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Use the character file for any none made countries as well as other stuff that Is original characters nations etc 

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That werid light green is the Nationalist State of Germanic people also know as the fourth Reich the Red is the USR United Soviet Republic's the pink is the United States of North America the light blue is united federation of South and Latin America the salmon pink color is the new southern union of Africa the purple is the AR or African republic the weird maroon like color is the Africans Lands Front which is a country devoted to a terrorist type war and against all forms of freedom for anyone besides "prophets and preists" the greyish color is ASPT or Asian security protocol treaty the yellow is the rising sun empire and the orange is the new nationalist republic of lupoaza
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Well humans nuked and bio weaponed themselves a few survive but in underground shelters animals have mutated into humanoid versions of themselves most have learned at least English but due to limited tech stuff these animal nations are restricted to what they understand basically light tanks and vehicles and personal weapons but are slowly learning more,from what limited stuff they find and if the humans that survived are not killed or otherwise slaved they might help. the animals have no Idea what happened .
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