Bardo steps carefully around the crime scene, as he abandons his shirt, as It was covered in blood from the murder, he swiftly walks down the street.
While this happened, you were packing up, when a gunshot when went off, it was quite loud. As you left, You saw bardo walking down the street
Y/N: Did you hear that? Bardo was looking sketchy, a man with his shirt off? I mean, It was by the beach, but a small, yet noticeable red spot on his blue and white fur looked off
Bardo: Yeah, Looking to avoid trouble.
You obviously knew something was up, so you...
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Name: Marny Von Wolfe
Age: 18
Likes: Being Submissive, Rape, bondage, sex toys, dicks
Dislikes: Not a lot.
Personality: sexual, kind, sarcastic
AN: She can turn human sometimes, but only when necessary-
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[~Quote~] "Hell, I'm not the strongest, Nor the fastest, nor the smartest, But I can still beat you."
[~Name~] "Names Bardo. Why? Because My mother gave me that name."
[~Age~] "21. 21 years."
[~Gender~] "I am a male, clearly."
[~Species~] "I am a Blue Wolf."
[~Likes~] "Many things... Nearly to many to list... By the way, That's sarcasm. I barely like anyone or anything. Be thankful to earn my trust."
[~Dislikes~] "People, Spiders, and Mannequins.."
[~Personality~] "Caring, and Nice for friends. I will kill anyone who insults me. Watch your back."
[~Bio~] "I was orphaned at a young age, managed to escape that Hell on earth. Eventually found a fox girl named Bai. Bai Winterpaw. We ended up falling in love, and making it on our own. The rest I refuse to say."

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Bardo ends up taking her to a small bar, which he orders two beers, planning on buying her drinks.
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