Christmas all year long...
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Created by g+ team
intermission ,,, entr'acte
Time to shovel the snow (( 1 cm )
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+Gail Beaudette Thank you, have a nice weekend, too:-)
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Yes I have a wish. I would like to get more followers on christmas google+ site. Its all about christmas lights. Not copied self written.
Make a wish come true follow me. Thank you. Eugen
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Created by g+ Team
light snow with 3 degrees ( - 16 C ) AB - CA
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+Gail Beaudette Yes, I like it very much, too:-)
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Created by g+ Team
minus 14 Degrees with light snow (( - 24 C ))
1 cm of snow to shovel on a sunny day
will warm up to (( - 14 C )) in the afternoon 7 degrees .
A beautiful day wishes to all on g+
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Is it too early to do some Christmas shopping for next year? Great bargains can be found in January. Here are some of the books I bought for future presents, and guess what? I get to try some of the recipes before I give them away. The soup book has many yummy recipes!
#christmasgifts   #christmasshopping   #bargainshopping   #booksale   #books   #barnesandnoble   #deals   #savings  
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Thanks guys for watching my video. x Jérém
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Russia. A voyage to Russia - Russian Federation 2014, Eurasia ( Россия, Russland, Russie, Rusia, 俄罗斯, रूस, ロシア ).
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I love Christmas.
This is a most lovely Christmas video. I can watch it over and over.
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Love is in the air...
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That is cool . 
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Snow during the night
Freezing Rain on Friday , slippery roads
weather Sunny day 9 degrees ( - 13 C )
intermission ,,,,,,,,,,, time to shovel
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Craig Bryan

Discussion  - 
A ScenePast Movie THEN & NOW! The "Martini House" from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is one of just two remaining filming locations from the classic. You can find it at 4587 Viro Road, La Cananda Flintridge, CA The other remaining location from the film? The gymnasium with pool beneath the floor. That location remains at Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, CA.
Described as "amazing" by Mental Floss, the "ScenePast: Movie & TV Time Travel" app showcases OVER 900 exact Movie & TV locations THEN & NOW. Visit us at
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+kimmo lonka Yes, wow:-)
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Kamila R.

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Sprakly snowflakes xmas card :) 
I said my goodbyes to Christmas but xmas cards just keep coming ;) This card is a mix of die cutting and blending distress inks AND perfect pearls :) Plus a sentiment from Love you a latter stamp s...
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Shop for Christmas in January? You'll be surprised why you should. #christmas  #shopping
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Fontes Maria

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Lovely +Fontes Maria
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