conversion Tactics Here:
#conversionoptimization   #conversionrateoptimization  
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Agreed +Walter Lim. It only enriches the experience on both sides.
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Jerry Low

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Growth hacking tip from Groupon

This is a must-read, must-share piece on #emailmarketing .

Key takeaways - The best practices in email marketing (which we can also apply most of them into our SMM strategies) that Groupon employs: 

1. Segmentation - target people with relevant offers, drill down on users' locations, interests, and so on.

2. Variation - use different visual and content elements fordifferent email groups.

3. Relevance - ALWAYS deliver interesting, varied and germane discounts and deals. 

4. Stay Flexible - do more than just emails if necessary.

I left out one key takeaways in this summary - you gotta read the article if you want to know all. I am sure you'll thank me for this later!
Last month, we took a long look at LinkedIn, exploring how it uses email as a key component of creating, sustaining and driving its online community and ov
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Awesome tips... I think one of the most overlooked strategies for improving open and click rates as well as overall email campaigns is segmentation. Groupon definitely does it right. One other thing that I've noticed that they've done is from time to time they send emails with subject lines that really break away from the usual deals/promotions - for example, one email received from them had the subject line "There are no deals in this email" which of course made me want to open the email. I wonder what other ways they can break away from the monotony of their subject lines to increase open rate without being too gimmicky.
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Jerry Daykin

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Do you have a mobile strategy? Does it still make sense to focus on it separately? Mobile is becoming such a core part of how people in every corner of the world communicate that it needs to be central to our marketing thinking, not a small side plan or piece of innovation.

Are you aware of how much of your marketing is seen on mobile already? #DigitalSense 
...but you absolutely need mobile.If you work in marketing someone's probably tried to sell you a mobile strategy by now, and here's the good news: you don't need one. Don't get me wrong though,
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+Jerry Daykin you are quite right, having a website is only one piece of the online marketing puzzle. An effective plan to drive traffic to the website through social media, search engine etc is where the real strategy come into it.
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