I need some advice.

I know I shouldn't get wrapped up in titles and such but I'm finding it hard to explain what I actually DO with WordPress and web servers.

Here's what I DO:
1. I install, setup & configure WordPress through the 5 Minute Install. In this process I enter the SALT data and MySQL data.
2. I install and customize themes and plugins. (I'm still learning PHP.)
3. On the server side of things, I setup the Linux server, install Apache, PHP and MySQL. I do all configurations needed for WordPress to work smoothly and efficiently.

I wouldn't call myself a WordPress Developer, but at the same time I don't like how "WordPress implementer" sounds. I think that undermines my other skills.

What do you think of "WordPress Systems Administrator?"

I'm open to discussion and suggestions!´╗┐

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We're trying an experiment and have created repositories for Bones-LESS and Bones-SCSS: These repos combine the Bones starter theme with the wp-less and wp-sass libraries, to enable users to easily download a single zip file and instantly get up and running using Bones with a CSS pre-processing language. Feedback and issues welcomed!´╗┐
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