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How to Use Email to Really Build Your Brand
Email is the original social media, and still one of the most effective, high ROI ways to grow your brand
Here is exactly how we use #emailmarketing  at WELD2 to help small technology contractors build theirs. Hey, I even included a helpful infographic! The lessons apply to virtually any other space as well. No matter what industry or niche market you're in, email should be a trusted art of your marketing arsenal.
Does it work? Uh, yes; it even exceeded our own expectations!

Integrate your email marketing with other social channels to create a powerful lead generation machine, in addition to strengthening your brand with existing customers. We use it only for our clients' existing customers, but segmenting your list to optimize messaging for prospects is certainly a good idea.
One tip that's been very effective for us: Include the simple line "Please forward this or share it with anyone you feel may benefit from it." or something similar to the end of your emails. Our customers saw a significant increase in lead generation with this addition.

One last note, and probably the most important Always make sure your communications are high value for your audience Bombarding them with endless product or sales focused emails will kill retention and achieve the opposite of what you're looking for.

Are you using email marketing regularly? What are/have been your biggest challenges to making it successful?
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How to Use Social Media as a Tool For Building Relationships
So many people get social media all wrong. Many see it as an opportunity to advertise something about their business whether it is a product or service.

Doing this might bring you mild success but it is really not the best way to get the most out of social media.

The perfect example is my industry ( #realestate ). The average real estate agent will use social media to post their latest real estate listing.

These agents wonder why they get no interaction on their social profiles. The answer is simple people don't want to be sold on social media nor do they come to these place to look at homes for sale.

The way you achieve business from social media is by building relationships with those who are in your industry!

In this article I explain how to use social media as a tool to better your brand, strengthen your SEO and ultimately win business.

Take a look and if you find it helpful please consider sharing socially.

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Blogging, SEO, and building relationships in #realestate with @massrealty and @PipelineROI
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Sure thing +Bill Gassett
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