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Welcome new members!

Please be sure to read the "About this community" post. Remember, no spamming. That'll get you booted immediately. But feel welcome to openly and civilly discuss and share your interests in science, specifically, about science deniers and ways to help them learn, also civilly. Consider yourself their guiding light, not an angry opponent.

And remember, science isn't politically sided. Science lovers come from all walks of life and all sides of politics. We are not a one sided political group. We are not a political group. You will find peers here with political opinions all over the map and who may even be politically active outside this community! but we all share a love of science and we keep our politics out of this community.

And enjoy!

Welcome new members! Please remember that everyone here is your peer and your friend. This is not a place to start arguments, promote your religious or political beliefs or bash those beliefs of others. This is to showcase bad science such as flat earthism and the like. To show scientific claims that can easily be refuted with facts and math.

Have fun!

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Did you miss this week's Sunday Science episode?
It was called "Andy's Adventures" and +Andy DeWitt presents his experiences visiting the VLA (Very Large Array).
Special guest: Geologist +Steven Baumann !
Additionally, there were updates on our "Build Your Own Radio Telescope" project. Hope some of you are building along with us!
You're in luck! You can catch the replay here:

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Jun 8 Movie Night LIVE! Flerfers and Frauds Edition
Special memorial tribute to Jade West by our good friend +Hillel Finder
Interact LIVE with our esteemed panel! (and me) … via +YouTube

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Forgot to add this one to SDHoS videos...

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Movie Night LIVE: Hovind the Elder
Midnight Eastern tonight!
Interact LIVE with our esteemed panel!

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We have been remiss in not selecting a recipient for performance during 2017!
Special thanks to Tom Simunsen for reminding us to prioritize this!
Everyone: please submit nominations for this dubious honor in the comments!

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Climate Science Series has begun!
Did you miss the latest episode of Sunday Science: Climate I, CO2... How do we know?
Starring +Andy DeWitt and +Scientist Mel !
Relax, you can catch the replay!
In this episode, the first in the Climate Science series, we discuss carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, how it's measured and its effect on sea life.

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Let the (science based) puns begin!
Pun channel now open for all manner of bad humor on our Discord server! Bring your wurst, you never sausage a thing!
(And, while you're there, feel free to chat with any of our Science Strike Force members!) #Puns
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