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Are you unhappy in school? Bored, stressed out, anxious?

This recurring hangout will give you the opportunity to talk out your feelings about school, your thoughts about your future, and your ideas about what you could do and learn if you left school.

March 6, 7:00 pm, Google Hangout

You could even invite your parents to the hangout!

Before it starts, give some thought to and maybe jot down some ideas on what you would do if you were able to stop going to school.

From Catalyst Learning Network

Please pass this on to friends who might be interested!

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#clsummer14 is now Catalyst Learning Network

It's been a busy few months for +Lisa Cooley and I.  We're launching an organization and program called Catalyst Learning Network, which is about providing a solution for those who are unhappy in traditional education.

The idea is basically to do what #clsummer14  was intended to be; but do it full-time, not just over a summer.  We've been connecting with lots of people who support the idea, mostly on FB and by email, but we're going to use G+ as a big part of our strategy going forward.

What we do: We'll provide support and learning opportunities for those still in school, but a big part of Catalyst is that we'll work with families to help them find alternatives to school.

Check out our site at!

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Hi everyone.  Well, summer is long past, but I've been continuing the basic goals of this community under the name Dialogue on Education, over on Facebook, with +Lisa Cooley.  We've got some lively discussions going over there, so if anyone would like to join, go for it!

Also, I think I'm going to re-brand this community as the G+ space for Dialogue on Learning.  The idea is really to get all kinds of parties in dialogue in an area where educational transformation is happening, but so many people are stuck in the models of the past. 


I am likely to be writing an article soon, and will need to interview somebody for it.

Back when I used to interview people regularly, I carried a cassette recorder (yes, it was that long ago) to record the conversation for later reference.

Since I no longer have a working cassette recorder, and the person I'm going to interview is across the country from me, I thought Google Hangout might be the way to go.

I know hat one can broadcast a hangout, using GHoA—but I don't want to broadcast, just record.

So, can I do that—and how?

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This is interesting. How can the case be made to more people?

+Justin Schwamm +Roz Hussin +Mark Poole and the rest of you...

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I'm looking forward to this... hopefully it'll be recorded for those who can't make it!

Either way, vote for this if you'd like to help get the word out about learning beyond school.  So many people still associate "education" and even learning largely with school-as-usual, but a lot more of us than in the past are looking to get the word out.  It's exciting. :)

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From +Jon Barilone:

"Happening tomorrow at 9am PT (12pm ET). We'll be chatting with several youth leaders from +Online Model United Nations about what they're learning by connecting/debating with international peers. It's a great example of 'entrepreneurial learning' in action!"

Another example of what connect learning makes possible.  I'm interested in hearing more about Online Model United Nations... how about all of you?
(You can either watch & chat LIVE here on Google Plus, or watch at and chat on Twitter using the #connectedlearning hashtag)

What lessons can we learn from a community of youth who are actively discussing our world's most pressing issues in an open, social, participatory environment?

On Tuesday, August 12 from 9-10m PT (12-1pm ET), jump into this realtime chat with youth from Online Model United Nations for insights on what they're learning from engaging in passionate peer debates about real-world issues. Our guest speakers will gladly address your questions in realtime via this Event Page or #connectedlearning on Twitter.

This webinar is part of an August series called "Cultivating Global, Entrepreneurial Learners in the Networked Age." Check out all the details at

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Student Voice Live! is a day-long event in NYC on Sept. 20.  Some of us are also planning a meetup/online event the next day.

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