I was forwarded this #NeilPatel article on link-building. I find it contradictory and to implement something like this time-consuming, and possible spammy. I would welcome everyone else's input #Socialmediastrategy  
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Mark Traphagen

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It's the Conversation, Stupid!

I didn't used to follow brands on social media, unless they were clients or potential business partners.

Recently, that's changed. Still don't follow a lot. But I am following some. Why? Because they get what my friend +Martin W. Smith talks about in the +Haiku Deck presentation below. Go look & then come back. It's just 20 slides ( #leancontent  right, Marty?)

The Night of the Ninjas for Brands
In the expanded blog on which it's based (, Marty delineates five "ninja attacks" on brands right now, ninja because most brands don't see them even as they're being hit:

1. The death of traditional media (which thrived on one-way messaging)
2. The Rise of Mobile (for which they aren't prepared)
3. The Rise of UGC (Everyone’s a Publisher)
4. Clean Slate Brands (not mired in the old assumptions)
5. Social Media Conversations (in which they aren't participating)

Can't Buy Me Love
In the deck, Marty explains what brands need to acknowledge to combat the ninjas:

1. Realize that people buy from those they love (and you can't make someone love you)
2. People don't love anything that doesn't know they exist
3. No one loves people who are only about themselves (nor brands, either)
4. Love always comes out of conversations

He goes on to give four ways brands can express and earn love (view the deck!).

tl;dr - When a brand I talk about online follows me, mentions me, reshares me, listens to me, engages with humor and personality (when appropriate), they get my love. And I will do business with those whom I love.

My two recent brand follows:

1. +Eat24 for making me laugh all afternoon on Twitter after I shared their hysterical post about breaking up with Facebook (
2. +Hyatt's Hyatt Place New Orleans hotel (@HyattNewOrleans on Twitter) who responded quickly and with humanity via Twitter to resolve a problem I had while staying with them. (Guess where I'll always stay now when visiting New Orleans?).
Social Media It's The Conversation, Stupid is about the new rules of branding being created by a social world.
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UPDATE: Eat24's Twitter is brilliant. So much Twitter inspiration right now.
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A sentiment that rather resonates true with nearly all forms of short span communication as demonstrated by +Michele vonHild (no less than 10.5K Google+ Followers mind) 

This is what makes +Google+ such a great platform. We are given more ways than 140 characters including moving pictures, and +SoundCloud embed posts to truly personify your brand.

Don't you agree? Now it's down to the art of your presentation to make the most use of it. And that my friends is the art of Social Media, forcing ourselves to be most abrupt, concise, and meaningful in the inefficient language of social media. But at least we have half a chance more on Big G.

+Steady Demand   #brandpersonality     #brandpersonification     #voiceandtone     #artofsocialmedia   
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+Teresa Blakeman thanks for asking. my niche is strictly in feedback.  (I read your post, and tell you what it communicates).  Where can I find your blog?
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Mark Traphagen

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Can Social Media Really Work for Lawyers?

A very insightful post by +Vincent Messina. He takes the challenge laid down by another lawyer who has loudly proclaimed that social media is a waste of time for attorneys.

Vincent shows how that writer has missed the real values of social media: expanding reach and building trust and authority. Those are both things absolutely critical to a growing law practice. Social media used wisely and correctly can very much enhance all of those. 

Vincent's article is really useful for any professional solopreneur wondering if social media is worth his or her time.
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+Iblis Bane This is exactly how I feel. Actually, it's how I feel about sales too. Meaning, build better relationships and the sales will come. 
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Gary Vaynerchuk's take on storytelling on social (perhaps the goal for us all!). We appreciated the insight on the fact that telling stories in our age and culture is all 'breaking news' storytelling. While production and is still huge, live-tweeting is just as effective! #SocialMediaEvolution  #GaryVaynerchuk #VaynerMedia 
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3 Steps to Establish Google Authorship for a Tumblr Blog
Recently +Weal Media helped a client establish full Google authorship for a Tumblr blog. In three easy steps, here is how we accomplished it.

1. Added the text “Blog Posts by [Insert Name of Author] on Behalf of [Insert Company Name]” to the Tumblr blog’s footer.
2. Link [Insert Name of Author] to author’s Google+ About page.
3. Link back to Tumblr blog under the Contributor section of author’s Google+ profile.

After studying (nearly 3 months of data) and eliminating a number of possible contributing factors, the only commonality between the Tumblr text post and image post, was the Google+ link to the author's profile in the footer.

Please understand that, as +Mark Traphagen will surely attest to, the attributing of Google authorship is still filled with much mystery and intrigue. Nevertheless, there are some guiding principles which remain constant. One of these is establishing a link between a piece of content and the author. We were able to accomplish this by placing a link in the Tumblr blog footer (accompanied by Blog posts by); that is reciprocated in the Contributor section of the author's Google+ profile About page. Its not magic, its methodology. ;-)

Learn more:

#wealquicktips   #googleauthorship   #tumblrblog   #authorshipmarkup
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Thanks sir.., i really like your post..,

Can you give an idea for doing the same process for Website..,

actually i have google plus page account.
so please tell me what should i do next...
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Google Shows Authorship For Short URL
While looking through Google search result (anonymously) I came across a result that was more than a little interesting. Google had returned a short URL WITH AUTHORSHIP.

When I clicked on the result, it redirected me to My Google+ post for +1s Can Indirectly Cause Search Results to Improve.

Food for thought today ...

#googleauthorship   #shorturls   #interesting

#ping  +Mark Traphagen, +Joshua Berg, +Eric Enge
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Interesting indeed +Kristoffer Howes +Eric Enge thanks for sharing!

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Eric Enge

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Using Social Media to Drive Links to Your Site

In the wake of Matt Cutts recent post on guest blogging ( many have been left wondering about what publishers can do to get links to their site.

There are many great possible answers to that question, but one great approach is to build strong social media presences.  The goal of this effort should be to build a large engaged following, as artificially obtained followers don't help with this goal.

Once you have that engages following, sharing content through those social media presences brings many benefits.  Note that I am not saying that these social media shares drive ranking directly, they don't:

But, the exposure you can get for yourself through these social media shares can help drive links to your site and content.  Links are still a big part of the engine that drives SEO ranking.

Layer on top of that an effort to build relationships with influencers (in the case the woman in the image, whom we like to call "Susie Powers"), and you can drive this process even faster.  When Susie shares your content that just accelerates the process even more.
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Make use of Google search tools and choose the most recent posts and key in the perfect keywords of topic you want to write about. That is content marketing these days!
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chris birrell

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Revealing Hubspot piece from +Guy Kawasaki about his strategy for managing all his social media profiles & pages:

Particularly interesting to me is his approach to Google+ - the network he appears to favour most. As he says, "Google+ is the core of my social media existence. It is the Macintosh of social media: better, used by fewer people, and often condemned by the experts. Unlike other social media profiles I own, no one else ever posts, responds, or comments on Google+ as me."

Does anyone use any of the story resources for their shares that +Guy Kawasaki talks about in his article (HolyKaw, Alltop, What's Hot Feed on Google+ etc.) ? [Image courtesy of and (C)]
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indeed  +chris birrell   , that is the main takeaway. They are busy people. I just like being a little humorous at times :>
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Jake Parent

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I'm pretty sure every social media marketer (myself included) has made the mistake of trying to talk to tell our awesome new idea to anyone who will listen. 

Of course, this seldom works given the fact that people vet pretty much everything through their social network these days. 

That leaves two groups I think are most important to connect with: Infuencers and evangelists. By letting these folks do your marketing for you, your credibility within the audience's social network will go through the roof.

In this piece I lay out some strategies for connecting with these two groups. But I'm super interested in hearing from the group about how folks have been successful connecting with influencers and getting people who love your stuff to go out and tell the world about it.

So, please chime in!! 
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+Jerry Low - LOTS of snake oil out there for sure. That's one of the reason why the second group (evangelists) is so key to a customer's decision making process - evangelists can speak to the actual experience instead of just the hype. 
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Monica McPherrin

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How to Discover Social Media Influencers

You’ve probably heard that if someone doesn’t have a Klout score of above 80, then you should ignore them.

Or have you heard that Klout should be ignored? Read on and find out the truth…

There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to kick off a blog post!

Influence is important in social media, and social media influencers are people who have a lot of this highly-prized influence.  If you’ve got a large, relevant audience that listens to you, then you’ve got influence.  How much of it you are considered to have depends on what action your followers and fans take as a result of what you say.

If you can build relationships with people who have influence over your target audience, you can generate sales on the back of this.

Pin It:

#socialmedia   #influencers   #twitter   #klout  
Here are 7 great tips on how to discover social media influencers that will help increase profit for your business
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Are they in beta?
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Daniel Maloney

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A fun but to the point post about social media tips from George Takei, a man who has used social media to promote progress for causes near to his heart, as well as to build his career and notoriety.

>Be Yourself
>Interact Authentically
>Don't Advertise, Influence
>Constant Effort and Maintenance required
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This is a fantastic article (wonderfully written, fantastic insights, A+ source material). Granted, I was raised on Star Trek, but that's part of the article's point - it's not just that. People who have never watched Star Trek (and who don't know who is, or why he's famous) share his content. Just the other day, someone chatted me one of his posts. That conversation went something like this:

Me: Oh, Takei - always bringing your A-Game.

Them: Who?

Me: You know... the person who posted that viral photo you just linked to me...

Takei has one of the largest reaches on the web, and it's all completely deserved. If you're a brand or celebrity on social media, and you're self aware - like Takei is - and you acknowledge that, then take it a step further by bringing your fans into the dialogue, you cultivate an even more passionate following.

Take Takei's embrace of the "Oh my" meme. He doesn't only chuckle at it and repost those memes - he takes it a step further, creating a cologne, and the delightfully NSFW 50 Shades of Takei video (with every possible inflection of "Oh my" you could imagine).

He really is the perfect example of a celebrity that "gets" social media, and the takeaways here are all on point. Awesome share.
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Ron Sela

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Why Startups Must Build Online Influence
(Via +Daniel Newman blog)

"Understanding Social Media Influence is essential for entrepreneurs when shaping their social media strategy for companies in the early stages. Startup founders, senior management, advisors and investors are all part of the voice of the startup, and even more so in the early stages of the new company. Amplifying this voice and making it loud and clear can†give†a huge boost to the startup company's marketing efforts, while supporting its growth and leveraging its communications efforts".

Read more here:

#onlineinfluence   #marketing   #business   #influence   #tfl   #onlinemarketing   #startup   #startuptips   #startups  
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Hi +Trevor Butcher , having a unified voice is sometimes beneficial, and I guess that having a clear value proposition is even more important. 
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Wade Harman

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Getting Visible & Staying That Way

Here's a post I did a little while back about the importance of building relationships with people of authority and influence.  It talks about how we should approach these guys and what to do to get it to the point of approach.  

Read it here:

There's a certain etiquette that you must adhere to when building relationships with people of this stature.

Note: While this post does encourage building influencer relationships, I don't recommend JUST chasing the influencer.  Reaching down to people behind you is, and always will be, just as important.
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+Wade Harman I would like to be a part of that circle that receives information Regarding your posts And blog. Thanks
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Volker Harbecke

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reshare due to time zones ...

How To Dominate Google Search
the (not so) secret sauce and strategy of David Amerland

+David Amerland some days ago published the article "How I Dominated Google Search (And How You Can Too)" . In this article he contrasted the traditional way of promoting books with the way, which let him reach the #1 rank as well on Google search as on Amazon re. semantic search.

He went along a totally new way of strategic thinking as an author or publisher.

The short form:

 *"I changed the approach to my activities from seeking publicity to delivering value."*

And doing this, he made his book redundant, as he says.

He only had to take one risk: he had to be authentic - and he was and is it really! If you watch him in hangouts, if you read his post or comments, if you study his "Sunday Read": his authenticity always shines through the words he uses.

Some other characteristics help to reach authenticity, as shown in the picture.

So, as David says "you can do it, too" , I´ve got some questions:

> how authentic do you behave already?
> Which characteristics are you struggling with?
> Which ones are easy for you to achieve or maintain?

picture credits: David Amerland (?)
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Great point!
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Tony Restell

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Approaching Social Media in the right way is what this article is all about. The ideas here completely resonated with me - and mirror what I've found to be important on social media. Hope you find it a helpful read - any other pointers you'd add to those shared here already?
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I think the Planning stage is often not represented enough.... it does take a while to plan your strategy and it sets up your whole base
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Customer service is dead, long live customer service!
Customer service no longer just about taking complaints and responding. +Brian Solis explores the potential of social media to engage and connect with customers in new and powerful ways. Socially-empowered employees have the confidence and authority to represent the brand and keep it front and center in the marketplace.

#customerservice   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  
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Good point +Jon Borillo. I wonder if this might lead to relocation of call centers back to the country where most of its business is done?
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Germano Silveira

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Relationships: The Key To Influence

Great article & podcast discussing the power and mechanics of relationships by +Social Media Examiner. I love articles on key marketing principles like relationships. Discussion of techniques and best practices are great and useful, but it all comes down to the fundamentals, like relationship building.

There are many blogs, like Tim Ferris' Four Hour Chef blog, that aren't slick or up to date on all of the latest content marketing techniques, yet they still have large, devoted followings. This article describes one of the reasons why.
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+Germano Silveira When you say social media marketing it automatically requires interaction to people. To open a healthy interaction is to start it out with an efficient post from which anyone who reads it would want to comment with it. This is where content marketing takes place wherein there are techniques in composing interesting posts.
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Jake Parent

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Imagine you’re at a party and a smiling person comes over for a chat.

Except, instead of a conversation — you know… where one of you talks and the other responds — this person just starts yelling random bits of information at you. First, he starts yelling about what he had for breakfast, then his gym workout, followed by how much he hates his boss, and a quote from Buddha.

Before you can even get a word in, he gets up and walks away, headed toward the next person in the room. Well, what if everyone at the party was doing this?

I’m sure you wouldn’t stay long. Unfortunately, this is exactly the way most people (and businesses) treat social media. Instead of using it as a forum to be, well… social, much of what we see in the space is anything but good conversation. That’s probably why, thus far, social media (which if you think about it, is really still in its infancy) has been a good conduit for disseminating information to people who already like you, but a poor tool for building brand new connections.

And that makes sense. Good relationships are built on trust, and it’s pretty difficult to trust someone who just wants to use you as a sounding board for their random ideas.

So, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, blogs, podcasts, or real-life events, follow these guidelines for making social media a thriving social place.

Do you know anyone who could use these tips??? :-) 
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It is sort of like being invited to a birthday barbeque and then setting up a trade show booth in the backyard. name is.......
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Probably one of the best strategy articles I have seen for content marketing using social  media. There are people who advocate that you should never post anything about your company.  It would be considered pushy. For those of us with businesses, however, lacking a good strategy that aligns business growth and sales with relationship development is key.  Thanks for this article.  Strategically it did turn my head from viewing social media as a waste of time. Hope I am not preaching to the choir here. I feel like a little kid with a bright and shiny new toy.
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+Dianne Crampton Thank you for sharing this with me, really pleased to hear you've seen an increase in your list - i see the same too - such great news. If there's anything I can do for you in the future, let me know!
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