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This is a basic breadboard version of the BBB-4 on a solderless breadboard, and the results were poor. All I received was loud hum, and when I built this it used a shielded RF choke with a inductance value of 150 mH and 10 mH molded choke which did not receive anything. When I had a power outage, I tried to test it again, still no joy. I just bought me some plastic orange audio transformers and I will be building it again and demonstrating in a video soon. It tunes from 300 Hz to 10 kHz.

For to build this yourself following the link below :

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This remote VLF receiver uses a UHF-FM type transmitter and sends it back to the receiver with a UHF-FM tuner.  Same concept as a VHF-FM transmitter set to 87.9 FM over here where I live.   Soon I am going to building a B-Field type VLF receiver since I live in a apartment and I have to keep interference to a minimum.  Right now at this time, I have not constructed it yet.  Updates are coming soon. 

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While you listen to your local or remote VLF radio station, be sure to monitor this map for the current sferic activity that is occuring after each lightning crash. You will also know where the lightning came from when you hear that VLF Natural Radio phenomena that is occuring such as whistlers, chorus, roaring, and more. You can also join this community to set up your own lighting detection system just follow the link, and don't forget to download and study the manual first before getting started. The lightning detectors work the same way as any VLF radio receiver from 1 kHz to 10 kHz.

Post has attachment     Here is the right VLF receiver I have to build myself to feed into the left channel of the FM stereo transmitter and the Forest, VA
VLF station.  As an experiment, I need to get 2 USB sound cards instead of 1 USB sound card to feed Forest, VA and on the right channel Todmorden, UK, which will be in that stereo configuration one of these days. 

Post has attachment   I want to build this myself using one of the perf boards that I bought from a 10 pack of proto boards,. but first, I need to find a audio transformer or 160 mH inductor. 

Post has attachment    If you want to keep up with the latest sferics updates and how the lightning is progressive.  Tune in over here.  You can also start your own VLF Natural Radio station if you can try to get in touch with the admin of this page.    Happy hunting! 
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