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Don't forget Lawnchair Style!

Wanting to share your Lawnchair setup to others? Lawnchair Style is the perfect community to do so. The community hasn't gained much attention recently and that's probably due to no signs of it on any of our announcements. We hope to see some growth in the community.

I got a new phone and installed lawn chair when I give it location access and turn on weather it does not show up on my home screen how do I fix this?

Is there a way we can adjust the height of the search bar?

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New Lawnchair inspired wallpapers are out!

I've made two Lawnchair inspired wallpapers this week. I'm really digging the look and I'm sure many of you will enjoy it just as much. Make sure to check out the link below and download them for free!

Download wallpapers:
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Is the current version in the Play Store the final v1?

Question. When moving from the side loaded version of Lawnchair, to the Play Store version, how do I back up my system so I can just import all my settings and icon locations without having to redo everything from scratch?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Is anyone experiencing the problem with Google feed? For some reason mine went back to the old format today however when I switch to pixel launcher I get the full experience (the photo with Trump)
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Can we have weather status last for a few hours in offline mode? When I disable internet access a few minutes later the weather widget reverts to date widget.

Hello everyone. Is it a bug, that the weather info wont refresh on the homescreen? It only refresh if I reboot the phone. I installed the latest version from the Play Store, Google App and Lawnfeed are also up to date. Nexus 5, Lineage 7.1.2.

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Lawnchair launcher, 28-Mar-2018

The app-shortcut of the app in the third column of the folder comes from the second column app.This is only in the leftmost column of the desktop and Dock.

Note-This problem only comes with the "full width widgets" on.

Desktop grid=5×5
No of Dock icons=5
Lawnchair launcher, 28-Mar-2018

Android-Redmi Note 4,7.0 NRD90M
{MIUI Global 9.5 | Stable}
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