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During the Official part of AvatarFest, We have welcomed 144 Unique visitors!! WOW!! :-))

The System did count any avatar just Once, even if they were repeatedly there.

This is quite a nice Score.

In just a few minutes, we will have the final event of Avatarfest. Oshi Shikigami will be closing things down with mixed media presentation of sound and poetry. That's today, at ...wait, that's in twenty minutes! Come on over! It's at 1pm SLT, HG address

Hope to see you there!

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The final Event is now at AvatarFest. Oshi will be reading her Poetry on Plot #9

Today we have the final event of Avatarfest.

As always, +Oshi Shikigami will be closing things down with a reading of her poetry.

That's today, at 1pm SLT -hope to see you there!

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Awesome photographs -thank you, +WIZARDOZ CHROME
@ Party AVATAR FEST 2018 Opensim. October 07
DJ +Han Held
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As y'all might have noticed, we're experiencing some network issues today.

Zak has dug around the datacenter and fixed things -he says that if anyone has problems teleporting over they need to do two things;

1)Clear their viewer cache
2)Use the map; type and teleport over that way

*3)If you still have problems teleporting over, restart the region you're in, or go to another region that doesn't have the old avatarfest network information (IP) in it's cache ...and teleport from there using them map*

I will also be posting a new landmark in the metro Avatarfest group too.

That said today's events:

Torben Asp will be playing from 12pm until 1pm

SingerGirl Melody will be performing from 3:15 until 4:15

DJ Shelenn of the IMA will be performing from 4:30 until the last person drops :)

Thank you Torben, Singergirl and Shelenn for performing today, and thank you to everyone for your patience!

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Anyone who wants to read from own work, show anything for an Audience, but does not have a suitable plot for it, I have set my Plot (9) free for this. In the "college room" style setup there is place for 43 Audience + 9 Presenters.
There is allso an Interactive Texture / Picture display Panel, and a MOAP Panel.
Parcel Media is now set to the Stream for Spike Sol, and can be changed by me when needed.

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Here's a small teaser of the sights you'll see at Avatarfest 2018, the last act!

Our very sincere thanks to +Leighton Marjoram for making another great video this year!

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Some awesome photos taken by +WIZARDOZ CHROME :D
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