Hello ffolkes. I bought licence in app (via PayPal). I found email with key, i put it in Downloads folder (both internal storage and sd card) , but the app doesn't seem to verify the key. It still says "Trial is expired!".
I'm on rooted G955F, was able to start PlasmaCore with "Start PlasmaCore (root only!)" button in Extras. Any solution, what to do now?

Plasma core not starting please help

Using S8 oreo crap custom rom rooted with magisk

Working on SideSwipe today. It will let you swipe in from the right edge (presumably with your thumb while holding it with one hand), then detect swiping up/down/left/leftdiagonalup/leftdiagonaldown from any starting point along the edge. Should be released later tonight or tomorrow. No left edge for now, because so many apps have drawers that slide in by pulling from the left edge.

Plasmalite 1.013 has been publicly released! :D

In s8+ Oreo beta, only works swipe left,center,right.
other functions doesn't work. :(
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