What Do You Think Strategists? This is a new campaign from the Government of Queensland here in Australia to educate their people on the Dos and Donts of Social Media. I understand the need for the method of communication but the implementation of the strategy is completely disjointed, slightly insulting and open to incredible ridicule - which would definitely defeat the purpose of the original campaign. Government employees aren't six years old and shouldn't be treated like it.  What do you think?

HT +Catriona Pollard 

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The Queensland government has published a “simple internal communications tool” to “help educate staff across a number of government departments about social media policy and the use of social media” on YouTube.  Sound like a good idea?
Government enlists cartoon hero to save public servants from perils of social media.
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+Steve Faber Good point Steve! Shame they couldn't get it right. 
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Chris Reyes

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Disabling comments and then asking people to guess what you're making is not good engagement and alienates you from your community. The fear of bad comments should not outweigh your attempts to connect.
Something's coming ... Any guesses?
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+MakerBot it's like having your phone line cut and wondering why no one ever calls ;-)

(I can see some younger readers scratching their heads and saying, "Phone line? What's that?")
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Phill Hocking

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seriously i am about to ditch +LinkedIn entirely and feel this is epic freaking fail....
wow... +LinkedIn totally just hijacked my gmail contacts and sent invites to about everything that it possibly could in a way that seemed to ask me for my informed consent casually... but really was a complete hijack and very aggressive. 

seriously +LinkedIn  i am very pissed and will not use your guys' service if you keep doing shit like this - as your platform really never has provided me anything of value  but seems to want my money (that i don't have) every step of the way..... when the real social networks never piss in each other's pool like that. 

seriously guys, wtf brah!?
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I recently ditched LinkedIn after the most recent hack. That's very spammy! 

My only pet peeve is that I receive tons of Invitations, even though I have opted-out! 
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Nigel Ohrum

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Top Social Media Mistakes of 2013 by Masters in Marketing. 

Not only do they cover some of the big social media blunders this year, but note the related tips. Good advice.

Full-sized infographic: +Douglas Karr 
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thanks for sharing; some interesting faux pas.  Their in-line tips are good reminders particularly "choose your words wisely" and "self-awareness is key" as it relates to knowing your audience and recognizing everyone's points of view are different.
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"This frustrating scenario of brands talking, talking, talking in social media but never saying anything of value other than "we're great, you should give us more of your money" is the epitome of Caveman 2.0 syndrome." Jay Baer in "Youtility"
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Lindsey Weintraub

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Anyone else see this tweet by spaghettios last night? What do you think? 
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I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE when brands do this. 
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We Cell Marketing

• MarketingFail  - 
Recently, I met a lady who called herself a marketing professional. We had an interesting conversation and afterwards we exchanged business cards.  I scanned the QR Code on it and it did NOT work.  Word of advice to any business using QR codes in your marketing, TEST them before mass producing print material. 
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I agree, QR codes are somewhat a thing of the past, they need a very strong call to action that would create readers to scan.  Plus, not everyone has a QR code scanner app on their phone.  
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Are women more social than men?  Is this why women are having lower failure rates in their startups? 
Women...Start It Up!   This article says "Firms founded by women are more capital efficient than those founded by men. Women-led high-tech startups have lower failure rates. Venture-backed companies run by a woman have annual revenues 12% higher than those by men."

I would agree that many women are more capable, more detailed, more diligent, and more disciplined than men...and I'm not at all surprised by some of the statements in this article.  In fact, one of the presidents of my companies is a woman, and she is incredibly talented and puts many of my skills to shame!
#startup   #smallbusiness   #women   #entrepreneur  

So, if you're a woman, and you're thinking about starting a business.... DO IT !!!   Here are some Startup Tips that may help you:
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Avoiding Content Marketing Pitfalls

Are you failing with your content marketing efforts? You might be and not even really realize it according to this article. +Adria Saracino provides some methods for understand and defining the purpose of your Content marketing and measuring the results. 

Pretty decent read, main take away is Content marketing is not link building and should not be thought of as such.
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+Bruce Hopkins amazing, thanks for sharing.
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Hey, Check This Out!
If you think that the words check this out! have some sort of hypnotic effect that will cause people will rush to click your link, you are sadly mistaken. Sorry.

In yesterday's HOA: Social Media Hangout #1 (Edited), we briefly discussed the importance of providing your audience with substance when creating and sharing posts. When someone posts "check this out" I immediately wonder, why should I? What makes your post better than the others running through my stream?

To add personality and appeal to your posts, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. How will your post/link provide a solution for a problem I have [or don't know I have]?

Example 1:

Increase Engagement on Posts and Improve Link Traffic
Far too many posts are devoid of the details and appeal that are necessary to inspire the audience to click-thru the link provided. To increase the engagement on posts and improve link traffic the principles in this post by [+]Kristoffer Howes will challenge you to create better content by:

> point 1
> point 2
> point 3 

2. [If it is not your post] Why are you recommending this to me?

Example 2:

Are You Struggle to Provide Substance to Your Posts
After reading this post by [+]Kristoffer Howes I was immediately inspired to change the way I think about posting content. And, more importantly, I promise to never use the words “check this out” again.

If you struggle to provide substance to your posts, here are some questions to ask yourself, before hitting the share button.

3. Who is the link about, can you provide some background?

Example 3:

SM Hangout Discusses How to Create Great G+ Posts
The +Social Media Hangout is a weekly Google+ HOA that discusses topics of particular interest to business owners and marketing professionals alike. In yesterday's HOA, [+]Kristoffer Howes spoke briefly about this importance of generating post content, that inspires your audience to follow your link. Given that this is your intention when posting a link [to direct the audience to your website/blog], this information will prove to be incredibly helpful.

My Final thoughts ...

Think of your post as a greeting card. It should have an inviting message. Give your audience a reason to take the trip to your website/blog.

Check this out is not a call to action, it's an excuse for not writing a good post. #personalthoughts

> Don't miss the next installment of SM Hangout next Sunday at 3pm EST.

> For more Google+ tips, video tutorials and helpful advice, visit

#googlepluspostingtips   #calltoaction   #wealquicktips
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No apology necessary +Kristoffer Howes!
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Regardless of whether they are links or Likes, they must be earned honestly and should be a testament to the integrity of your business and brand.

Do you agree?

The answer [I believe] depends upon your personal opinion of link building and social media marketing success. In my mind it is a shame so many businesses gauge their success on the number of superficial likes [or links] they receive.

At +Weal Media we believe that the value of a link or Like is derived from the meaningful relationship that is established. A genuine link or Like goes well-beyond an endorsement. A well-deserved link, Like [or +1 for that matter] can be nurtured to evolve into a long-term brand advocate and loyal customer.

On the other hand, paid links, fake likes and followers translate into empty relationships that provide no value to your business or brand.

Be proud of your business and brand, and treasure the people who have gone out of their way, to let you know that you product or service has made a meaningful and positive contribution to their life. These are the reviews and endorsements that will make you feel better about your business and yourself.

As +Kay Kulkarni, +Andrij Harasewych and +Mark Traphagen will attest to, I often have a good analogy to explain my point. Here is one:

Scenario 1: Remember the guy/girl that "Liked" you that ONE TIME? = EMPTY relationship.

Scenario 2: Remember how much you "Liked" your significant other [or best friend] when you first met? = Lifetime of meaningful, supportive interactions.

Which way do you want to be "Liked?"

#fakefollowers   #fakelikes   #paidlinks   #justsayno
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+Kristoffer Howes  thanks for circling me, have a great day ! 
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Mark Durney

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Earlier this week, AJAX became social media strategists' latest darling due to its branding of a tool that cleans your Facebook and Twitter accounts of old likes and unwanted bot followers. Unlike a game, this API-connected app provides some helpful/functional value to consumers. However, the case is a great example of a marketing fail because AJAX doesn't maintain any social media accounts and thus it hasn't engaged with its new community. In addition to offers and fun tools, brands must recognize the fact that today's consumers expect them to engage in a two-way conversation.
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I shall treat this electronic community as I treat real contacts: i.e. as equals who need to be heard  before being made the object of judgement or deconstruction !
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Here's a great idea, let's make a demo video that shows of our product, but make people give us loads of data before they can view it... Bad idea! That's exactly what salesforce have done in this ad I noticed on LinkedIn today. Read why this approach is so bad, and my advice for making the most of LinkedIn sponsored updates below... 
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+Mark Durney I agree Mark, if this was high-value, then I can see why they may gate it, but this is just silly! 
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Andrij Harasewych

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If you are going to create a fake profile for business sharing purposes, I have four rules for you:
1. Don't!
2. If you chose to ignore rule 1, don't use anyone's photo but your own. 
3. If you chose to ignore rules 1 and 2, don't use the photo of a MINOR who was murdered just a few years ago.
4. If you chose to ignore rules 1, 2, or 3, DON'T POST IN THIS COMMUNITY.
+Google+  #MarketingFail  of the Month
The most abhorrent marketing strategy I've seen yet.
Not only is this company using fake profiles... but the fake profiles they use have the photo of a young murdered girl from New Zealand.

+Qudos Animations +Qudos Animations +Sienna Price +Elena Cole +Violet Murphy +Hugo Reynolds +Frank Berry +Connor Harper 

Please share, and join me in reporting these profiles, as well as letting this company know on their social media channels that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I had to drop everything I was doing and share this. Am I over-reacting? What do you think?

(From the Google+ Social Media Strategy community. Over 70,000 strong. We take spam seriously.

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Gaming social media is never a winning strategy

Music industry giants have taken a big hit as YouTube deletes millions of fake views of their videos.

According to the article: "The unprecedented move left Universal with just five videos on the site - none of which were music - and Sony with just three. 'This was not a bug or a security breach. This was an enforcement of our viewcount policy,' YouTube announced."

The bottom line? It doesn't pay to fake on social media.
Eventually, you will be outed. Then things will be worse than if you'd never cheated. Solution: just don't do it. Go through the hard graft of hiring a good team, crafting sound strategy and striving for excellence in implementation. In the long run, that's going to build engagement, loyalty, leads and conversions much more reliably than artificially inflating numbers

#socialmediamarketing   #youtube   #cheating   #musicindustry  
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As a follow-up, when politicians try to game social media, they especially look bad.
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Brandon Moore

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Organizations and individuals commonly post social media messages on special days or holidays throughout the year. A certain amount of this is fun and can demonstrate thoughtfulness.

But for every dozen thoughtful or fun posts, there is usually one that gets it wrong for one reason or another. No one wants to be the one who gets it wrong, so let’s consider some ways to avoid it, especially heading into the upcoming holiday season.

Before posting that holiday or event message on an internationally public forum, please consider the following...
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Great points! I remember a couple years back, a retailer wrote Happy Columbus Day...and it all went downhill from there. Caution and sensitivity are vital.
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Fake Reviews = Lazy PR/Marketing

Are we surprised that BlackBerry's 5-star BBM app reviews are reportedly fake? Once the darling of the tech industry is now grasping for straws and not even bothering to look around to see how others are doing it right. Lost almost a billion last quarter. Next quarter? Probably off to oblivion.

Apparently fake reviews are 20% of those on Yelp, too.

Fake reviews exposes laziness in PR.  

#Blackberry   #fakereviews  
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Friends Don't Let Friends Spam Blog Comments
I just deleted an 8237 word comment from a blog post. YES, I said 8237 words. Making matters worse, it was an SEO company in Miami. I won't specifically name which one.

Albeit I am sure that we could all rhyme-off 8000+ words if confronted by a good debate, but this was unrelated and gibberish. When will these so-called SEO/SEM professionals come to the realization that blog comment spamming does not improve rankings? That is old news. Wake the ---- up! #stopspammingme

Don't get me wrong. Blog comments can be beneficial. But, only if they provide meaningful conversation and add value to the post. However, dumping unrelated content and a truckload of links into a blog comment, is a waste of time for everyone.

Please help spread the word. Obviously there are still people who didn't get the memo.

#stopspamming   #blogcommenting   #facepalm
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+Krithika Rangarajan If they include a ton of links? They're shady link builders shudder .....
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Digital Fabriq

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This Facebook ad illustrates how hit-and-miss the social network targeting can be - and how it may antagonize its users as a result. I was incorrectly targeted on 2 grounds in this instance: first, the social network picked my birthday to push this ad to my personal page. A blatant/undisguised attempt at selling a product based on one's age on their special day felt both intrusive and untactful (+ desperate). The platform also used my current location as an assumption of my nationality - not a reliable source either: I am an Australian resident, just not Australian. A user's social graph and personal data are indeed very precious and to be handled with care for targeting purposes.
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ok so the targeting appears to be based on location and age group (rather than birthday-specific, this was coincidental by the look of things). The ad copy is the pb in my view here - lacking tact/subtlety and inferring nationality from user's location can be hit-and-miss. Not the finest example of targeted advertising i would still argue.
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