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You may not have heard from me in the past few months anymore. I haven't been checking Google+ for a long time due to school and life. As well as that, Google announced that Google+ will be shutting down in August 2019. As our Google+ page is slowly dying, I urge the current users of this community to migrate over to the other services we use. It was a good run here, but as I can't keep up managing the community, I'm sorry to say that the community will no longer be active by me. If I find anyone who would be willing to service the Google+ page, I'll let them run it until Google+ shuts down.

Other ways for reporting bugs, requests, etc

How to instal lawnstep on no root android 8.1?? (P20 pro emui 8.1)

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Dock doesn't looks proper icons are too much on top and search too much bottom there is too much usual gap between apps and search bar ..that looks ugly... Default dock mood is more worst.. please fix this

Hey what's up. Why project is silent for a while?

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Timebased dark mode would be great

How does lawnchair v2 work on the pixel 2?

Newest alpha: Included At a Glance widget doesn't show next event when it is upcoming like the original widget from Google app does

I want to help translating Lawnchair v.2 into Japanese. How can I help?

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Which one looks better?
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Rounded dock with dark text
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Transparent dock with light text
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Transparent dock with dark text
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