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My GH5 arrived.
First impression: I won't be able to add support for the HDMI cable attachment to my new GH5-Cage design but I will most certainly make use of the 2 threads.
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"Three other businesses units -- digital cameras , private branch exchange telephone systems and optical disk drives -- will be dismantled. Each will be scaled back and placed under the umbrella of other operations, with headcount to be reduced ."

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The perfect monitor for the GH5?

Fuck. CVP asked for an updated shipping address during the final payment process.
They confirmed that shipping address in writing.
And now my camera is in an express shipment to the WRONG CITY in the WRONG STATE. They are trying to deliver it to an address that was fine at the beginning of January, when I placed the order but where I am not NOW.

from the manual

"Motion pictures cannot be recorded to the card at [4:2:2 10bit]
during HDMI output"

I thought they had finally fixed that limitation!
Does that also mean that I still can't use Wifi remote control/monitoring whild doing a 10bit recording internally or externally?

I have designed a GH4 cage. (using 5 generations of 3D printed prototypes for a CNC milled final result)

I'm currently modifying it to fit a GH4 with battery grip and when my GH5 arrives
I plan to do a GH5 version
and hopefully also a GH5+battery grip version.

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