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There are some surprises here:
Don't say correlation ≠ causation. :)

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Shutting the door after the horse has bolted, or G+ rising phoenix-like from the ashes?

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Michelle's Changelog--News
Last updated 24 June 2015 10:07 GMT
15 June 2015 by +Barry Schwartz 
Google Testing “Slow To Load” Warning Label In Mobile Search Results

"In February, Google tested display red slow labels on their mobile search results. That test died out, that is until today.

The Android Soul blog posted screen shots of Google now testing 'Slow to load' labels, with little yellow warning signs next to the slow to load results."

So be aware of your site speed. Examples in article.
15 June 2015 via +Search Engine Roundtable 
Developers Breadcrumbs link:
Article link:

"Google's Gary Illyes announced on Google+ that Google has fresh new technical documentation on the breadcrumb schema for you all."

"I [+Barry Schwartz ] should note, that Gary also added on Twitter after being asked, that the breadcrumb hyperlinks that dropped out last year are not likely returning. Gary said he isn't aware of any plans to bring back that feature."
15 June 2015
Google AdWords Editor v10.6 & Older To Be Discontinued On June 30th, 2015

"Google announced on Google+ that they are discontinuing support for the AdWords Editor version 10.6 or older. Google is encouraging all advertisers who use the AdWords Editor to upgrade to version 11.1 by June 30th, 2015."
18 June 2015
Google PSA: Don't Add Noindex Directives In Your Body Content

"Gary Illyes from Google posted a PSA (public service announcement) on Google+ warning webmasters not to have noindex directives in their body content because many search engines will see read them and not index the content on that page."
17 June 2015
Businesses; Update Your Business Hours Or Google Maps Might Tell Your Customers To Turn Around

"First reported by Android Police, Google Maps added a feature that when you navigate using the Google Maps app to a specific place, if that place will be closed by the time you are expected to arrive, it will tell you and suggest that you don't bother going.
Google's warning reads, "your destination may be closed by the time you arrive.

"This gives you one more reason to encourage your clients and even for your own business, to make sure your business hours of operation are correctly listed in your Google My Business center. "
15 June 2015 via +Google OS 
Quotes Card in Google Search

"Google shows a card with a long list of quotes for searches like [Einstein quotes]. This works in the desktop interface and the mobile site and it's a quick way to find some quotations without visiting any search result."

The results will not show the source of the quotes. Some are not pleased, and of course, quote sites are certainly not pleased about this.
19 June 2015 via Bing Blogs
Customize campaign data to save time and finish faster

For SEMs:
Mods to Campaign Data for Bing Ads. Pick columns you want and save them for later. Columns are saved per user. Use categories to find columns more easily. 
18 June 2015:
Not Panda: Google Confirms Another Core Search Algorithm Update

FYI: Just another algo update of the hundreds of updates each year. In case you noticed any changes. _____________________________________________________
16 June 2015 via Bing Blog
Bing Moing to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default

"With the move to encrypted search by default we will continue to pass along a referrer string so that marketers and webmasters will be able to identify traffic as coming from Bing. However, to further protect our users’ privacy, we will not include the used query terms.  We will still provide some limited query term data available without compromising the security of customer data through our various webmaster and advertiser tools..."

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Personally I have not seen any boost or drop after the https update. Is Google turning up the nudges or are more and more sites implementing https?

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Long, but a good read about ethics with Penguin. Certainly something to rile SEOs up.

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Not really unexpected. What I do like is that the spokesman (-men) from Google isn' t from the web spam team. 

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You get a Facebook, and you get a Facebook. Everybody gets a Facebook! But you get a Twitter.  (Insert Oprah meme here.)

"It is interesting that Bing is giving this prominent placement to Facebook, especially consideirng Bing and Twitter have a deal, and Bing could just as easily be placing tweets in that spot."

"Bing has also done deals with Facebook, most notably providing Facebook with translation features for posts in a language other than the one the user has set as their preferred language, however Facebook has alternately dropped them and reused them..."

"Bing has definitely been stepping up with social media in their search results.  Last month they added a “Trending on Social Networks” section to search results that had a lot of Facebook and/or Twitter posts."

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Bottom line:
"According to Gary Illyes from Google [in a tweet link in the article] , he said that Google does, in fact, consider all SSL certificates as equal when it comes to ranking purposes."

And of course, always get a certificate from a company recognized as a Certificate Authority (CA). Well, that's m2c.

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via +The SEM Post

[Despite the tweet, however,] "Many believe that Google tracks bounce rate, not through Analytics, but by using data that shows when a searcher clicks through to a site, and then clicks on another result in that same set of search results in a very short period of time, especially since Google does track those clicks."

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260 characters in this SERP page snippet. But we know that Google only allows 160 characters in the meta description. But now a days the rules are not maintained sometimes. One of my friend +K Neeraj Kayastha   told me yesterday that "*Google Search Results now pro-searcher not pro-SEO.*"
He is absolutely right.
I have found a logic why the larger snippet displays in the SERP. In this Image see at the top search query there are three keywords Post FREE Ads, Natun Bazar, Free Classified. All the results are below 160 characters except the last one with 260 characters. Why this snippet is larger. May be the logic is my search queries. You can see the description at the last snippet that there are all three keywords are showing. Google collected all the keywords for me i have searched from the page because she thoughts that this might be helpful for me, And the website is well optimized, most visited in Bangladesh so this comes to the SERP. I have visited the site and found that the meta description is totally different for the page. So Google collected the important text from the websites body that are matched with my queries and this is the reason for the snippet to become larger than others.
You can see that most of the top snippets also showing the keywords but all the keywords are between 160 characters so those snippets don't need to be larger. 
May be i'm not 100% right. You can share different thought. Thank you. 
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