The Rise of Social Search (And How to Take Advantage Of It)

Social profiles and content appearing in organic search results presents marketers and businesses alike with a growing opportunity to increase their presence across both mediums. 

In this in-depth guide, you'll learn what social content is getting indexed and surfacing in Google Search, and also learn best practices to grow your audience and make your social profiles destinations.

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Social content from Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. all get indexed & can surface in organic search. Learn how to leverage social for visibility in search.
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The importance of video and images for connecting and engaging with a younger audience.  Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat are the most popular social media platforms with teens ages 13-14.  Thanks to Pew Research Center for the Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015 and insight.
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Um.... Where is YOUTUBE? 
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Jerry Daykin

General Discussion  - 
I'm not always a fan of real time marketing because much too much of it has no scale... brands put lots of effort into creating content that no one sees.

When it's done well and it's done big it can be quite powerful though, and in the UK today real time legends Oreo have once again shown us how it's done: well planned, true to the brand, and delivered at scale online and offline. 

Here's my 'real time' writeup ;) 
Lights out? No problem... Today's UK solar eclipse is brought to you in partnership with the world's most popular biscuit.When Oreo's infamous 'dunk in the dark' Tweet was sent out during 2013's Super Bowl they succeeded in placing their brand at the heart of US culture in front of hundreds of thousands of people - as the culmination of a 100 day 'Daily Twist' activity aiming to do just that it was deserving of the awards & Lions it won.Time has ...
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Another creative execution to show my clients in the next social media update.
Thanks for sharing. 
+Oreo Cookie does still lead the way when it comes to clever marketing...
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Social Media Post Frequency

One of the most common questions is how often should you post to a social media account. Posting infrequently leads to little reach and posting too often annoys followers.

The following +Buffer infographic is a great guideline and seems about what I'd expect. Pinterest takes the most commitment but is well worth it. And just an FYI, I've found 2-3 times a day to be the sweet spot for Tumblr from experience.
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+Natasha Aidinyantz​ it's purely a statistical study so I would treat this more as a starting point and adjust based on your personal results. 
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James Dearsley

General Discussion  - 
I had a good read of this earlier today. It is an article by +Ann Smarty about the use of hashtags across multiple #socialmedia  platforms.  

+Ann Smarty covers the multiple platforms from Twitter to Tumblr and Facebook to FlickR. 

There is a great table at the end and an article well worth reading
Hashtags, which make it easier to find, share and curate content on social platforms, can be an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal.
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awesome info
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Jessica Smith

General Discussion  - 
I’ve admired the White House’s approach to social media for quite some time now. They get the importance of the platforms in communicating to a targeted audience. Plus, they have managed to cut through what I imagine is a lot of red tape to have a stellar social media presence.

Last week during the State of the Union, the White House’s social media team proved why they are the best of the best. And as I watched the coverage unfold, I was reminded of several lessons for all of us in the social media industry from the importance of doing things your way to tapping into emotion.

Here are five social media lessons from the White House:

I would love to hear what you all have taken away from their presence too!
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Good to see your faces.:)
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Keep that in mind while creating your strategy

Research shows that people's reactions to encountering a new avatar online and a new person in real life are similar

Another confirmation ( if we needed any ... ) that we are living in a very special time ( like everybody before us :) ) and the online world is merging with the physical one.

Of course the connection between a real live person and his/hers avatar is quite dependable of the context.

Anyway to get a better understanding of the whole issue read this article by +New York Magazine :

Also you might be interested in this study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by Katrina Fong and Raymond Mar of York University :

Best regards,
Professor Chaos

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A useful read indeed. I think my avatar gives the impression of a nerdy, geeky guy who spends too much time reading. Which is true!

Having a dual personality/identity online and offline can be quite exhausting. Sooner or later, your tail is going to creep out and people will know how authentic (or fake) you are.
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Luiz Centenaro

General Discussion  - 
Anyone else start seeing ads on snapchat?

Just received 1 from McDonald's on my story and I'm wondering what other brands they are working with.
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+Tyler Lawrence I don't disagree. 
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Happy new year guys - have any of you set marketing New Year's Resolutions?

Mine is to really deep dive into the work of Professor Byron Sharp who's book 'How Brands Grow' challenges a lot of marketing 'wisdom' and particular a lot of the fluff around digital/social marketing.

How would your plans for 2015 change if you truly followed his 3 key, empirically demonstrable, learnings?

1. Businesses grow by increasing market share, not driving frequency
2. Consumers care very little about the differences between brands
3. Competition comes down to building physical & mental availability

It questions a lot of fan engagement/super user work when you realise that those guys don't ultimately grow your business... And they'll probably never care enough about your brand to truly help you grow it! Yet digital channels can be fantastically flexible & relevant ways of making sure you always stay front of mind... If done right and at scale!

Happy new year, here's to good debates ahead :)
...Is reading a book written nearly 5 years ago, and which barely mentions 'digital' or 'social media'. Yes, if you take one single action to improve your digital & social media marketing in 2015 I suggest you read 'How Brands Grow' by Professor Byron Sharp. The book is challenging to a lot of traditional marketing practice, but is particularly useful for tackling some of the myths of marketing on new media channels. There are 3 key, data-backed...
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Great post, with these insights it will help businesses be on the right track to success! 
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Sharing and Embedding LinkedIn Pulse Publications.

(note to +Andrij Harasewych  I've put this one under General Discussion, because it touches on LinkedIn, Pinterest and browser extensions too).

Have you ever noticed that Publications on LinkedIn Pulse are missing something? These have share buttons for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, but not one for Pinterest! This is odd, given how major a player Pinterest now is and how it is often reported as providing extended life to blog posts. You'd have thought that LinkedIn would like to have it's Pulse articles all over that space too? In fact, the situation is worse still, because even if you copy-paste a LinkedIn Publication's URL to a Pinterest web upload, bizarrely it doesn't find the cover image but comes up with an error message.

All is not lost, however, because on the Firefox browser there is an add-on called "Pinterest Pin Button". There may also be a Chrome Extension which does similar things. This add-on allows one to pin any and all images on a page to a Pinterest Board, which then automatically links back to the page you are pinning it from. It is therefore a simple matter to pin the cover image for the LinkedIn Publication as a visual bookmark to your posts. The beauty of method is that it also auto-generates the pin description from the Publication title. I have just created a Pinterest board and very rapidly pinned my Publications to it.

But it goes it a little deeper than that. Because once on Pinterest, we can effectively embed LinkedIn Publications on our blogs and webpages. Unfortunately, I can't demonstrate this bit here, but you can see this in action in the attached blog post.
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+Gary Sharpe the Chrome extension? 
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Big data can provide thought provocative insight into a business, allowing us to visualize details and trends often not apparent. By understanding demographics associated with a variety of leading social media platforms, we can transform these bits and bytes of data into actionable information and a comprehensive marketing strategy. I've pit this into  context as it relates to the residential leasing cycle... 
Big data can provide thought provocative insight into a business, allowing us to visualize details and trends often not apparent. By understanding demographics associated with a variety of leading social media platforms, we can transform these bits and bytes of data into actionable information and a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Let's put this into context as it relates to the residential leasing circle of life... Traditionally, firm's are l...
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Alexandra Levit

General Discussion  - 
When I want the real story on today's top social platforms, I go right to the source. Question for other experts, though. Any low hanging LI fruit we're missing here?
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Before you plan your social media strategy, you need to plan your marketing strategy.
Most of you are not market leaders. You aren't even the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best in the industry, so traditional offense or defense is out (though you can learn more about that here: Perhaps you are even too small or you don't have the resources for a flank on a competitor.

Don't worry, we all start somewhere. If you want to implement a successful marketing strategy with few resources - guerrilla marketing is likely for you. Guerrilla marketing is ideal for businesses, large or small, assuming they are creative, flexible, and willing to take a risk.

Sure - the examples used in the article are slightly larger businesses - do you have any examples of small businesses using the concepts of guerrilla marketing well? Feel free to mention in your favorite business utilizing that method!

#MarketingWarfare   #Strategy   #Marketing  
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Gary Sharpe

General Discussion  - 
This is a adjunct or follow up to my earlier post
The Power of Voice for Online Communcation (

So this is an example of a Talking Image or Talking Post. I will let it speak for itself. Note that this shouldn't be considered a link on google+ because it is completely embedded and self-contained part of the post itself.

So please take a listen. Unfortunately, you will have to comment in text yourselves. The only place where whole conversations [real conversations and discussions!] could take place like this currently is on Facebook.
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Gary Sharpe

General Discussion  - 
The Power of Voice for Online Communication.

Talking Images are based on an idea by Angus Grady (Customeyes Media)

Angus argues that talking and listening are the most natural way for people communicate. Angus also makes the point that oral storytelling allows communication with full emotional content. There are a couple of examples embedded in this multi-media post.

Advantages of Talking Images over pure text communication.

1. Text has no “tone of voice” – it is easy for people to misinterpret the meaning and to create miscommunications.

We probably all have had experience of this from both sides. Here’s a recent real example from a LinkedIn exchange:
"…not sure which way to take that one Angus?”
“Positively the way I thought it was written? .... …just read what I wrote and can see what you mean ‘not sure how to take that’…Meant the power of social media is in the resulting numbers not in blind broadcasting. Didn't mean to suggest that your post was of the pointless broadcasting ilk. Sorry for any confusion, not intentional I assure you.”
“makes an interesting point about your points on voice - ambiguity due to no tone of voice in text...”
“Yes good point, sound cuts through ambiguity, e.g. you can tell hesitation spells doubt when on the phone or face to face."

2. Text alone has no “visual hook”. An imaginative, interesting and colorful picture is a very important tool for getting viewers attention online. Talking Images are essentially a visual hook with a verbal message.

3. The time factor. Writing is not a natural way for humans to communicate. It is acquired learning which we have to practice. A professional written communication can take very, very much longer than it would take to simply say and record.

Advantages over standard video.

1. The expense factor. A professional online video can be very time consuming and costly to create. According to Angus’s arguments, a video still needs a verbal story to be really effective.

2. Listening is a passive activity. This means that people can take in what you are saying while carrying on with their work. A video requires fuller attention. In today’s busy world, most people don’t have time to stop for long.

3. The effectiveness of online video is a bit of a myth. Facebook and YouTube analytics usually show a large drop off in viewers as time progresses through a video.

Why a Talking Image and not just a link to audio
1.The “visual hook” factor.
2. By hosting Talking Images on a well supported video service like YouTube, the audio content can be embedded & easily shared.
Talking Images are based on an idea by Angus Grady (Customeyes Media)Angus argues that talking and listening are the most natural way for people communicate. Angus also makes the point that oral storytelling allows communication with full emotional content. Let’s have an example.Example 1. A response to a comment on a LinkedIn blog post.Angus’s reply is now embedded in the original post itself (as it is here now, too).Advantages of Talking Images...
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+Eric Enge thinking more on this and having trialled it a bit the answer is yes, I think so. The reason is that one can listen and absorb while doing other things simultaneously. It is like listening to the radio while working or talking on the phone while working. I  do many telephone consults where people follow my instructions for how to do technical things while I talk. I think for similar reasons, this is why audio books are more and more popular.
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A few weeks ago, I was asked by the developers to come and take a look at "Carii" described as a new private community based "social media" website. Well, my initial thoughts were, after getting nowhere with other new social networks like 'Ello, "oh no, not yet another one". However, since I had been approached personally, I thought it would be worth giving a go - as at least I would be one of the first people to blog about it, even if it is in the negative!

Well, actually, its not just another social media website. In fact, as an social media innovator, I'm very excited by what it represents. Sure there are some technical issues to iron at at this stage, but I have already discussed with the platform developers a number of ideas of how it might be transformative and what I really like is they are, in turn, excited and interested in what I have to say and are keen to implement some of my feedback.

So I've made a video in the link of my own initial assessment of Carii with a first view at its appearance and functionality, followed by my top 3 reasons why I do believe it is not just another social media clone.
3 Reasons to Consider Carii, Not Just Another Social Network.
A few weeks ago, I was asked by the developers to come and take a look at "Carii" described as a new private community based "social media" website. Well, my initial thoughts were, after getting nowhere with other new social networks like 'Ello, "oh no, not...
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Glad you saw that as constructive. I know I come on strong. it comes from a good place :) you get points for monitoring and responding. :)
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Unlimited Income! Industry Secrets! Anyone Can Succeed!
Have you noticed any red flags yet?  If not, you REALLY need to read this. Honestly, I'm just sick and tired of seeing people try to spam this type of stuff out, pretending to be business owners and marketers. 

Before you get involved in any business - ASK QUESTIONS! Ask for references and proof (Don't just go believing the testimonials on their own websites). And please, please, don't put in your credit card information until you've done sufficient research and asked a few people in the industry what they know about the business.

Beware of #scamartists and #pyramidschemes

Part 2 (Social Media Red Flags) coming soon to!
If the internet has done one thing, it's that it's easier than ever for the average person to be taken in by shady hucksters and scams.
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All this article did was make me want cake...
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When managing your community, you need to look past insults and poor behavior in order to analyze the underlying frustrations of your members, as well as empowering both the members and the other leaders in your community to police conduct of its members. To do so, you must be able to set up the correct tone for your community, by choosing the right words - ensuring that there is never room for misinterpretation.

Comes with an infographic too!

#communitymanagement   #leadership   #relationships  

From the Seven Sins of Community Management Series
Do you give people a second chance? Are you a calm and collected leader, a shining example for your community?
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A safe assumption +Andrij Harasewych. :D  And yes, we do have to try.  Sometimes trying is all we can do.  And sometimes it is not important whether or not we succeed, only that we do try.
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Gary Sharpe

General Discussion  - 
Thoughts and Experiments with Pinned Posts on Google+ Profiles, Pages and Groups.

OK +Andrij Harasewych you wanted something a bit more meaty and  advanced. Here is something which is probably advant garde and I have now implemented. I have put this one under general discussion, because the thought processes we are beginning here have tangents to all sorts of other other discussion.

Recently, Google+ released the facility to have a post pinned  to the top of your personal profile or business page. There are some profound implications for this in terms of content marketing and longevity of posts. The issue with google+ is that older posts get rapidly pushed down the page and disappear into the deep of scroll downs. This is where Pinterest actually has a strong advantage as a visual index and quick search tool.

By pinning a post to the page and using it to  create index links to other posts and sections and then in each of those giving a link back to the pinned index post, something new is possible.

I started doing this not on my profile, actually, but in what I refer to  as a structured group. The pinned post for that is here. [+Andrij Harasewych this is the only link in this post and I hope you agree it is in context]

Community main menu. This is the main index to featured posts.


And here  is the key point for strategic social media and content marketing. I am not taking you away from google+. I am not even taking you into another community space.  I am simply taking you to a post. From that post you can find other posts. Lots of them. Without ever leaving, from your perspective,  the single post environment. You will never see any spam which may have been posted in the community, because you never see the actual community page unless you want to. You only see the moderated material.

High quality, navigable, indexed content. From, a single pinned post.

Now if you created your own pinned post index, I can include your entire content within mine simply by including the link to your own google+ pin. And vice versa. Or a group of us could form a community where there is a single post only. That post is an indexed linked window to a collaborative world whose whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Or you could embedded my structured group into your community and vice versa. In fact I have just embedded mine here in a sense through the single link to the demonstration pinned post for  your consideration above. But not properly, because I unless I convince the group mods that they should have a link to this post in there own pin, it will very rapidly disappear into the deep dark of the community.

There is one more thought. Many posts are only encountered in the stream, not by searching through groups. So now if we include , instead of those hashtags of questionable value, shorterned url's back to the index post, then our entire content and those of our collaborators are made accessible from the stream too.
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A good community manager isn't just some savvy social media user who "hangs out" on the internet all day.
Depending on the industry they work in, they may be engaging and educating, driving sales, retaining customers, and growing your brand. Just about anything that a community manager will do can fall within the 4 key elements of community management: #Growth#Engagement#Listening and #Improvement.

Think there should be more? Less? Wanna fight about it? Let me know in the comments or at the post itself!
Community managers tend to always incorporate these 4 key elements: Growth, Engagement, Listening and Improvement.
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Thanks for this post +Andrij Harasewych. It was helpful - and I plan on sharing it with others. 
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