Funny, I only now remember spending hours with Meccano and Panini. But I’d have to say that  books were the gears of my childhood. I am still an avid reader, but I don’t really feel comfortable making big connections between then and now. If a fascination with keys predicts that someone will be involved in the ‘open’ movement on the web, another German word comes to mind: hineininterpretierung. If Joi Ito had become a professional thief, it also would have worked.

Although Joi Ito is saying the ‘right’ things (badges, collaboration, critical thinking, …) I actually agree more with his sister. I get bit tired of people using ‘the traditional classroom’ as a monolithic block. I think it’s great that he found his way in life by using the internet, but I wouldn’t build my whole education system around the assumption that everyone would profit from this.

For a lot of people education is not working as it should. So let’s look for ways to fix that, without pretending that every traditional classroom is a one way street where poor students are being force fed stuff they don’t need to know. I for one never taught that way.

I am convinced that technology is changing the way we teach and learn, but I try to stay away from the utopian/dystopian extremes. Any thoughts?

and I managed to neglect this course completely, I wonder if I can catch up...

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I missed the lesson, I'll catch up tomorrow evening as have a big deadline and I'm a mess :)

Nice to be able to participate. :)


Just missed the beginning but I'll catch up.
I'm quite intrigued by the subject. 

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