Are you ready to sell the sizzle on LinkedIn? Stop playing around with LinkedIn and discover what works. 
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Just a quick note, I don't see the value of an extra blog post on this - why not just send people to the actual link here

Though we do moderate anyway, as we ask members to interact before posting their own content, and we try to stray from these types of webinar invites, because then everyone would post their events here.
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Facebook updated its algorithm so users see less content about useless, irrelevant information and more content that friends shared/posted, family members posted/shared and content that is relevant to that unique user -- depending on things they "like" and information that they provide on their Facebook profile page, such as activities, hobbies, favorite movies/artists/television shows that then Facebook uses and sells to companies/marketers.

"Posts from friends will carry even more weight than posts from pages in the latest update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, and stories about friends liking or commenting on posts will be de-emphasized.

Product manager @Max Eulenstein and user-experience researcher Lauren Scissors detailed three changes to the social network’s News Feed algorithm in a Newsroom post, stressing that the moves were made in response to feedback from users." 

Posts from friends will carry even more weight than posts from pages in the latest update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, and stories about friends liking or commenting on posts will be de-emphasized.
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Yeah, that's crazy that brands have to play so many games just to get the visibility that was promised them when they all first joined Facebook. Get a captive audience, then tell them there are no other choices but to pay up. 
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Use #SocialMedia to celebrate #EarthDay!

No matter where you're standing today (April 22), NASA​ wants you to share your favorite views of Earth. Hashtag your image or video with #NoPlaceLikeHome and post it to Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Vine. More details are available at

How are you using social media to brand your business?
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Four Seriously Underused Twitter Tactics

I ended up in a great Twitter chat again this week with the good folks at +Weal Media. During the chat we spoke at length about content marketing and blog creation and promotion. 

I shared a tip which people seemed keen for me to explain - the use of Twitter Collections - I had a half finished post on the topic, and so upon request - I finished it and think you guys will find it useful. 

I cover the following underused Twitter functionality;

*The (FREE) use of Twitter Cards
*Twitter Collections

Read More: 

p.s. join the Twitter chat next week 9there has only been 2 so far but they have been great) - it is on 8pm GMT (sorry I'm no good at converting, but if someone could do that below for PST etc that would be great) 
Twitter is used by all the major brands and most nearly all digital marketers worth their salt, however, there is a lot of functionality
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Good post. Thanks
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As a social media marketer you don many hats and you will agree with me there are a ton of tasks to get done even 24 hours seem less. Thus to help increase your productivity, in this article they've mentioned a number of tools that will help you optimize your time.


Shared for free via +Do Share
Do you struggle to keep up with social media tasks? This article shares a number of social media tools that will help maximize your time.
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Great share +Digital Insights, I like the list of social networks via +KnowEm
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The importance of video and images for connecting and engaging with a younger audience.  Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat are the most popular social media platforms with teens ages 13-14.  Thanks to Pew Research Center for the Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015 and insight.
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Um.... Where is YOUTUBE? 
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HOT TOPIC - Influencer Marketing

As Influencer marketing seems to be bubbling up into a trend at the moment I thought I would (re)share this post I wrote last summer on working with influencers.

I have worked with UK influencers, mainly YouTube vloggers and some bloggers on charity, political and commercial brand campaigns - here is a link to a wash up video of one such campaign where I worked with multiple influencers 

This post is very entry level and broad, but as the topic is getting popular I will be writing on it again with some more up to date case studies.

The main things to remember when creating a strategy using influencers: 

* Do lots and lots of research on their content verticals and which are the most successful.
* Don't encroach on their creative integrity.
* Create obligations to amplify your message to their audience and get he most from your campaign.

Read More: 
Influencer marketing definition: Why influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is simply tapping into someone elses audience that you feel
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Influencers are your celebrities on social media, you need to find them and connect with them. 
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How Small Business Networks Can Game the LinkedIn Newsfeed.

Here's how it works. When you post to the newsfeed, in principal only your 1st connections and followers can see your post. Not many of them will see it because the post is competing for the very limited attention of each connection with hundreds of other posts. However, if someone interacts with the post, then this interaction together with the original post can appear on the newsfeed of that user's followers too. So big businesses can concentrate the power of their employees on LinkedIn by getting them all to interact on a post and widen it's circulation enormously.

That this works we know, because when we had the little newsfeed update analytics tool, I measured this "Power Group" idea. When I just posted normally to the newsfeed, I was averaging just twenty views per post. When I choose the right informal group of interlocutors who I knew would be amenable to joining in a conversation on a topic, those posts were getting viewerships in the high hundreds.

I still use this technique to great effect. I do it by using a informal collaboration of LinkedIn Users who I know to be responsive, by occasionally bringing them into a conversation with mentions using the @ symbol.

However, there is nothing to stop small business networks nor medium size businesses more strategically planning newsfeed posts and campaigns. All they need to do is formulate processes whereby multiple parties agree to interact with or share specific posts. In other words, particularly for network groups like BNI, 4N, JCI, FSB, CBI more strategic use of the LinkedIn newsfeed is possible by forming collaborative posting "Power Groups", allowing them to beat big businesses at their own game
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Great post. Thanks for sharing
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+Cynthia Johnson has a great piece on +Entrepreneur about three fundamental tips, when using #Twitter, #Facebook and #LinkedIn,  that can enhance your presence on these sites and grow your network immensely.

These three tips are vital to know before delving any further into social media tactics and strategies, because these are the three building blocks that you need to know before implementing an approach to increase and enhance your social media engagement, presence and authority.  

I agree with Cynthia that Twitter is the most underutilized social media tool around. I would use my personal account just to RT things that I found entertaining or related to my field of study, but I was missing out on the big picture and was missing out on tapping into conversations with experts in the field of Advertising and Marketing. Now I manage my personal account more tactically and continue to grow my "tribe" of followers thanks to the power of networking 
We know the biggies when it comes to social networking. But are you using them right?
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Alexandra Levit

General Discussion  - 
When I want the real story on today's top social platforms, I go right to the source. Question for other experts, though. Any low hanging LI fruit we're missing here?
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Don't Be a Social Media Loser
While this article specifically addresses what real estate agents shouldn't be doing in social media, the advice applies to all businesses!

So many people do not understand the proper usage of social media. Instead of being social and building relationships garbage is thrown in peoples faces like only a telemarketer could do.

Take a look as I share the mistakes made in five popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.

#socialmediatips #socialmediastrategy #realestate  
Bill Gassett By Bill Gassett It’s no secret that social media is a must in the world of real estate. Today’s buyers and sellers turn the to various...
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Thanks +Kristi Szczepkowski :)
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Bill Gassett

Tools and Resources  - 
How to Do Keyword Planning Like an Expert
When writing an article do you use any kind of keyword checking tools?

The experts point out these tools can be really helpful in discovering powerful keyword combinations.

58 experts have weighed in and shared their top 3 resources for doing their keyword planning.

Take a look and check out what they are and maybe use some of them to your advantage!

#keywords #keywordresearch #seotips  
58 online marketing experts reveal their top 3 tools for SEO and PPC keyword research. Surprisingly, the most voted tool is NOT the Google keyword planner!
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Sure thing +Walter Lim !
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Check out the new podcast from +Simply Measured about developing a brand voice and the idea of taking things viral. (Spoiler: I'm in it.) 
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Bryenn Bierwirth

Content Marketing  - 
Great piece by Rob Manning on how brands craft social strategies to build powerful customer relationships.

Why is building a powerful customer relationship online important? Because well-crafted and well-implemented social strategies keep brands relevant, generate social chatter and create gold for marketers: strong brand advocates.

Having strong brand advocates pushes your brand into the conversation, without forcing yourself. That's something that money can't buy, only authenticity and trust, which is accomplished by being powerfully strategic in your social strategies. 

I'll give you another reason why brand advocates should always be on your radar, because 92% of people trust brand advocates. So when brand advocates are cheering on your company then 92 out of 100 people will listen and go check out your business. 92! On the flip side, this is also why you can't ignore and should be cognizant of who are your biggest brand advocates, because as much as they can help you, they can also destroy you if you ignore them and leave them unsatisfied. 
Build trust with your target audience, and soon you'll have an army spreading your message.
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+Jon Schull +Lionel Mitelpunkt We've done some of this. Lionel, I hope you can help us do more strategizing of all kinds. :)
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Google Rumored to Buyout Twitter

Google has already started indexing tweets and bough Blogger from the Twitter founders. Twitter had an amazing idea from the start but has failed to evolve like its competitors (mainly Facebook) and its lackluster growth might by the catalyst for a sale.
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+Andrij Harasewych hahaha, and yet that's what Google finds under the couch cushions. +CYBERsprout 
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Big data can provide thought provocative insight into a business, allowing us to visualize details and trends often not apparent. By understanding demographics associated with a variety of leading social media platforms, we can transform these bits and bytes of data into actionable information and a comprehensive marketing strategy. I've pit this into  context as it relates to the residential leasing cycle... 
Big data can provide thought provocative insight into a business, allowing us to visualize details and trends often not apparent. By understanding demographics associated with a variety of leading social media platforms, we can transform these bits and bytes of data into actionable information and a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Let's put this into context as it relates to the residential leasing circle of life... Traditionally, firm's are l...
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Influencer Marketing the New Content King?

Just read an article stating that influencer marketing is set to be the new digital marketing flavour.

According to the article...

"Bloggers can be highly influential and are the third-most-consulted consumer decision tool for shoppers.... blogs trail only retail and brand sites, while ranking higher than Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Instagram."

That's not all. Consumers are also reported to trust influencers more than brand content.

"92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over branded content. 70 percent say that online reviews are their second-most-trusted source, and 47 percent of U.S. readers consult blogs to keep tabs on trends and ideas."

Here in Singapore, it is growing but there is still a lot of resistance by marketers to work with influencers. 

What are your experiences like in working with bloggers and other social influencers? 

#influencermarketing   #bloggers   #ContentMarketing  
Influencer marketing is the new endorsement model that enables brands to connect with consumers and establish trust.
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Hey +Walter Lim - I have worked with many UK influencers, mainly YouTubers and some bloggers on cause/charity based campaigns, political campaigns and the odd commercial brand campaign too. 

They are fantastic to work with as they deliver a message to the right audience, assuming you have done your research on that influencer and most importantly the creative is high quality. 
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Using Google+ to Build Your Business and Brand
Recently +Stephan Hovnanian was interviewed by +Entrepreneur Magazine about how to use Google+ to build your brands reputation.

To my surprise I was used as an example of the "little guy" using Google+ to build my #realestate business. In other words you don't need to be a big brand to make use of Google Plus as a social media powerhouse!

Learn how to leverage Google+ to build your subject-matter authority and master social media marketing.
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Thanks +Ben Fisher !
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What's Wrong with these Analytics?

The problem is one I've long known about and mentioned before, but yesterday I got the absolute proof.

My latest LinkedIn Publication, "How to Use LinkedIn for B2B...", got tweeted by a Twitter "star". Now don't get me wrong here, I am extremely grateful for the recognition and the exposure, but I think the numbers are worth reporting.

Said star has 103,000 twitter followers. His original tweet has been retweeted 11 times. It has been favorited 18 times. The retweeters have,  I estimate, between them another 30K followers.

So how many click thrus or additional views would you expect from all this activity on twitter? Let's suppose just 1% of all these followers click thru. Thats 1330 additional views of the post, right?

Well, before the tweet got sent out there were around 60 views on the article. This morning it stood at 129. Let's suppose all the new views are entirely down to the tweet and it's retweets. That is just 70 views driven by the 12 tweets to 133,000 followers. But, in fact, that wasn't the only tweet of this post. There have been several other twitter shares of it too.

Moreover, in reality, a large fraction of those 70 new views have come from LinkedIn shares, likes and comments on the post.

The only two possible answers are:

1. LinkedIn Publications are not registering views generated by Twitter.

2. Twitter is extremely ineffective for driving click thrus to articles.
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+Walter Lim LinkedIn recently opened up its platform to all English speaking countries, so there are a lot more people on there now, thus more competition. 
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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead and Buzz Generation.

I've had a series of conversations in the past couple of days which made me ponder. It would seem to me that the Art of LinkedIn for B2B is in danger of getting lost or forgotten.

Consider posts in LinkedIn groups or in the newsfeed. Those which simply consist of a link and a short bit of text. How many of these do we actually click the link on in a day? On average? Unless you are an avid reader, the answer is likely to be between zero and one.

How many Groups do we visit regularly which consist mainly or only of such posts? I have some inkling to the answers to this one because I have measured it. In the large Social Media Marketing Groups my posts made me Top Contributor for a sustained period of months. The total membership of those Groups is well over 1 million people. How many click thru's on the average post do you think this translates to? 1000 or just 0.1% of members? Nope. 100? No, closer to 10.

The shocking truth of the matter is that relentless mechanical posts to LinkedIn are unlikely to generate leads or buzz for B2B services. My suggestion is that we do need to post creative, thought provoking, edgy, new, emotive, passionate, rocking-the-boat, challenging-the-status-quo articles, because unless we are prepared to stand out from the crowd, we will likely be lost in it.

Unless we are prepared to post in the newsfeed, in the groups and in Publications, articles which exist entirely there on LinkedIn, without links, without the Calls to Action to "now look at my stuff elsewhere", then my experience shows me it will be a long, long road.

So let's now refocus on why we are on LinkedIn as B2B service providers. We are there to generate contracts, right? Nothing more, nothing less. We are not professional bloggers, we have no physical products to sell on our websites, no "buy now" buttons. We do not, typically, need thousands of customers. Many of us just need a handful. So we are not going to LinkedIn to try to drive views elsewhere. We do not care about vanity numbers like views, like and shares at all, in the final analysis.

LinkedIn has changed, but the goal posts have not. The answer to "How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead and Buzz Generation" is that which Jeff Molander calls generation of interest and curiosity. Right here on LinkedIn.

I think this very recent email exchange with Denise Hayman-Loa , CEO of Carii, analyzing why some independent posts I had written about the new platform generated a lot of buzz and attention for it, sums it up:

"...the reason things worked so well, is, I believe, because what I was writing and posting about was free form, genuine and independent, done with integrity, but also improvised and opportunity driven. It was as much about me and part of my narrative as just talking about Carii. I think it is very hard to fake any of that and that's why it stood out."

"Totally agree and that is powerful".
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