Interesting news story by the NYT about companies limiting a consumer’s right to sue if you engage the company online including social media channels. Do you think other companies will follow General Mills legal approach and do you think it will reduce a consumer’s willingness to engage with brands online?
The food company General Mills added language to its website to alert customers that they cannot take legal action against the company if they download coupons, enter a contest or connect with it in other ways.
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Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous beyond ridiculous. Especially considering how people like a product or service 6 years ago for a contest, and never get around to unliking it in the future.
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Steady Demand

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Which behavior pattern do you and your audience follow?
Would you count the green segments (working segments) as being online, or the brown (leisure)?

What does our pro tool chart tell you?
#Infographic: how the world's most creative people operate
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Thank you +Raj Arora 
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A list that you definitely don't want to be on
It's a guilty pleasure to sigh with relief that you're not on a list of social media fails. But it could happen! Hence I always emphasize to clients the importance of including a social media crisis plan in their social strategy. Even if you can't stop a spark or put out the fire, at least you can stop it from spreading.
#socialmediafail   #socialstrategy  
We talk a lot about social media around here. And there’s good reason for that. We want to provide useful information that can enhance your experience on e
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+Jeff Molander, thank you. And likewise to you for sure.
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Make Your Business the Next Virgin Apple
Disruptive business change everything. Really, there's no reason why yours can't join them. Imagine the benefits, not only to you, but your market.

Thanks largely to the communicative power of social media, virtually any business with vision can transform themselves into a disruptive force in their market, and possibly beyond. What's your market missing? More importantly, what experience do your customers not know they're missing, but can't live without?

My latest blog post reveals 7 disruptive businesses (no, you probably don't know all of them), how they're shaking things up, and most importantly, how you can make your organization into a disruptive force.

How have used social media strategy to further achieve your disruptive goals? Social media is not essential for doing so, but it's a fantastic facilitator. Have you disrupted your market? How? What's your favorite disruptive business and why?
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Monica McPherrin

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Great Infograph on Effective Tips to Increase SEO Traffic via +Pauline Cabrera 
20+ Effective Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic (Updated)

These tips will help you learn the many ways to drive traffic FROM search engines this 2014!

In the post, you'll learn:
- How to provide quality content
- How Google+ affects your search visibility
- How to optimize your content properly
- How to improve your site performance
- How to earn quality backlinks
- And how to tell search engines about your site :)

Learn these to attract the search engines!
Read here:

#seo   #searchengine   #google   #googleranking   #twelveskip   #infographic  
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I'm interested in finding out how many social media accounts that small local businesses should be active in.  Is there a "rule of thumb" or industry standard here? I found this article informative but would welcome other thoughts or research.
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For my bakery, we focus on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. No $ spent and our Facebook organic reach seems to be doing better than many are reporting. For now. We also maintain G+ but don't have a large following there. It has helped our SEO though. I half-heartedly update Pinterest. Would definitely put some real effort into it if we sold any products online.

Add me to the Yelp haters. They were highly aggressive with us and offered to "do something about" some funny looking reviews for us, ones that magically appeared a day before that phone call. I keep an eye on it, but they will never get $ from me.
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#statpro shared some insights into the psychology behind online sharing, something which is a part of the daily lives of a steadily increasing number of people.

They found that according to a study in the #newyorktimes , there are six main types of sharer: Hipsters, Careerists, Altruists, Selectives, Boomerangs and Connectors. Each type of sharer has unique characteristics:
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Great article and info-graph!
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Imitation is the sincerest form of ... laziness!
Didn't even use Copyscape. Just went to look at my competition in the SERPS and found companies that stole everything ... my content, my hand-drawn images, samples of our work (with my watermarks still on them!) Some were even on paid ads with Google.

I know I'm not the only one this happens to, but does "social media" mean "socialism?" Does it happen to everyone? How often do you police what you've put on your blog or g+ to see if someone else used it? I'm not talking about re-posts; I'm talking about taking it and calling it their own.
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Google took down their site ... sorta. The ad's still there, but it comes back with a 404 now. :)
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Google+ vs Facebook for Business Pages

Here's an article I wrote about having a business Page on Google+ vs having a Page on Facebook. Most people assume that because Facebook has more users, they're just naturally going to reach more people.

As of February 2014 Google+ has over 1 billion users and is set to overtake Facebook by the end of the year. Yet we still hear people say that G+ is a ghost town.

But, that statement is usually made by people who don’t use Google+ or haven’t put in an honest effort to make the platform work for them. 

Here's a question for you:

Are you better off with 100% of $1.00 or 3-15% of $1.50?

You can read the article here..

image by Costi Ciudatu

  #facebookmarketing   #google +   #socialmediamarketing   #option1   #opt1mtgfin  
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Leaders of change, captains of failure, innovators, inside-the-box thinkers, and challengers of the status quo collectively influence progress in our world. 

Their ideas, thought processes, strategies and tactics usually become industry benchmarks. I think there's a ton of value in their words, which inspired me to put together this post.

I went through the quotes of 10 acclaimed gurus and celebrated innovators/thinkers/leaders such as +Alex Bogusky +Seth Godin +Eric Schmidt +Malcolm Gladwell and more. Quotes were selected based on their application to our realm of social media branding, advertising, marketing, and sheer creativity. 

The areas are broken into advertising, leadership, failure, customers, quality, accessibility, effectiveness, change, empowerment, and perseverance. 

Which quotes do you think are vital for #socialmedia   and community managers like us? What other 'exalted' leaders and quotes do you think are important/applicable to social media?
The following are 10 brilliant minds and masters of destiny, offering advice in 10 different realms of communication, applicable to social media and life.
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Very good
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Eric Enge

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Golden Rules of Social Media #9 - Thriving as an Introvert

1. Be an expert on something related to your business.  Make sure that it is of significance and value.

2. Know that people need/want your help related to your expertise. People need your help!

3. Find your passion. Fear is secondary to your passion.

4. Use the opportunity to express other parts of who you are. These are parts that you normally don't express, but they are part of you.

You can even use this strategy to go on camera in live hangouts or or on stage to present.  Remember that a large percentage of rock musicians are actually introverts. So maybe being a rock star is not for you, but it does not mean that you won't enjoy performing.  Embrace the opportunity and have some fun.
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Thanks for sharing tips
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Here is the good news: Companies are investing people, time and money into social media. Here is the bad news: A lot of companies still don’t know exactly why they are investing. It seems like the ROI debate is still ongoing in the social media world. 

It's time to change the conversation.

Social media is not just about sales, the bottom line and clicks to a page. Although those can all be pieces of the puzzle, social media offers many other benefits to companies from recruiting to listening to improving customer. 

It's time to focus on all the benefits:

#socialmediaroi   #socialmedia  
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+Single Grain I agree with you 100%.
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Where is the Value in Using Hashtags?
Have you tried using hashtags to avoid ambiguity, convey emotion and contextualize what is not immediately obvious in your social media posts?

In my mind, a hashtag's true value is found in its ability to:

1. Convey Emotion and/or Personal Expression: In a 2013 study, 40.7% of respondents reported using hashtags for communicating personal ideas and feelings.

2. Avoid Ambiguity in Interpreting a Post: For the most part, "social" interactions are devoid of emotion, and as such; can unintentionally open the door to misinterpretation. Including a single hashtag can help avoid a misunderstanding.

3. Deliver an Unspoken Message: A hashtag can add feeling or ambiance to the information you are sharing, particularly if it is an image or graphic that is not accompanied by text, or text that is not accompanied by an image.

Learn more about introducing hashtags to your posts, that will capture the audience's attention and contextualize what is not immediately obvious in your message:

Watch Social Media & SEO, Hashtags, Google+ Views, SMMW Conference Wrapup: Social Media Hangout #4 for more views on hashtags from +Ben Fisher, +Andrij Harasewych, +Mark Traphagen. +Eric Enge and +Dustin W. Stout.

#ilovehashtags   #whereisthevalue   #hashtagetiquette
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They certainly are +Vovia. Some of my favorites are from TV programs. My family uses them often for  #dogthebountyhunter , #duckdynasty  and of course, #wwe   #mondaynightraw  and #fridaynightsmackdown . They are a great way of bring the audience together for the event.
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Sadly, this professor's 2010 write-up still holds the test of time.

I spoke at an affluent high school's Grade 12 class a couple of years ago and the students didn't know what a blog was. I learned never to assume what you might think people know.

About a year or so ago, I spoke to some university MBA students (a marketing class) and they were not being taught ANYTHING that had anything remotely to do with digital or social media. 

If we want to see change in the world, we have to do it one step, one classroom, one teacher, one business at a time.

#education   #socialmedia   #digitalmedia   #journalismfail   #curriculum   #curriculumfail   #marketingfail  
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Jessica Smith

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It seems, according to some, I should be frantically looking for a new job in a new industry. The social media manager is dead, don’t you know? Today it is everyone’s job to be social… not just the role of a person or department.

While I do agree that social media should have many touch points to a business, I do not think the social media manger is dead; the role is just evolving and maturing. In an industry that is still relatively new and one that is always changing, isn’t evolution inevitable?

I believe the social media manager is here to stay. Why? Because businesses need a centralized person to oversee the strategy / vision; it's about more than crafting a tweet or a post; social media is the Wild, Wild West; and it's not all about the platforms.

Read more here:

What do you guys think? Is the social media manager here to stay?
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Would u like to earn 400 pound a month part time 
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Meg Cook

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Fear of Moderation--Has it Kept You From Posting Here? (Me too).  But, I think that moderation on G+ communities is the only way to prevent them from becoming link dumping boards.  Have you found a community with low moderation that somehow maintains a high quality?  What is your opinion on moderating in G+ communities?
Meg Cook's profile photosmokee joe's profile photoAlex Schleber's profile photoZbra Studios's profile photo
I was hoping to get your take on this +Zbra Studios.  Thank you for the comment!  I agree about that awkward feeling of non-engagement.
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30% of #American get news through #Facebook
The 64% of American adults who use Facebook, nearly half (30%) use the social network to keep up with news. On #YouTube, 10% of U.S. adults use the video platform to get news, while only 8% look for news on #Twitter.
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When I first saw this report, I was surprised. I thought Twitter would top the list. But then again, the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. There are at least five times more of the population on Facebook than on Twitter. Also the new Facebook news feed, seems to make actual news stories pop off the page more. Although, it all depends on who you are following, to. I follow good people. :)
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I've been following the stories in the press about certain people getting abuse on Twitter. People are saying that Twitter don't do enough to stop/punish the guilty parties.

I disagree. In fact, I've been thinking about it and I don't think that responsibility should be placed on Twitters shoulders at all. Nor any other social network.

Think of Twitter as a tangible place where people communicate, which it is really. Compare it to any other place where people can communicate. Like a room in a house, or a park, or on your street. Let's use that as an example: If someone verbally abused you in the middle of a street, would you blame the street. No, you wouldn't. The street is the place where it happened, but the street is not the problem.

It is the responsibility of the "victim" to report a crime, and of the police to investigate and enforce the law. Just because social networks are relatively new, doesn't mean laws are different for them. Twitter facilitate communication, they don't create abuse.
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Likewise in the #cancelcolbert  campaign led by Suey Park, it wouldn't be Twitter's place to step in to put out the fire. Responsibility is on parties involved to resolve. In this case,@ColbertReport was deactivated. 
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Eric Enge

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Golden Rules of Social Media #8 - Enjoy the Journey

Building a powerful social media profile does not happen overnight.  It definitely is a journey.  When you just start out there are so many things you need to do:

1. Decide what your focal topic area will be.  Make sure it is an area where you have a high level of expertise to bring to the conversation.

2. Find out where your audience is.  What social media platforms?

3. Decide how much time and energy you have to invest.  Prioritize.  You can't excel at everything, so make choices and focus first on the places where you can find the best target audience for you.

4. Get started.  Engage, engage, engage.  Add value, add value, add value.  Don't market yourself, focus on building relationships.

5. Know that this is going to take many months, at a minimum, to get to a place where you have a decent social following and presence.

6. Experiment a lot.  Learn what works for you.

7. Be opportunistic.  Big opportunities will materialize out of nowhere (if you do the above stuff right).  Be ready to jump on them.

8. Be patient.  And yes, Enjoy the Journey, because is you don't, your patience will fail
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+Eric Enge After not quite a year here, I'm starting to get the hang of it and sure wish I'd had such clear cut guidelines when I started out. It does help to have some fun along the way, and I have, but the point about deciding how much time and energy to invest is crucial, it's very easy to get carried away and lost here, or any other social platform. Thanks for the post.
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Mark Traphagen

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Want to do better at social media? Follow these three steps

1. Print out the image below.
2. Hang it over your computer monitor.
3. Do what it says. 

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+Steve Faber r good point! There are a lot of blog posts published that would have been better had the author asked these questions before hitting publish. 
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