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Looking for a job, maybe you should read this first.

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What happens when you don't define your market clearly?

When Applebee's aimed for the millennial market, not only did they miss the new target, they turned off their core.

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Click fraud can stop a finely tuned PPC campaign in its tracks, end up demolishing your marketing budget and cost you sales.

Learn how to avoid this costly mistake and safeguard your campaigns to minimize click fraud this Christmas:

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Don't Be a Social Media Loser
While this article specifically addresses what real estate agents shouldn't be doing in social media, the advice applies to all businesses!

So many people do not understand the proper usage of social media. Instead of being social and building relationships garbage is thrown in peoples faces like only a telemarketer could do.

Take a look as I share the mistakes made in five popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.

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Last time I was in these parts I was waxing lyrical about youtube annotations and doing a lot of interesting stuff with them (remember +Andrij Harasewych ?). That project failed. I now advise that business avoid using youtube annotations as part of their marketing strategy for 3 reasons.
1. they don't scale and appear different on each view
2. they require flash and are actually invisible to significant proportions of mobile device viewers
3. they are untidy and you can spend ages lining them up but when viewed  on different platforms, they become irritatingly misaligned.
So they are just not worth the risk in their current form as they can actually damage your brand.
Spot the Difference: YouTube Annotations Don't Work #1
YouTube annotations allow you to place clickable notes, speech bubbles, labels and boxes anywhere on your videos. You can use these to allow your viewers to move seamlessly to another point on the video, to another video or to external websites. You can als...

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Have you had to deal with a social media disaster?

To err is only human. And with social, the slightest mistake can have a snowball effect that can hurt a brand. We took a look at what we can learn from recent social blunders by brands such as Sainsbury's and their 50p challenge.

Please have a read and share with us your thoughts on our tips.

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WARNING Thousands at risk over harmful 'Peter Pan' email scam that downloads Cryptolocker virus.
Z&J News by #Jamer #DpXpc #Fitler 
WARNING Thousands at risk over harmful 'Peter Pan' email scam that downloads Cryptolocker virus.
Z&J News by #Jamer #DpXpc #Fitler 
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A WARNING has been issued to thousands of Britons over a dangerous 'Peter Pan' cyber-scam.

Thousands of people have received the scam email claiming to be confirmation of nine tickets booked for a Bournemouth pantomime this Christmas.

The malicious email asks users to open attached e-tickets for the festive Peter Pan performance – but it instead triggers the download of a dangerous computer virus.

Security experts have urged users NOT to click on any links or open attachments found within the fraudulent email, which offers the recipient tickets to the 7pm performance of Peter Pan at the Bournemouth Pavilion, on December 23.

Derek Knight, of the My Online Security blog, believes those conned into opening the attachment could find they have inadvertently downloaded the Cryptolocker virus – which locks users out of their own computer until a ransom is paid to cyber-criminals.

He added: "Almost all of these have a password-stealing component.

"Many of them are also designed to specifically steal your Facebook and other social network login details."

Online security websites blogs have offered advice on how to avoid being scammed [GETTY]

Many of them are also designed to specifically steal your Facebook and other social network login details
Derek Knight, of the My Online Security blog
Phishing attempts – such as the Peter Pan scam – typically claim to be from well-known banks, or institutions such as HM Revenue & Customs, trying to tempt users into downloading or opening files and links.

This latest scam is different as it purports to be sent from ticketing company BH Live – a genuine Bournemouth-based company who are indeed hosting a Peter Pan production this Christmas.

Since the scam started, the company has been flooded with confused calls complaining about the dangerous email – as confused users query the £145 purchase using a MasterCard with the last four digits 7006, as shown in the virus-infected email.

The Peter Pan scam is similar to the recent Apple cyber-scare, which capitalised on recent fears about the level of security provided by the tech giant.

That scam sent a branded email claiming the user had suspicious purchases on their iTunes account.

Security blog Symantec warns online users to be wary of any unexpected emails asking for confirmation of payment or account details.

It added: "If the victim does so, the attackers will presumably harvest their credentials for exploit or resale".

By: Aaron BrownPublished: Wed, September 10, 2014
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Social media lessons taken from World Cup buzz

88 million people had more than 280 million interactions on Facebook during the World Cup final. We can only imagine what those numbers are for all other social media platforms. It is only valid to consider that there are major lessons to be learned from the power of social media during such global events. 

A few weeks ago, Royal Dutch Airlines angered thousands of people as they tweeted an insensitive remark to Mexico fans during the end of Netherland v Mexico match. This post shares with you reasons why multicultural mindfulness has such increasing importance with your digital conversations and overcoming ethnocentrism is key.

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Just released: A refreshed version for Windows 8 with new free stickers, Last Online and Seen statuses, photo and video descriptions, and more! Download it now:

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Great ideas and tips! "Beware of self-starting videos and even moving images. These often encourage people to back out of your website and never visit again."
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