I have a question I just bought the app for android and was wonder how to set it up for best performance. Thank you 

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Happy New Year all!
The folks at CaprockWeather are doing some celebrating and have a sale going on thru Jan 25th. Give it a try with PYKL3Radar http://caprockweather.com 

PYKL3 Version released to Google Play with a couple of new enhancements. Amazon users are scheduled to receive the update next week. The changes will appear the first time the program is run after the upgrade. Enjoy!

I like. My pyk lar 3 

What's up with Pyk3lite. Have been unable to access any wfo's for at least the last 3 days?

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All Radar locations blinking Red for me now. I suspect that the entire system is down again, correct?

Just as a reminder, last month, we issued an update for PYKL3Radar to accommodate changes in NOAA's server network. They have recently disabled the old links and one must upgrade (free for licensed users of PYKL3Radar) in the Play Store or Amazon in order to continue to have access to local radar data.

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Update to P3 has been posted to both Google Play and Amazon AppStore.  Play will see the update within a few hours.  Amazon may take until tomorrow (Sorry folks, they are slow)

Update. The NWS has had to make a change to their server which requires an update of P3. This is being worked and will hopefully have a release to everyone here in a couple of hours.
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