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Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych

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INBOUND 2015 • 8-11th September • Boston, MA
Register today

What is Inbound good for?
• Socialising and spending time together
• Showing off the latest thing your working on
• Sharing tips and tricks to help a fellow marketer out
• Getting feedback on that prototype product you might be launching
• Closing down the local dive bar with 20 of your new friends
• It's (for some) even finding work

Who is speaking at Inbound 2015?
+Doug Kessler , of CRAP: The Content Marketing Deluge, talking about “insane honesty in content marketing”
+Peg Fitzpatrick, who knows more about designing for social than just about anyone, sharing DIY design hacks
+Oli Gardner, “I’ve seen more landing pages than anyone else” talking about the “four corners of conversion”
• Oh, and can't forget Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Aziz Ansari, Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, Daniel Pink, and dozens more!

If we have enough people from the community here going - we could even get our own meetup set up within in Club Inbound (Thanks +Ed Fry!)  Let me know if you plan on attending in the comments!
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I'll be out there +Andrij Harasewych.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in person!
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The only thing I love more than when big brands are doing an amazing job with social media is writing about and sharing when brands are doing an amazing job with social media.

That's what this is, just a story about a regular Joe (David) and his family going to Applebee's on a Friday night and how one member of the Bee's social media team made the experience that much more enjoyable. Well done, Applebee's and ~ARD, well done indeed.

But seriously, big brands would do well to pay attention to how well Applebee's is utilizing the real-time possibilities of social to create better experiences for their patrons.
Applebee's is crushing social media and using Twitter to enhance experiences. Learn how they're using social media for customer service and more!
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+Luiz Centenaro Thanks, Luiz! Not sure how active +Applebees is on G+, never tried to connect here. But I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them peek their head out sooner or later :)
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Gary Sharpe

Blogging  - 
This one, if I say so myself, I think is a good one. Here I explain how we can maximize internal shares of LinkedIn Publications, combining:

LinkedIn's internal analytics;
The ability to reshare shares as a new update;
The ability to mention the sharer when resharing;
The ability to auto-tweet the reshare;
The automatic conversion of the LinkedIn mention to twitter mention;

to strategically turn one Linkedin Share into nearly 10 more opportunities for LinkedIn Publications to be shared.
Beating a Master Blogger at His Own Game.
In today's article, I describe how I took an idea by the great +John White  and came up with something even better still. I explain how the combination of LinkedIn internal analytics "Who's viewed your profile", twitter connected LinkedIn accounts and simultaneous cross-platform Mentions can turn one Share into 7 or more chances for your post to be seen and found.
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Great strategy utilizing Twitter to promote LI publishing, thanks for sharing!
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Gary Sharpe

General Discussion  - 
Embedding Social Media in Websites Part 1: Pinterest Applications.

Most businesses haven't quite "got it" that social media accounts are no longer separate nor simply duplication of their websites and blogs.  I argue that today, business online is all about the effective integration of social media with company websites in innovative and powerful ways.

Indeed, while we are all familiar with sharing our posts and pages from our websites to our social media accounts, the real power lies in the opposite direction - using social media platforms to enhance and manage websites.

In this series, I will not only go through the various networks and show you how to embed social activity into your website, but also provide some innovative tips and tricks about these techniques too.

I begin here by showcasing some ideas for using Pinterest embedding in novel ways for company websites. I would welcome the thoughts of the social media experts on these novel concepts.
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Knowing your audience and how to find them is key to a successful digital marketing strategy.  Pew Research Center released a  report on mobile and social media trends that provides some great insight.  You can find a copy of the report: here: 
36% of adult smartphone owners use messaging apps, while 17% use apps that automatically delete sent messages. These types of apps are adding to an already complex terrain of digital and social communication. Meanwhile, social media platforms continue to attract dedicated users.
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Walter Lim

Content Marketing  - 
Native Advertising: What You Need To Know

What is native advertising or native ads? How can content marketers make use of native ads?

According to Contently, marketers are envisaged to spend US$4.3 billion on native ads in 2015. An increase of 34 percent over 2014, this is forecasted to balloon to US $8.8 billion by 2018.

That’s not all.

69 percent of marketers believe “native advertising is valuable”. 70 percent of Internet users prefer to learn about new products through content than traditional ads. 

A staggering three-quarters of US publishers offer native advertising options.

But what exactly are they and how do we work with them? 

Find out more in my latest blog post:
What is native advertising or native ads? How can content marketers make use of native ads? Learn all about the different forms of native ads here.
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+Mike Poynton Thanks for sharing your results! I think it would be interesting to use these insights to be more strategic when we buy sponsored ads for clients. Will bear that in mind. 
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Digital Insights

Google Plus  - 
Businesses do not leverage Google+ thinking it is a waste of time, but infact its an extremely underutilized platform. Why would you and I still be connecting with one another if it din't hold value? In this article mentioned are 5 tips which will help you establish a presence to stand out.


Shared for free via +Do Share
Businesses ignore Google Plus thinking who really uses it, but the fact is people do! Here are 5 ways you can Stand Out on Google+ from others.
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I agree that google+ is great for exposure of articles. The breakthrough for me has been Collections. I now have a Collection with nearly 3 times as many followers as my profile - and the followers just keep streaming in daily!
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Gary Sharpe

Pinterest  - 
Here's an interesting Pinterest - LinkedIn crossover.
Pinterest is actually a great way to organize and classify information. Here, I've come up with a way to use to Pinterest to record, organize, annotate and categorize LinkedIn Profile views, largely circumventing any need for a Premium account to do this. I have recently realized that one can do something very similar with LinkedIn Connections too - especially important as there is mounting evidence that connections are being disconnected without the knowledge of either party on LinkedIn.
Who's Viewed My Profile: The Game Changer.
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David Boutin

Tools and Resources  - 
So pretty big news coming from Hootsuite, Instagram integration that let's you post to the platform directly.

As a Sprout Social user (are you listening +Sprout Social?)  , I hope they add this feature quickly, but if not, may have to keep another dang tab open all day :/
In major addition for the social media management platform, Hootsuite has announced that Instagram will now be supported by the Hoostuite dashboard. While users have been able to monitor and track Ins
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Hootsuite is the best social media platform for campaigns that I have used. This is definitely a good news. 
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Salesforce released results from their 2015 State of Marketing survey, where they asked marketers about their budgets, priorities, channels, strategies, and metrics for 2015. Some very interesting insight supporting the need for a comprehensive digital strategy including a corporate website, social media engagement, SEO/SEM strategies and even email campaigns.  If you haven't done so already, i suggest downloading the report from this link:
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I've heard that Salesforce and LinkedIn have parted company, is this true?
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Clive Roach

General Discussion  - 
Do you want to be inspired about how to use Snapchat in your business?
Here are a few ideas on possible strategies.

execution and ideas surrounding snapchat
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Ben Green

General Discussion  - 
Something I wrote on the differences between  and B2C Social Media...Would really appreciate some feedback!
Companies are still skeptical of the benefits of B2B social media marketing for their business. The reason is a perceived inability to measure the effectiveness
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Luiz Centenaro

Facebook  - 
How to Get Noticed: 3 Instagram Marketing Strategies

1. Incorporate general hashtags (duh) The pro tip here that I'll add in is to limit it to 5 hashtags and to utilize the first comment as a designated hashtag zone.

2. Turn into a two-way communication portal (duh again) It's social media and it should always be a 2 way communication channel. But the example they use from +Groupon is great! 

3. Do contests, and do them frequently (Yes!) People on Instagram expect brands to do contests and most Instagramers have participated in one already.

Get the deets from +Content Marketing Institute
The best way for your brand to leverage Instagram is to do something unique and creative. Start with these three strategies – Content Marketing Institute.
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Nice +Walter Lim, what kind of brand? Also interested to see more Instagram case studies.
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Kok Hong Poh

Authority  - 
What I hate about LinkedIn: Faux #analytics that drive only output, not outcomes.
LinkedIn has integrated game mechanics into their service and used it to drive engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the Gamification of LinkedIn:
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Thanks for your comment. I'm usually more active on the Content Strategy forum, but now I've additional responsibility as a community manager so I expect to come in more often. See you guys.
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Gary Sharpe

LinkedIn  - 
Research into LinkedIn's Newsfeed and Publications
OK, this is a "big news" one. I've dug deep into how LinkedIn works, and it might surprise you. Here's an executive summary of this Publication:
1. Proper organic growth of Published articles on LinkedIn is impossible.
2. Only one copy of a link to a Published article exists in any one's Newsfeed at any one time - 10 updates created by engagements do not mean 10 chances that a connected user will see the post. Just one.
3. Each update in the newsfeed gathers around 10 views after which it has essentially gone.
4. Each update in the newsfeed lasts only a day.
5. To keep the chain going, a new engagement is required before the update runs out of views.
6. There is no strong correlation between an engager's number of followers and the impact their engagement has.
7. Click thrus from social media to Publication links do count, but only if the viewer is a LinkedIn user and only if they are logged in when they click.
8. Since non-users or non-logged in users cannot engage on a linkedin publication, their view not only does count, but they cannot drive new views from users either.
9. Therefore, LinkedIn Publications are articially restricting growth in major ways, but also the view count on these posts are significantly underestimated.
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It can certainly be tempting to Tweet out links to your blog ad nauseam.

In many respects, Twitter is a numbers game. I'm sure there's plenty of people who drive plenty of traffic by blasting out the same boring Tweet as much as possible.

But, if you want to do better and not blast your poor followers with the same Tweet over and over, check out this 3-step process to create a variety of Tweets to promote a single post in a bunch of interesting ways.
By using the following three-step method, you'll be able to easily create a nearly limitless amount of varied Tweets that will reach a wider audience.
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Nice article.. very helpful. 
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Kathy Cho

Sales / Marketing  - 
Social Media Infrastructure Advice for Growing Businesses:

It's been a challenge trying to figure out what the best structure will be for my growing e-commerce startup in terms of how to build out our social media team. We are heavily focused on content and customer engagement, and our engagement is growing exponentially to the point where it's becoming difficult for just one person to manage.

I wanted to find out how other brands/teams structure this, what the goals are, and what advice you have on balancing strategy and customer service, and having the bandwidth to produce quality results in both those areas. 
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Thanks for sharing, +Andrij Harasewych, and really appreciate your suggestion. I agree; a marketing director-type organizer is essential. I think Zendesk (or similar) may be a solution for when we have a larger team and need to route things. As of now, my goal is to find a solution for managing the volume of engagement and build out a more formal process for supporting this initiative. We also need a more robust listening tool that isn't Hootsuite, Sprout, or Percolate. If anyone has any suggestions for deeper listening tools that can also be used among other departments, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Sprinklr was one tool I was impressed by but wondering what others think. Thanks, Kathy
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Gary Sharpe

LinkedIn  - 
The Algorithm for the LinkedIn Newsfeed/Posts Cracked.
[nb:- to prevent over-postings, I have removed yesterdays post in favor of this one as I believe this is very clear cut and tells the story much better]:

At the start of 2015 I probably had half the number of followers I do now. Yet I have seen no change in the readership levels of my Posts.
I can look at other peoples post too and see they are not progressing either, although they have massively increased their followers.

Yesterday I did this exercise. For all my posts I calculated  this number:


It was always more or less the same number, around 6-11.

I asked other people to do it for their own posts. The same outcome.
Clearly recorded views are fixed. Do it on your own posts please. Make sure you prove this to yourself.

Then provide us your numbers.

Two possibilities: the "view" number is made up on the basis of the engagements (which is what I thought was the case until yesterday); the algorithm for the newsfeed is such that the post is only shown to people, until there has been a fixed number of clicks on it. Then it disappears from sight.

It is the second which is the case. To test this we posted 14 of our own blog posts to the newsfeed and recorded what happened. Here are the results in the attached graphics.

This should clearly show to you that any items in the newsfeed are only given a limited outing. Note the very sharp drop off of the spike. The number  of views are all in very similar range and the lifetime of views is very finite.

The person posting this to their newsfeed has some 15,000 followers.
I am pretty certain that if I do the same with just 1600 followers the outcomes will  be very similar. I will try it. Please if you have your own blog whereby you can record where views come from, try sharing to the newsfeed and so what happens. Remember any comments or likes or shares of your newsfeed posts should give it more exposure, so there is a need to account for this.

So there you have it. This is how the newsfeed algorithm works: each update is farmed out or prioritized until it has been clicked on by a limited numbers of people and then it is gone.

The only way it can get more airtime is if another newsfeed update is generated. This can occur by one of three ways.
A comment.
A like.
A share.

That's it. So "engagement" = "views" is true, but it is totally manufactured to be that way.

So now ask yourself this. Why don't we progress as we get more followers? We are told that when we post our articles all our followers are notified. Can this be true?

What's disturbing us now is that we have mounting evidence that registered comments on posts are also limited.
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Thanks for the post +Gary Sharpe. Starting to experiment with my own LinkedIn now
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JD Prater

Facebook  - 
Spend the extra time conducting research on your market audience by building out personas to target in Facebook.
This post contains five tips about better targeting your audience to improve your Facebook ROI.
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Excellent guide, reshared it into my own community +JD Prater :-)
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Luiz Centenaro

Tools and Resources  - 
Great list of +IFTTT recipes by +Kevan Lee from +Buffer.

My favorite  = Automatically wishing your Facebook friends Happy Birthday

Get the other 43 at:
A deep dive into all the many ways to work smarter with IFTTT recipes for Twitter, Facebook, social media, productivity, and plain old fun.
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Check these out since you are into LinkedIn +Gary Sharpe
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