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Looking for some help with these potential hidden caches, if anyone uses these apps and knows more about the the files please comment on the tickets.

Good apps..tq

this looks like a good app ill pay the 3.49 :) for my nvidia shield

Duplicate files, please add file type classification to facilitate deletion and management.

There should have an option for cleaning at least every day automacticaly and not only after 3 Day..... Why not ?????

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Small bug when duplicates is in quick access section l. The “failed” section shows up twice

v4.11.0 is a pretty huge update with more than 50 closed tickets 😊.

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted one:

Some random thoughts:

* This is a beta only release as I expect a few UI related crashes in edge cases that just require larger number of test devices to surface.
* I spent most of my time reducing UI code related technical debt. You write some code, update it over some time, then don't work on it for some time and then when you look at it again it suddenly seems "dirty". New ways to improve it are suddenly obvious and then the cycle begins again... The new code makes things like remembering scroll positions much easier.
* Duplicates , Databases, AppCleaner and AppControl are migrated to the new code, the rest will follow in future updates. In the rework of each tool I've also migrated their settings to their own modules. Once all tools are migrated we will get a settings backup feature.
* I'm quite proud of SD Maids new Instant App support. Instead of asking the system for infos about installed apps in each tool, we now ask the `AppRepo`. The AppRepo itself queries the system once, and then if root is available gathers additional information about apps that the system omitted from the data we got via API. I don't understand why Google decided to hide Instant Apps like this... Stupid instant apps... always causing trouble... 🙄
* I've raised SD Maids target API to 28 (Android P) and addressed all issues that I knew of, we should be good to go for Android P's final release.
* That database tool now finds both less and more. Less because system apps have to be explicitly included via a new setting, and more because I expanded the criteria for files that SD Maid should test for "being a compatible database".
* There is a new offline-cache filter in the AppCleaner, but it doesn't know a lot of offline caches yet, so if you know some, please submit a ticket :).

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I can not delete files (.obb) in any file manager. I get with (sd Maid) however I can not erase going by any path to get into the same file, even taking (Root). I would like you to make a correction so I can delete it by going through any directory path.

Não consigo apagar arquivos ( .obb ) em nenhum Gerenciador de arquivos.Eu conseguir com ( sd Maid ) porém não consigo apagar indo por qualquer caminho para chegar no mesmo arquivo, mesmo tendo ( Root ).Gostaria que você fizesse uma correção para eu conseguir apagar indo por qualquer caminho de diretório.
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I've been working on "instant app" support (corpses, cleaning, disabling), at least for rooted devices, as part of the next big update (v4.11.0).

For further internal testing I'd like to test it against as many different instant apps as possible, but it's hard to find any. I couldn't find any lists of "popular instant apps" anywhere.

Do you know any instant apps and could post a comment with a link?

There are basically two ways to get instant apps:
Visit a website in Chrome and be prompted to install one
Visit an apps GPlay page and get an additional "Try now" button besides the usual "Install" button.

Maybe you already have some installed and just don't know, the system hides them. You can check your systems list of apps and there should be a filter option for "Instant apps".

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