Hi guys how can i avoid my Netflix and Spotify downloads to be wiped?

Just wanted to say thank you for making this app. At first it wouldn't released much space but I then learned to set custom filters and it's amazing. Thank you so much for this app. So much better then CCleaner. Way more effective and so much lighter then CCleaner. Appreciate your work.

Please consider starting a community on discord app.

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As most of you know Google will be putting G+ out of it's misery and shutting it down.
Generally I prefer bug reports and technical discussion to happen on GitHub, but I think we have a nice community here, so maybe we should setup a G+ alternative as a place for a non technical discussions where users can help each other. What do you think?

I'm open for suggestions, ideas are being tracked here:

E aí vai acabar mesmo esse app... podemos desinstalar....só fica ocupando memória 🤔

can we remove app permission by using sd maid ?
->> (non rooted)
->> (stock 8.1)

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No Application found to open this file type

I'm getting a Toast with this^ every time I try to share something using the apps file explorer. Steps to reproduce incase it helps

1. Run App Control and export any app
2. In the snackbar press the "show" button to open the file explorer, find the app you exported
3. long press the app go up to the overflow and choose share.

Also am I blind or is there no way to order the files by date/time if i've just exported an apk and i'm looking for it in the file explorer it would be nice if its at the top instead of buried balls deep in the list of files I have.

I definitely have apps that can do this btw

Sony XZ2
Stock ROM

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Looking for some help with these potential hidden caches, if anyone uses these apps and knows more about the the files please comment on the tickets.


Good apps..tq
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