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Hello my name is Oliver neale-landeryou, I have created this group for people to join me in the petition on and on Facebook, currently I work at tesco in kings Lynn, Norfolk the store is an extra I am a dot com driver for year now me and 50 other drivers had tryed to get new vans as our are outdated the paintwork is worn and damaged the engines fail often the fridge and freezer compartments are in a bad condition and vans are not safe altogether but somehow pass the MOT which is beyond me some of the vans are as old as 2010 and mist vans done over 200,000 miles. Please going on to Facebook and search "make tesco equal, fair and safe" and click the link to and read my story and if you feel compelled to help my and so many other cause please sign the petition all signs are confidential unless you share on social media then it will show you have signed it. Thankyou.
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