sakura ran was in the earth scientists base sitting in her chair in her room  bored thinking of getting out and living and wondering why i was born when...

((Please rp as the scientists and the one who will give my ring and takes me to the academy and villains +Aya  .))

I'll post later

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Name: Sakura ran.
 Age: 15.
Gender: female.
Nationality/planet of origin: earth japanese.
Sexuality: bisexual.
 Lantern colour: green.
 Race: half robot half human.
 Year in academy: just starting.
 Side: good.
Personality: cold, cruel, smart, sly, shy, quiet, distant, hot tempered, stubborn, kind, caring, friendly.
AI: none yet.
Likes: her books.
Dislikes: bullies.
Skills: fighting and hacking.
Hobbies: fighting, reading and hacking.
 Bio: Sakura ran was made from scientists to be a weapon but she learned and then ran away from her creators and then one day she found the green lantern ring and was put in here to learn to be true self.
Crush: open.
Others: n/a.
Child of: han.
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