Interested to know about the current social trends? Based on the data from more than 100,000 websites and millions of users, LoginRadius presented deep insight on the #social login and sharing trends #socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketing  
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sarath cp

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Walter Lim

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What does it means to become a digital enterprise?  Does it just happen organically?

Came across this great summary of the work of +Altimeter Group from +Forbes Magazine and thought I should share it here. Looking at my own experience, it certainly isn't easy to integrate IT and Marketing (or Corp Comms) in mapping out a holistic and integrated digital strategy. Measuring can also be a challenge when remuneration and rewards are pegged to different variables - profits for instance as opposed to customer satisfaction.

Here are the 10 steps in summary:

1) Look at the big picture.

2) Articulate a vision for digital transformation.

3) Get an executive sponsor.

4) Get to know your current digital customers.

5) Map out the digital journey.

6) Look for deficiencies in current digital channels.

7) Keep renewing your research.

8) Build a cross-functional team to oversee the digital transition.

9) Measure results.

10) Encourage training and education.
These days, it seems like everyone is talking about going "digital." Thanks to the disruptive technologies that have become part of every organization -- social, mobile, analytics and cloud -- the march to digital is happening faster than anyone had ever anticipated. But still, organizations don't become digital enterprises overnight [...]
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Mastering Twitter Strategy for Business [Infographic]

Great infographic packed full of interesting Twitter stats.

Did you tweets with images increase clicks?

Or that the phrase Please Retweet will garner 59% more retweets (begging if you ask me.)?

Do the same rules such as Please Plus One work on Google + or do images increase engagement (I've always found a funny image send engagement through the roof!) What do you think?

Read the full guide here  #Twitter   #socialmediamarketing  
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It's a great graphic, what's is everyone's thought on the content and where has the info come from ??
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Irfan Ahmad

• SM - Google+  - 
Creating +Post Ads For Personal & Business Google+ Pages

Want to know, what is +Post ads and how to use it to reach new G+ audience?

+Imran Sq  shares some simple steps with helpful resources (including +Mike Allton recent article) that will help you create your new +Post Ads campaign.

I haven't tested them yet, but curious to know your thoughts on this.
AdWords: How To Create +Post Ads For Personal & Business G+ Pages
You'll need to have the following in place:
- A Google+ profile, personal or page, with at least 1000 followers.
- A Google AdWords account.
- A recent post that you want to promote.

After Logging Into AdWords:
1. Click on the +Campaign button and choose Display Network Only
2. Select Engagement as the Campaign Type.
3. Set devices, country, budget, bids, impression caps.
4. Create ad group and select targeting types.
5. Select the third template option, "Post your Google+ content on the web."
6. Select a Google+ Page drop down, click on "Other +page."
7. If your G+ Page does not meet requirements you will see an error.
8. Below your selected page name is a button to "select a different post".
9. Pick a post, hit enter and your ready to roll.

I am running a campaign with one of my posts - let's see if it gets any results...

Get To 1000 Followers:

What Are Engagement Campaigns?:

Google Support:

The How To:

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No problem +Nika Stewart.
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Matthew Burke

• General Discussion  - 
Recently created my first Slideshare on writing tips from famous authors (nothing too serious) and had probably the highest viewership of any social media post yet, and it only took 3 days lol. It got me thinking about the platform and its viability in marketing. Are any of you utilizing Slideshare and, if so, care to share your experiences with it? Positive or negative.
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+Matthew Burke  Please interact on other posts in the community before posting yourself. Thanks and welcome.
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Steven Cole

• HR / Customer Care  - 
Future of Digital Customer Service
With the +post ads announced yesterday I wasn't sure if this announcement went past people's radar.  +Samsung Support USA have announced a partnership with Google Helpouts to use it as a customer service channel. 

I think this is a step towards the future of high end digital customer service.  I am "one of those people" who will tweet a brand instead of calling a call centre, because I prefer a quick, digital response and hate touch tone call centre experiences. (Not sure if you can relate.)

Joining a Helpout for product advice is something I would enjoy doing as a consumer because it has the human touch with the convenience of digital. What do you think? Also this is the first instance I have seen of a brand doing this, if you have any other examples then please share.

Helpouts by Google. Helpouts were launched a few months back. It is a system whereby you can book time with experts across many different fields and learn
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It is a pretty bad feeling when you buy a product and discover that it is not working ... or perhaps you are just having trouble operating it. This causes unwanted delays in your enjoyment, especially when it involves a trip back to the store; or [worse] a 3 hour phone conversation with Tech Support. This Helpout approach will definitely make an otherwise undesirable experience more tolerable, and go along way to increase customer satisfaction and encourage brand loyalty. Great job +Samsung Support USA!
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Interesting news story by the NYT about companies limiting a consumer’s right to sue if you engage the company online including social media channels. Do you think other companies will follow General Mills legal approach and do you think it will reduce a consumer’s willingness to engage with brands online?
The food company General Mills added language to its website to alert customers that they cannot take legal action against the company if they download coupons, enter a contest or connect with it in other ways.
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Is this true?  If so, my guess is the risk management team didn't consult with the marketing team on this one.  The marketing team will be scratching for likes once word of this gets out.  From a law perspective, I can't see this agreement holding up in court.
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The message from Facebook is clear: Pay to Play.
However, some businesses have not taken this message very well. Some have left while others have thought of creative methods to work around the lower organic reach. Yes, average organic reach of a post has fallen. But the keyword here is average, which means that there will be exceptions. 

One of the workarounds social media strategists have recommended is to post more often. At first sight, it makes sense. Since organic reach has fallen, to reach the same number of users, if not more, you have to post more often. But as +Avtar Ram Singh said, this is the very practice that got us to where we are in the first place – the average user receives far too many stories that can be published in their news feed at any one time.

So is posting more often really a practical solution?

Weighting Avtar's suggestion of putting some money behind each post instead of posting more frequently revealed 3 key benefits:
1. You avoid the risk of irritating your fans
2. You increase the number of different fans who actually see your post
3.  You put less stress on your Page Manager (ha! Find out why in the post)

Despite the said benefits of both putting money behind each post and increasing post frequency, I found few disadvantages with posting less often while not paying to promote any post with my client. Our focus on quality of content has instead allowed us to achieve consistently high engagement rates as well as organic fan and non-fan reach.
The message from Facebook is clear: Pay to Play. However, some businesses have not taken this message very well. Some have left while others have thought of creative methods to work around the lower organic reach. Yes, average organic reach of a post has fallen. But the keyword here is average, which means that there will…
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+Andrij Harasewych Points taken :) By the way, have you seen this? Google+ Ads have arrived -
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Zbra Studios

• Sales / Marketing  - 
Google +Post ads are going to be a game changer.

Now available to business pages with over 1,000 followers, +Post ads are looking awesome. They were first tested on a limited basis back in December with brands like +Toyota USA, and it looks like they had some pretty solid results. Google's reporting that Toyota saw 50% higher engagement than the industry average for rich media ads, and I can't say I'm surprised.

See, unlike Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn ads, Google isn't clogging its social network with these ads (thank goodness). Instead, it's pushing the ads out to websites in the Google Display Network (which includes over 2 million sites).

Not only that, but these aren't your typical image/headline/blurb ads. Instead, they're essentially embedded Google+ posts - which means you can introduce a whole new audience to your Google+ presence. When you think about how awesome a good Google+ post can be, you start to realize the kind of creative potential this is offering marketers.

The only bummer is that anyone with under 1,000 fans can't use it yet - and that includes us. Considering I've been toying around with a few test campaigns using LinkedIn and Facebook ads to do exactly this - promote a Google+ post - I'm really eager to try this out.

Why this is a game changer
- Incredible flexibility and creative potential for ads, utilizing the Google+ post features.
- Gives businesses the opportunity to extend their reach beyond their current Google+ circles and communities.
- Allows brands to speak directly with their audience, for better and worse.
- Gives any businesses on the fence about Google+ another push to finally join the party and create a page.
- Similarly, adds incentive for businesses who already have a Google+ page to revisit their Google+ social media strategy in order to start making progress toward that 1,000 follower entry level.

Really, the thing I'm the most excited about here is the potential this has to change the face of the marketing landscape, by bringing consumers directly into the discussion.

You can read my article in full here:

Pin the image (you know, if you want):

I also urge you to check out +Mark Traphagen's post on the topic. It seems Mark and I were writing about this at the same time, and I'm pleased to say it seems we're on the same page about a number of things here. He makes some excellent points I didn't touch on, like how these ads can add social proof, since - as an embedded post - it shows how many times the article has been plussed or shared already.

Read Mark's article here:

h/t to +Strategy Internet Marketing for posting about this update in the SMP Community, and tipping me off!

What do you think about +Post ads? Are you as excited about their potential as I am? Do you disagree with anything I've written? Let me know in the comments!
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Great article and I very much appreciated the commentary. I'm excited for the +Post ads, and for the options they're bringing to the table for businesses. Its a continuing trend Google is encouraging, of organic marketing, and options for authenticity, and the possible rewarding of authenticity, in a corner of society that's historically done anything but.
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Rocking Pinterest For Business Visibility
Here is a really well written article by +Bill Gassett on how to use Pinterest boards to acquire more business. While the article addresses real estate agents, much of the advice can be applied to other businesses.

There are some really good articles linked within the post as well. A few I noticed go out to the +The Social Media Hat owned by +Mike Allton who always does a nice job with reporting on how to use social media as a communication medium. There is also another on using Google Plus and Pinterest together on the +Market Leader blog as well.

If you want to take your #pinterest efforts to another level take a look at the post.

#pinterestforbusiness #pinterestmarketing  
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I'm definitely intrigued +Bill Gassett - sending an email to one of our coders on the subject right now in fact!
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How to handle #Social Media Profiles of your Business? | #smo  
Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ are the most popular social media networks. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Yahoo Profile are also playing their part.
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Has anyone tried selling or marketing through social media SMS or direct messaging?

I was reading this article about using WhatsApp for marketing efforts,and I was wondering how professionals have tried these kinds of tactics.  50 billion messages are sent each day on #whatsapp , so the platform is already engaging.  And people already use Facebook and Twitter for these types of efforts.  The article even suggests using messaging for relationship building.  This could be a good tactic for lead generation.  Any opinions or experiences?
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ya its real
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sandy pham

• General Discussion  - 
1 part magic + 1 part science = digital marketing 
The Modern Marketer should be Part Artist and Part Scientist
Part artist, part scientist

Now that's a good way to demonstrate some of the tasks that bloggers, small business owners and internet marketers go through on daily basis. 

Digital marketing is certianly not as simple as some folks might believe it to be. 

Cool infographic by +Pardot and +Salesforce! 

h/t +Sila Sahverdi 
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I always taught my students there is science in everything!!!!
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• SM - Facebook  - 
The main consensus thus far is that Facebook is not the best place for brands to organically reach their audience. Right? Well it turns out this has led many of them to modify their tactics and as a result, to find that the algorithm tweaks could ultimately help in the long run..? +Digiday explains.
Brands have found their organic reach slashed on the social network, but surprisingly this could work out well for them in the long run.
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Cyndria Abernathy

• SM - Facebook  - 
"... marketers are told they should consider paid distribution "to maximize delivery of your message in news feed."

Facebook is forcing page managers to pay for their audience engagement.
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+Cyndria Abernathy I started as a copywriter. As is, I'm accustomed to letting go of the reigns to change. There are tricks, but tricks don't yield enough and they're hard to quantify. Facebook is strictly pay-to-play now and there's nothing we can do about it, at least for now. 

I've clued-in each of my clients as to what's new with Facebook. They'll either play along and increase their FB ads budget or they'll let you carry on with lower expectations in mind. Honesty will at least let them know you're not just trying to gouge them for more money. 

I definitely recommend focusing more of your effort bolstering your Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter and the etc. I'd also start treating Google+ as your ace in the hole. From a technical standpoint, Google+ has nothing but upsides and John Q Public is already accustomed to seeing ads associated with their Google experience.

Hope that helps.  
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Andrij Harasewych

• SM - Google+  - 
A data-heavy and comprehensive guide to truly understanding the benefits of Google+
This is FAR from your every day "Why to use Google+" articles that we moderate oh so often from the community, that tell us "Hangouts are cool" and that "images do well." This guide, from +Dan Petrovic at +Dejan SEO delves into the why?, how?, and huh? of the things we come across every day while managing a personal profile or business page. Data heavy!

h/t to +Jason Squardo 
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Thanks for sharing +Andrij Harasewych! I am still very green to Google+ and this helps to shorten my learning curve. This is going down in my permanent bookmarks.
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I'm sure many #marketing  professionals have encountered plenty of people who don't see the value of #socialmediamarketing

I have a  #peeveoftheday ...

I have been going to a #personaltraining  boutique for years now. The trainers are some of the most talented I have ever worked with; especially one of the trainers who I have worked with personally for 8 years before she joined this #fitness  outfit.  

The owners are constantly complaining about lack of new business, etc. They think painting big letters that read "6 weeks till Memorial Day" is going to have a stampede of people running through the doors. Well so far, nothing.  I occasionally send them articles and have even created promos, FOR FREE, to try & prompt them...NOTHING.  I posted this image on their Facebook page to get some socialization going. They took it down.

Their business is existing; not growing. I have given them tons of free advice which has fallen upon deaf ears.  I love what I do; I especially love getting  #smallbusiness  up & running, so for me this is especially frustrating.

So here's the peeve; if you're business is not growing, your employees are stagnating & will eventually exit. I see my incredibly talented, highly motivating trainer demotivating right before my eyes. You can't be anti-social when you are growing a business.  It's time for this talent to exit.

What are you doing to grow your business?  How do you motivate your employees? 
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Cat walk it girls... Show this new school how is done...
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Jeremy Leon

• SM - Facebook  - 
Is anyone else feeling the increase in Facebook  newsfeed CPMs? We are! There's a way to get around it though, MAKE GOOD CONTENT! If you have high CTRs, you have a higher quality score and Facebook will reward you with lower CPMs!
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Punch Bug Marketing

• Misc. Tools / Resources  - 
With pic.twitter integration you can now schedule images through Hootsuite using Twitter’s native programming. No more weird links that take users off Twitter to view the image. 

This change doesn’t happen automatically though. Here are the steps to set up pic.twitter publishing for Hootsuite.
It's easy to setup pic.twitter Hootsuite integration. Just follow these 5 steps.
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+Zbra Studios We faced the same challenges before pic.twitter integration. The pro version isn't a perfect tool by any means but we find that it's well worth the money. Good luck with your decision! 
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