somethhing goes wrong with the spaceship and the emergacny ligths come on and sonic hears a mesasge come in

ground control to major tom.
ground control to major tom.

+Alongcame Adrian

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Sonic: Hey, hello is there someone here? I need a rocket to fly up to space!
Rouge: Talking to Sonic through a Pc I think no one is here, Sonic
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you come across newton eletrical as the rain is bouncing down


hey there


advertising is allowed but not in the rp filters.

do not harass other users or spam them

follow the basic sort of online rules

you may only rp as characters from these universes
(sonic the hedghog, undertale, fire emblem and death note)

polls will be posted so you can vote on what franchise i should add to the list


75 years ago a rocket was launched into space but malfunctioned heavily and the man in it died from lack of oxegen
years later at newton eletrical the screens that were supposed to be not displaying anything started displaying letters many pepole who were there at the time claimed that it was speaking and showed footage of rockets launching along with a strange face later grafitti was spayed on the window of newton electronic saying no pla thats all the news reporter got out of it before collapsing for some strange reason

after this the media just assumed it was the fault of a few typical teenagers trying to play a prank on everyone and forgot about what happened at newton electronic


will you too?

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