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Austin and Ty Dillon
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Will be posting my pics in the next few days my experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway and the race in my blog. The blog is

Also, thanks to Dana and here listing as I was able to meet Austin Dillon, Ty Dillon and Brian Scott at Bass Pro Shop. If it is ok, I would like to post a pic or two in here.

Great Race. Loved being there. The #2 car won after Jimmie Johnson dominated the race. Had a great time.

+Jeff Gordon wins the Coors Light Pole for Saturday night at # Charlotte Motor Speedway. #NASCAR #Team24

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Feelin' great.

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Joy, joy, joy!

Qualifying time.. under the lights in Charlotte. . #NASCAR #Team24

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Lots of NASCAR driver appearances in Dover this weekend!! 
Appearance listings! >>

#MonsterMile #nascarDriverAppearances 
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