For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Missouri
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Looking for someone with info on Bryant family around Kennett, MO.
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My gr. gr. grandmother Nancy married a William Bryant and their daughter Millie Jane Bryant was born in Kennett, Mo. in 1897.
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HI, many of my relatives lived in Missouri on both sides of my family before going west to California and Oregon. Looking forward to this community.
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Brian Nichols

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If you would like a specific sub thread made like you a certain county or subject then let me know
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Lisa Woods

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I am researching my Holt, Murphy, and a GGgmother Melinda Gooding who lived with my Holt ggparents in Ozark county Mo. My gma Arzela Dea Holt was born near Gainesville. Any info would be so so welcome!!! 
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Looking for information on the Caperton family.  There have proved to be very mysterious.
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Renate Kielhorn

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Renate Kielhorn originally shared:
Many people emigrated from  Banat (Austria-Hungary) to America. Is here anyone who has also ancestors in Austria-Hungary? More Information at the following community AND on my website  Kind regards from Germany :-)))
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