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Think of this community as a marketing showroom.
Open to businesses and marketers alike, we want to show off the best of what you can offer. Not just everything you publish, but the best stuff you publish. Advanced marketing techniques and tips, guides, case studies, and more. Originality valued over repetition.

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+Eli Osadchenko For now, focus on reading and commenting. Learn before teaching and sharing. Get to know the community first, see what people talk about here, learn more about the profession. Posting is more from people that are professionals in the industry of social media, not just people who have an interest in it as a topic, remember. If you have an interest in it as a career, I highly suggest sticking around, reading, asking questions in comments if you don't understand, or are looking for more information. 
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How to Crush it With Linkedin
While the headline of the article speaks to real estate agents the advice applies to any business using Linkedin.

There are some smart marketing things you should be doing if you want to use Linkedin as a tool to drive traffic back to your own site.

There are also things you should not do especially when it comes to groups.

Do you know what not to do? Do you know how some folks make Linkedin an excellent traffic source?

Take a look and find out. If you feel the article is helpful please consider socially sharing.

#linkedin #linkedinmarketing #linkedintips  
Bill Gassett By Bill Gassett What do you think LinkedIn is for? Is it just for people who are trying to find a new job? Should you only visit it if you want to...
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Thanks for sharing +Bill Gassett! So much value and learning in your post. I wish that all the real estate agents can read this as a mandatory text before spamming everybody all over LinkedIn. :)  
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Social Media Post Frequency

One of the most common questions is how often should you post to a social media account. Posting infrequently leads to little reach and posting too often annoys followers.

The following +Buffer infographic is a great guideline and seems about what I'd expect. Pinterest takes the most commitment but is well worth it. And just an FYI, I've found 2-3 times a day to be the sweet spot for Tumblr from experience.
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+Alfredo Tigolo​ this study was done on a huge pile of data so it is more of a set of general guidelines. It's a good place to start but you'll want to adjust for your unique audience. 
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Here you go you Wordpress and Twitter junkies.

Twitter just launched an official Wordpress plugin...
Today, we’re releasing an official Twitter plugin for WordPress that bundles Twitter features and functionality into an installable package for sites powered by WordPress. WordPress software ...
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Sounds good +Aaron Segal
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38% of B2B Tech Buyers Not Seen Content from Vendors

According to a report highlighted in Marketing Profs, 38% of B2B technology buyers say they have not seen any content from vendors on social networks in the past six months that influenced a business purchase.

This is a wasted opportunity, considering the willingness of B2B buyers to consume content helping them to make purchases during the pre-sales, initial-sales and mid-sales phases of the buying cycle. 

Examples of useful content in the B2B tech world include case studies, guides, White Papers, blog articles, podcasts and more.

What could convince more vendors to invest in content marketing to generate leads, drive acquisition and convert customers?

Full article here: #B2B #ContentMarketing  
Content - Some 38% of B2B technology buyers say they have not seen any content from vendors on social networks in the past six months that influenced a business purchase, according to ...
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What has your experience been like with #Linkedin and as marketers, what do you personally feel is the best thing we can each be doing right now to maximize our ROI?
Maximize your time spent on Linkedin to help improve your ROI. Learn what you should be doing & not be doing with everything from your profile image to giving endorsements.
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Thanks +Brian Lang ! I feel like at one point Linkedin status updates were more visible. Perhaps this is a reason why.
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Andrij Harasewych

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Since we've adopted an updated "new member" policy (joining via, spam in the community is at an all-time low. Don't be afraid to turn on notifications for the community, we will make sure that only the best content gets through to those notifications.

We know that you see a lot of content throughout your day, and all of us at the +Social Media Strategy Community want to thank you for being on this journey with us. We hope to see you all more often, as we continue to increase the value of the community to you.
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+Andrij Harasewych well... I've hit a few choice words for them, but they've heard it all before. .

Whether or not we knew they were listening :)
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How To Reduce Friction & Increase Conversions With Social Media
The Master of Conversion Optimization, +Neil Patel, shares 3 excellent ways to boost conversions by using social to reduce friction.

Friction is Public Enemy #1 when it comes to converting. The more effort your target is required to invest in completing an action, the less likely they are to actually do it. As Patel describes in this article, Social Media can be an effective way to reduce that friction by:
- Using Social Login To Increase Sign-Ups
- Using Social Checkout To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
- Using Easy Social Share Buttons To Encourage Social Shares

Everyone should take time to analyze their goals and the various ways they wish to convert customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and take note of how much friction, even seemingly innocuous obstacles, stand between them and goal-completion. Your goal should be to eliminate as much of that friction as possible (certainly without creating alternative problems).

The great thing about friction reduction efforts is that they require relatively little time, effort, and resources to eliminate. It's usually a one-time investment that will yield recurring benefits after being put into place. And those benefits can potentially be HUGE... particularly if it's your first effort at reducing friction.

As Patel puts it, the overall philosophy of using social to reduce friction is to:
Guide your customers toward more social interaction and sharing with subtle but deliberate design choices and the option to share their purchases. Both of those tactics provide social proof, the most powerful element of conversion optimization.

Learn More About These Social Conversion Tactics Here:
#conversionoptimization   #conversionrateoptimization  
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Agreed +Walter Lim. It only enriches the experience on both sides.
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Andrij Harasewych

Tools and Resources  - 
Google+ Community Owner's Guide
The complete guide to starting, promoting and maintaining a community on Google Plus.

There are many reasons to start a community on Google+. Whether you'd like a better way to connect to your audience or organization, bring together businesses or professionals in an industry, or just to keep in touch and have a common wall for friends or family. Or one of hundreds of other reasons. It doesn't matter why you are starting one - this guide can help you on your way.

Preparing for a Google+ Community
      • Doing your Research
      • Types of Google+ Communities
Building a Google+ Community
      • Optional Pro Tip: Google+ Community Page
      • Preparing Community Materials
      • Step-by-step: Creating a Community
Moderating a Google+ Community
      • Introduction to Moderation
      • Moderation Examples and Guide
      • Wielding the Banhammer
Promoting a Google+ Community
      • Phase 1: Brand New Community
      • Phase 2: Encouraging Growth
      • Phase 3: Maintaining Growth
Google+ communities are great for starting conversations around particular hobbies, interests, groups, or organizations. Start your own Google+ Community!
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About this community

A heavily moderated/curated community talking about Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy. Trying to join? To skip the LONG queue: This community may have one of the highest moderation bars of any community on Google+, but we do this to provide the best value for our members. Only active members may post, be sure to read the community policy BEFORE posting: By taking part in this community, you agree to abide by the Community Policy. If you do not do so, the following actions may be taken against you or your posts. • A request/reminder from a moderator to post appropriately in the community • Removal of your post • Banning from the community In some cases, a moderator may decide to apply a higher level action against your or your posts immediately, without prior notice or warning. Please read the community policy before posting.
English ONLY please.

Gary Sharpe

Google Plus  - 
+Andrij Harasewych +Andrij Harasewych +Andrij Harasewych (for effect - don't know what will happen with 3 mentions ;-) ).
I've got it this time.

Google+ videos can be used as your google+ COVER IMAGE.
That's right. You can stick a promo or introduction or infomational video right there at the top of your profile, page! Now that's got to be strategic?
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If you write a blog, it needs to be because you have something you need to say.
Something you are just so passionate about that you cannot ever think to hold it back from the world. Something you could see yourself writing about regularly for the foreseeable future. Do a Google search for the topic you want to write about. Start browsing the other blogs that exist on the subject. Of the blogs that you review on your chosen subject(s), can you do better? Is there something that people are generally missing when they blog about your subject? Can you present the information in a new and intriguing way? Well, maybe a blog is for you.

#Blogging   #MarketResearch   #Engagement  
The internet doesn't need any more content - it needs more engagement. Take some time, build relationships, gain experience, then tell us about it.
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Before you plan your social media strategy, you need to plan your marketing strategy.
Most of you are not market leaders. You aren't even the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best in the industry, so traditional offense or defense is out (though you can learn more about that here: Perhaps you are even too small or you don't have the resources for a flank on a competitor.

Don't worry, we all start somewhere. If you want to implement a successful marketing strategy with few resources - guerrilla marketing is likely for you. Guerrilla marketing is ideal for businesses, large or small, assuming they are creative, flexible, and willing to take a risk.

Sure - the examples used in the article are slightly larger businesses - do you have any examples of small businesses using the concepts of guerrilla marketing well? Feel free to mention in your favorite business utilizing that method!

#MarketingWarfare   #Strategy   #Marketing  
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Note - I have put this under Pinterest on purpose .... read on.

Embed Your LinkedIn Discussion Group Everywhere

an example of how embedded pinterest boards can allow you to share large amounts of content and increase visibility of forums, groups, collaboration, project,  etc.
As an example of what I mean by this, here in this multi-media blog post about how to use this for LinkedIn, I have used an embedded Pinterest board to provide a graphical table of contents to my LinkedIn related posts from my blog, embedded back into my blog. But it is much more than that. It also includes my LinkedIn Pulse publications, LinkedIn Group Discussions and curated LinkedIn related pins I have found too. You can click on any of the individual pins you see in this embedded board and pin them direct. Or you can click "See on Pinterest" to browse the entire content using the platform as the visual discovery tool it was made to be.
How To Take Back Control of LinkedIn Groups.
Background.   Recently, LinkedIn released a number of edicts on changes to Group Management. In particular, they are now only allowing Group owners to pick a single discussion post as a Manager's Choice. They are also removing your ability to individualize ...
View original post
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ooh, ooh forgotten one.
8. View count! Because pins are now the entry portal to discussions ans we have great pinterest analytics we now have for the first time a handle on discussion post view counts.
Oh no, its more than that too. We now have the demographics of people viewing particular discussions.
Now +Andrij Harasewych how do we exploit that?
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In a Marketing War: Strategy is Everything
If the key to succeeding in business were to just focus on products closest to those the customers want, the market leader would be the one that performs the best market research and testing. Surely there must be more to it then this...

History has shown us that the best businesses understand the concepts of marketing warfare, and use the strategies to their advantage. Take a trip to marketing school as we learn about four of the main strategies involved in marketing war, the fundamentals of each, including examples, both good and bad.

At nearly 5000 words, this 5-post series took me a little while to finish, but I believe it was well worth the time and effort.

#marketingwarfare   #offensivemarketing   #defensivemarketing  

Part of the Marketing Warfare Series
In marketing warfare, should your company be on offense or defense? Should you be executing a flanking or guerrilla attack on your competition?
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Facebook  - 
Facebook Ad Relevance Score

It's great to get direct feedback from the social media platform instead of a 3rd party that has to make assumptions based on tests. However, I hope this isn't Facebook pushing "pay to play" further and reducing organic reach.
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Gary Sharpe

General Discussion  - 
This is a adjunct or follow up to my earlier post
The Power of Voice for Online Communcation (

So this is an example of a Talking Image or Talking Post. I will let it speak for itself. Note that this shouldn't be considered a link on google+ because it is completely embedded and self-contained part of the post itself.

So please take a listen. Unfortunately, you will have to comment in text yourselves. The only place where whole conversations [real conversations and discussions!] could take place like this currently is on Facebook.
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Are you looking for ways to improve your Facebook marketing? Facebook can be a tough place for brands to make their mark, due to the amount of noise on the platform. Make use of these 7 free Facebook tools, which will give your page a leg up and also increase your productivity!


Shared for free via +Do Share
Are you looking for ways to enhance your Facebook marketing? This article shares seven free Facebook tools marketers need to succeed.
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Content Marketing  - 
Social Media Referals by Platform

Facebook is still well on top of the pile for social media referrals, but Pinterest and Tumblr are gaining ground while Twitter slips to 4th.

Tumblr and Pinterest are our two favorites among the group. Pinterest is incredibly functional beyond even the social aspect as a visual bookmark service. And Tumblr has a great hashtag system, built in queue scheduler, and easy functions for sharing other users' content. One reason both might be surging is their strong emphasis on visual content.
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+Tiffany Hayden I'm in the same boat for Twitter. It is a fun platform to use but isn't the best for referrals. Tumblr is better for referrals and is not utilized nearly as much as it should be.
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Andrij Harasewych

Google Plus  - 
No matter what you are interested in...
there is a community on Google+ for you!
The complete guide on how to be a productive and cherished member of any community.

Share only the best content, rather than all of the content.

Remember - there is an overabundance of content, and a shortage of engagement. The best way to build authority and trust with others is to engage with them directly on a subject.

In case you remember this from the last two years - yes, it has been updated!
The complete guide to being a productive and cherished member of any online community to build authority and key relationships.
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This is a great post by +Laura Fitton on how to brand your business and personal brand by building relationships on Twitter. And become an influencer and thought-leader by sharing relevant, valuable information and being original, personable and readily available can go a long way for your image. 

And, for me, being able to listen and read the information makes it more memorable and easier for me to retain and attain. I'm glad I found this. Great job and very insightful.
Social Media Marketing Podcast 132, in this episode Laura Fitton and I explore Twitter for business.
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The tactic of asking a company to follow you so you can ask them business questions is pretty brilliant. 
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