Any thoughts on the potential of these new live-streaming apps, and which is your favourite? Meerkat, or Periscope?
#Meerkat  or #Periscope : which  live-stream video app will come out on top, and how can brands make the most of them?
Meerkat became a hit at SXSW, but Twitter's Periscope shows all the hallmarks of a top app; so which app is best, who will win, and how can brands use them? #apps #meerkat #periscope
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+Harvard Business Review has a great article on the "risks" that social media poses for young, and surprisingly, old workers. 

Do you remember the old adage: "You're only as good as your word"? Well, your word is only a click away from going from a respected professional to a damaged name that has gone bankrupt in terms of respect and job security. 

I know the internal struggle that you have with yourself on whether you should accept your coworkers, let alone a supervisor, invite to share your "private" social media pages. This article does a fascinating job at labeling each of these problems and giving solutions in the most professional and respectable, because that's how you should want to be perceived among your peers as, ways. 

Don't ever forget that you're your own brand. 
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Why Post Blind into the LinkedIn Newsfeed, When You Could be More Analytical About it?

I am really annoyed, like so many other users, that LinkedIn took away the little updates insight tool. You know, the one where you could see a post in the newsfeed grow from your own circle out into your connections' connections and beyond? I have been asking myself why? Now we are all posting blind into the newsfeed. This is no way to do online business - if you can;t assess what you are doing without data then as businesses, we really shouldn't be investing time in it.

Yet you may be surprised at how good the analytics are with company page posts. The stark difference is obvious and so is the motivation behind this taking with one hand while giving with the other. To tempt us towards that Sponsor-your-posts button. But forewarned is forearmed, and so making a note to avoid the obvious trap, I do recommend thinking about creating a company page and posting as your business not a an individual into the newsfeed. At least it's worth asking someone with a Page what the analytics look like and how it works, so you can assess for yourself if it's worth a go.

The other thing about hosting your posts on a Company Page is that they are permanent, viewable and browseable to visitors and followers alike, in an orderly, presentable way. How often have you browsed through someone else's updates? Never? If you have tried you will find a horrible mish mash of posts to the newsfeed, groups, pulse and likes, comments and shares on other peoples efforts. This is what people who, on the very rare occasion someone looks at your update list also sees of you. Not very effective way to present yourself. Probably a mix of business and pleasure. A company page is a way to keep a clean, and maintain, a presentable business record.

If you would like more info on company pages just drop me a note. It is something I am delving deep into right now and I will be writing about more in the upcoming days. Why? Because so many businesses have been negatively impacted by the powers-that-be at LinkedIn that it is important we find new strategies which work for us, the user base.
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Jerry Daykin

General Discussion  - 
I'm not always a fan of real time marketing because much too much of it has no scale... brands put lots of effort into creating content that no one sees.

When it's done well and it's done big it can be quite powerful though, and in the UK today real time legends Oreo have once again shown us how it's done: well planned, true to the brand, and delivered at scale online and offline. 

Here's my 'real time' writeup ;) 
Lights out? No problem... Today's UK solar eclipse is brought to you in partnership with the world's most popular biscuit.When Oreo's infamous 'dunk in the dark' Tweet was sent out during 2013's Super Bowl they succeeded in placing their brand at the heart of US culture in front of hundreds of thousands of people - as the culmination of a 100 day 'Daily Twist' activity aiming to do just that it was deserving of the awards & Lions it won.Time has ...
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I couldn't agree more +Jerry Daykin. Real-time marketing is not scalable, it is effective for a short span and needs a lot of creative input to make your voice standout from the crowd. But it sure has more chances to go viral (if/when done right).
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Easy to Read Social Media Report

It's one thing to be a social media expert but it's another to be able to present data that is easy to digest by a client or boss.

One thing we do is include a basic glossary at the end of each monthly report for clients to be sure they fully understand any terms used.
An overview of all the different social media stats and metrics that make for a great social media report - and how to easily create and understand it all.
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Wondering how to use Pinterest to market your business? Think your business won’t resonate on Pinterest?

Don't worry! It’s not hard to use Pinterest for your business. You just need to position your content properly.

That means creating super compelling images! How do you do that? Read these seven easy tips to help you create captivating Pinterest images that will drive clicks!

Read it here:
7 Ways to Create Perfect Pinterest Images (that Drive Clicks!)
Many businesses are still wondering how to use Pinterest. Are you one of them?

Wondering how to use images to express your message? Are you worried your business won’t resonate on Pinterest?

Don't worry!

It’s not hard to use Pinterest for your business. You just need to position your content properly.

That means creating super compelling images! How do you do that?

Here's seven easy tips to help you create captivating Pinterest images that will drive clicks.

Read it and PIN it here:

#pinterest   #pinterestmarketing   #socialmediamarketing  
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Great tips to help create the best images and in-turn help drive clicks! 
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Tools and Resources  - 
Are you using hashtags to connect with your target audience?

Here's how to do it the right way on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
Here’s How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram AND Google+
Hashtags are a crucial part of social media marketing.

But you have to use them the right way!

Luckily, our friends at QuickSprout have put together a comprehensive infographic breaking down the do’s & don’ts of hashtags on 4 social networks:

- Twitter
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Google+

So let’s dive in! Read it and PIN the Infographic here:

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #marketingtips  
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@postplanner great info as well @diana mjojo I agree! I wonder how useful they have been for big internet companies such as yahoo google on websites like tumblr Instagram etc
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My Vision for how the Zenler e-learning system also provides a great blogging platform that can easily be self-monetized too.

In this post, I will describe how, through innovatively using this new e-learning delivery platform as a blogging system in tandem with the online course element, and by exploiting the multiple ways to combine, package and drip feed content, Zenler offers new strategies to help us answer that eternal question:_

"How do I monetize my blog?"

Zenler is a fabulous new online platform created with e-learning delivery in mind. I have been using it for a while and I just love it.

The Zenler Team have a bold vision. They want to provide a platform on which anyone can create their own branded, professional e-learning school, easily and quickly and start monetizing the content straight away. This, importantly, includes allowing your own custom domain name and unique design for your homepage and school environment. Unlike some other e-learning resources, Zenler is about empowering you to deliver your course online whichever way you want to and in your own style and context. You are in control of your content delivery. You set the price (free courses are welcomed too). You can bundle different courses together to make new ones in a myriad of ways. Zenler are all about giving you choices, options and tools to do what you want and to set you free. They seem to adding more and more tools to the tool box every day at the moment. They also aim to provide as much marketing support as they can for your courses and schools. Indeed, they have another bold vision: to free you as much as possible from the marketing element so that you can concentrate on the content. At the moment, I am told they are working on multiple currency options.

Certainly, from what I've seen so far, Zenler has large potential as an e-learning system. For the instructor the user experience is just great. It is one of those rare user interfaces which just seems to work with you. I find it incredibly easy, completely intuitive and its just, well... nice to use.

The trainee delivery system is also clean, sleek and super intuitive. Everyone I have showed the delivery part of the system have been positive about it.

But the customer care and support is out of this world. I have even been on the phone to a director of the company a few time. The Zenler Team listen, respond and take on board all suggestions and comments and they react accordingly.

I highly recommend taking a look at Zenler if you are thinking of monetizing courses.

However, I have come to the realization that Zenler have created something much more versatile than just an e-learning system. They have created a Content Management & Monetization System (CMMS).
Zenler as CMMS.

I see now that Zenler is already, actually, superb just as a platform for creating a beautiful, elegant and structured blog. For this reason alone, I am now migrating my blogging activity to my Zenler "school". As a blogging platform it has everything one really needs, control, cover images, cover videos and social share buttons. Links to content auto-result in twitter cards, can be used in LinkedIn profile rich media, etc. These blogs ca be multi-media too, there is nothing stopping me including graphic or video or link if it was appropriate.

But then I realized there was more to it still. The Zenler system solves the age old question. The one which is asked over and over again in online forums. How Do I Monetize My Blog?

The Zenler system is an answer. It provides a natural smooth transition from blog to paid content which has some knowledge or expertise element.

In fact it could be the more generic answers to How Do I Monetize My Digital Content?

The intention is to show you how Zenler can be used to monetize your content, via a self-referential example.

So as the first part [this] of this piece of content draws to a conclusion, I have provided the link to the fuller piece of content from where it arises which will give an actual example of the first stages of the smooth transition sequences, if this is a topic of interest to you.
How the Zenler e-learning system also provides a great blogging platform that can easily be self-monetized too.
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Digital Marketing Trends - Key Insights for 2015

What is the single most exciting digital marketing opportunity in 2015?

Nope, it isn’t about generating great content. Neither is it mining mountains of big data, or optimizing social media channels.

Rather, customer experience is the holy grail for digital marketers this year. At least according to Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2015 report.

Covering over 6,000 marketers around the world, the survey found creating positive customer experiences is the top digital marketing priority for companies. This is especially so in Asia.

More about the report and my analysis here:

#DigitalMarketing #MarketResearch 
What are the key digital trends in 2015? How should the rise in customer experience influence your marketing strategies?
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+CYBERsprout Thanks! It is interesting to see that the one-to-one customisation and experience is now taking greater precedence over all the automation that has been going on. As a consumer and marketer, I guess we also know how the game is played and how "authentic" a brand truly is in serving our needs.
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The only social sharing WordPress plugin your site needs.
• Light & Fast (and responsive) Sharing Buttons
• Customize Tweets and add Click to Tweets
• Optimize and Select Images for Pinterest Sharing

Don't forget to add their buster too!
"Put an end to content piracy no matter how pretty its packaging may be. Block Sniply from your WordPress website once and for all."

I rarely share single plugins, but honestly, I use it myself, and this thing is well worth it. From the creative and technical minds of +Nicholas Cardot +Dustin W. Stout and +Jason T. Wiser.
Your ultimate social sharing arsenal. Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start dominating the world's social networks.
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The embeded clickable quotations for Twitter is an intriguing feature.
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Digital Insights

Content Marketing  - 
A lot of times the headlines, become a deciding factor for whether your audiences should read your content or not! Thus it is of vital importance, that you spend appropriate time crafting the perfect headline for your copy. To help you get started, in this article they've shared 4 ways that will help you create the perfect headline to entice your readers.


Shared for free via +Do Share
Do your headlines capture the attention of the right people? This article shares four ways to craft stronger headlines to engage your readers.
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Andrij Harasewych

Tools and Resources  - 
So, you've been bitten by the One-To-Many Streaming bug...
But you have no idea where to start. That's quite alright - as I've put together this utterly ridiculously complete guide to Meerkat. It is a work in progress - and will be continuously updated as Meerkat gets updated!

This is a three part series:
Intro to Meerkat:
Meerkat Viewer's Guide:
Meerkat Creator's Guide:

Thanks also to AWESOME Meerkasters like +Cody Stevenson,+Katie Stevenson+Carlos Gil and +Brian Fanzo for really getting me interested in this platform!   
#meerkat   #meerkast   #streaming
Everything you'll ever need to know about Meerkat, even some stuff that you didn't need to know. I've put the hours in learning the ropes so you don't have to.
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What if you could turn failures into a positive learning experience and use them to fuel your business success?

A great Infographic from +Entrepreneur with 5 keys to using failure to succeed in business!


5 Keys to Use Failure to Succeed in Business
What if you could actually use failure to help you succeed in your business?

Here are five keys to start failing your way to success via +Entrepreneur!

1. Call failure something else
2. Use failure as a stepping stone
3. Never fail alone
4. Don't hide your failures
5. Redefine what you want

Pin it for later:


#entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #smallbusiness   #success  
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No. It should not make you feel as if you are doing business on an island. Yet, we must embrace failure for what it is. Diluting the effect of failure by naming it something else would not make you do amends (in both personal and professional capacities)needed  to succeed in future. Failure is a lesson for life, learn from it!
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Rebecca Jordan

Sales / Marketing  - 
Different marketers follow different tactics for their re-engagement campaigns to get a subscriber's attention.  Here are a few of the most popular tactics with examples ...

#Engagement     #Email  
Last Sunday, I received an email from Kim Garst (CEO of Boom Social). It was beautifully written.  It had a relevant subject, and the body of the email included the right amount of concern, things that I missed and a re-engagement request. In totality, it was too good a re-engagement email to overlook. And it…
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Could you be primed to give your LinkedIn Publications a boost?

Perhaps you are set to give your Publications a second life?

If you have never tried this, then this could be a gem of a tip. If you already figured this out and are already regularly searching for yourself on twitter - well, how very vain of you - sorry, not much for you here!

I recently did a twitter search on my own name (yes, very vain of me, I know) - no not my handle '@DrGarySharpe', but my actual name: 'gary sharpe'. I found a tome of missed opportunities. Lots of reader's twitter shares of my own LinkedIn Publications which have no mention of my handle. These were missed because the handle is what generates notifications to the user. Indeed, my name is not necessarily even in the tweets themselves - the search includes what's in the link summaries or twitter cards too it seems.

In the multi-media post I give two consecutive examples. One of them (by shear chance, honestly, features +Andrij Harasewych)

Did I say "missed opportunity"? Not really. A banked opportunity.

Because if you, like me, didn't know about this trick, then you have a great opportunity to do this:
1. Favorite and Retweet all of these you find.
2. Reply and give a thankyou to the tweeter.
3. Retweet and favorite any replies to your replies.
This essentially gives your Publications new exposure as well as raising both your own and the tweeter's profiles with each others followers.
Of course, it's not just LinkedIn Publications, I've found missed twitter shares from MosaicHub, Google+ and my blogger blog too.

Try it yourself and let me know if you get a good boost from this tip too.
Lift Off!
How to Give Your LinkedIn Publications a Boost

A gem of a tip if you are a LinkedIn Publisher and haven't tried this twitter trick before.

#linkedintips #linkedinpulse #twitter #bluedogci  
Could you be primed to give your LinkedIn Publications a boost? Perhaps you are set to give your Publications a second life?If you have never tried this, then this could be a gem of a tip. If you already figured this out and are already regularly searching for yourself on twitter - well, how very vain of you - sorry, not much for you here!I recently did a twitter search on my own name (yes, very vain of me, I know) - no not my handle '@DrGaryShar...
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Thankyou +Aaron Segal 
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Facebook has over 1.3 Billion active users, user data and targeting options; which will help you place your content right in front of your target audience. Facebook is an appealing advertising platform for marketers, don't believe me? Take a look at the 10 reasons mentioned in this article, which will inspire action.


Shared for free via +Do Share
Facebook is a great source of web traffic for your business that can increase sales. Here are 10 reasons you should be implementing Facebook advertising.
Grant Croxton's profile photoBruno Azevedo's profile photo
When getting involved in internet marketing you tend to have various options that will try to raise the wants from your customer which is great! Knowing the scale of your business can also determine the benefit in sales with the options of internet marketing and fees in cost to sales. My guess it's great
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Use Storify For Killer Content Marketing
Have you used Storify to get more online visibility?
If not this social sharing platform is worth a try! The beauty of +Storify is taking a piece of content you have written and creating a fantastic resource around the topic.

You of course will make your content front and center but to make your resource the best it can be you should add others who have written about  the same subject.

This will not only make your page better but by letting others know you have sourced their content the chances of them sharing is much greater.

Take a look at this quick Linkedin post I put together explaining Storify. Click on the link to see the Storify page for Massachusetts real estate.

#contentmarketing #socialmediatips #storify  
Have you heard of the social site called Storify? If not this is something you should check out right away. Why? Storify is a great place to get a new set of eye balls on your content!Don't we all strive to have our content seen by more people? Most bloggers I know work to create the most compelling content and then once their master piece is created they begin marketing it.What is neat about Storify is you can take an article you have written an...
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I think you will really enjoy it +Brian Lang !
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Have you guys begun looking at Personalised Marketing at Scale yet?

It really fascinates me that we can start reaching consumers with content that's personally relevant to who they are, where they are and what they're doing... as long as we don't get too creepy! It's one of the big things that digital/social channels will be able to do a lot faster than traditional TV can.

What do you think? I've highlighted a few basic steps/thoughts for those interested in giving it a try on my #DigitalSense blog:
Personalised Marketing at Scale is fast becoming the newest* digital marketing trend but whilst increasingly everyone is talking about it, few brands are truly delivering on the promise yet - here's how to start.In essence it's the ability to reach different consumers with different creative messages, rather than having to have a single TV advert that everyone sees. It means you can subtly tailor your executions based on demographics, interests, ...
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Do you know what is more important on social media? Yes, content curation. But do you know how to do it to gain maximum exposure? Chime in with your tips and feedback.

#socialmedia #socialmediatips #strategies  
Due to social media outreach and consumerization, we are now exposed to more information than we were ever before. And sifting through this massive load of information and reaching out to the target audience is not a child's play for the brands. The brands yearning for engagement on different social media channels can tell how rigorous social media can be for them at times. It gets dirtier as you delve more and more into the social catharsis. But...
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This is an awesome article!

I find content curation on Instagram works really well. Especially when tag the person's content you're sharing.

Actually, there's a South African brand who takes sharing to the next level, Nifty250.  They literally share their profile. They let fans take over their Instagram profile for a weekend. Naturally, it's called The Weekend Take-Over. They have seen a lot of engagement from that.
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Why is storytelling so important in #Blogging  and how does it help achieve conversions and grow your #B2B #Business ?

The role of emotion in #ContentMarketing  is so important in capturing the attention of your audience and getting them excited about your brand. How do you go about doing this?

I watched a webinar with Conductor mentioned in this blog post with a great technique to help plan your content around getting leads. The trick is telling the right story to the right buyer persona in the right stage of the sales cycle. 

Simple enough? 
Khalid Mehmood's profile photoIgor OLIVEIRA -SAO PAULO-'s profile photoAdewunmi Erhabor's profile photo
Yes emotions can play key role in #contentmarketting  
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