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Calling all users of the LG 360 Cam worldwide. This is our user community where we share our knowledge and experiences with regards to the LG 360 Cam. Do invite other friends who are also users of the LG 360 Cam here. This community is a public, non-profit community, and it's not sponsored anyway by LG.
Do share any useful information or tips or experience with the LG 360 Cam!

== if you are currently facing some technical issue ==

Please first verify the below, to check if what you are facing is a legitimate issue that has not yet been rectified.

1) Update your LG360 Cam Manager app on your phone to the latest version from either the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store. Older versions of the phone software may have some known issues.

2) Update your LG360 Cam firmware (the software in the camera) to the latest version. Older versions have known issues, and have lesser quality photo/video output. To update your LG360 Cam firmware, download the LG Bridge software on your PC or MAC. Then connect your LG360 Cam to the PC/Mac via the USB camera, turn it on, and use the LG Bridge to update to the latest firmware. Firmware packages may be over 400MB in size, and make sure your LG360 is sufficiently charged before this operation. Some users have issues connecting the LG360 Cam to the PC/Mac, and you may need to install the USB drivers (only if needed). All software can be downloaded here.

* One can also update the camera firmware through the LG 360 Cam Manager on the phone, although, this will incur cellular data usage.

3) If you find that your videos are not stitched properly, chances are that you are using the native files directly from the Camera prior to stitching. Note that in the LG 360 Cam storage, the native photos are pre-stitched (photos usually do not have issues), but the native videos are not pre-stitched. To ensure your 360 Video is stitched, either
- Use the LG360 Cam Manager on the phone to download videos from the LG360Cam to the phone, before posting or sharing it online to YouTube, Google Photos, Facebook etc. OR
- Alternatively, copy the native files from LG360Cam to your PC/Mac and use the LG360Cam Viewer software to stitch the video manually on the computer. The LG 360 Cam Viewer software can be downloaded and installed from this link. Do follow the instructions when installing the Codec.

4) Photos taken with the LG 360 Cam can be enhanced with many graphic apps in the phone, for example Snapseed, Google Photos etc. These apps can edit the photo exposure, color etc without damaging the xml tagging for the 360 photos. Some apps do remove the xml tagging of the photo, which results in the photo being displayed as a flat photo. You can re-tag the xml tags using XML tagging tools on the phone if needed.

5) If you face issues that cannot be resolved, one option is to try to reset the Cam to factory setting.
- How to Reset the Device Simultaneously press and hold the Power Button and the Shutter Button for 8 seconds. Release the buttons after you hear the second beep, and then press the Power Button within 4 seconds to reset the device.

6) Your default WIFI password is “00” plus the last six digits of your product’s serial number.

7) Join our FB and G+ community in the links below.

Most users problems can be rectified by the few items above. If you have a real issue that isn't covered by the above, you can share it here, and also contact technical support of LG.

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The free Google SnapSeed app can edit (filter and enhance) 360 pictures and save them without losing the 360 metadata.

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Hi! I recently purchased the 360 LG R 105 and want to make the planet effect. I looked into a tutorial and it said I needed an equirectangular image and then to manipulate it in After Effects. That's all good. The thing though, is that when I export my 360 video footage from the app onto my phone the image looks like the one I'd need for After Effects, but when I export the image onto my computer, instead of having a equirectangular image I get two spheres. Can someone help me? :)... The Image I get on my phone (the one that I need) is the one with no spheres, and the one with spheres is the one I get once I export it onto my computer (both are the same video file)

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I captured the latest LG 360 firmware URL. I am downloading it now (slowly):

I've not been overly impressed with the results I've obtained with the LG360 stitching software. I've used the Ricoh Theta S and the quality of the stitching seems much better. This could be down to the LG360 hardware being slightly inferior but I can't help but feel that the stitching software isn't great.

I tried to run the LG360 video through the Ricoh software but that failed and I wonder if there might be some metadata identifying the source within the video file?

I'd really like to test out some other stitching solutions with the LG360 footage :-).

Have any of you tried using alternative stitching solutions? (I'm Windows based) 

I just got three LG 360 cameras from ebay, listed as "for parts" and "not working". The photos in the listing showed the bottoms broken, where they had been bent and ripped off tripod mounts, with the internal threaded mount point no longer in the camera. There were no photos of the back sides of the cameras or lenses. Despite repeated questions about the back lenses to the vendor, I never got a reply. The listing (for all three cameras) was for $99 and free shipping, but it also allowed "Make Offer". I offered $60, but my offer was rejected. I then offered $75, but that offer was ignored, and the auction timed out with no other offers or watchers besides myself. They relisted it, and I LOWERED my offer to $67. This time they accepted it.

The cameras just arrived. I was VERY disappointed in how they shipped these cameras. They were in a bubble lined envelope, but the cameras were taped together, with no padding, and with the glass lenses all pressed against each other. That could scratch or scuff the lens coating and damage the lenses. And sure enough, one lens is scuffed exactly where it was in contact with another camera lens.

I charged and tested all three cameras. They all work fine, except there is a blurry spot in the recorded video on one camera (where it was scuffed in shipping from the lens rubbing against another camera lens, even after careful cleaning and polishing). Very unwise shipping practices, indeed, despite repeated questions about lens quality...
However, at that price ($23.33 each including shipping) I was primarily interested in using OLD FIRMWARE to capture a new firmware image while upgrading. Sure enough, all three cameras are running F/W version 'c' (newest is 'l'). The old firmware does lower resolution video preview streaming (per the LG spec) rather than the newer 1536x768 video streaming, and the LG app has a number of features disabled (including live streaming), saying the camera needs a firmware upgrade.

Anyway, this ebay purchase was much better than I expected, but it could have been even better if they had not scuffed a lens by extremely poor packaging during shipping. Also, these cameras have no cables or cover to protect the lenses.

One of them had a 4GB microSD card installed (like a previous used camera I purchased). Unlike the other camera that had T-Mobile cellphone store photos on it (taken from an LG 360 mounted in a store demo display), this "broken" camera had photos and video taken from an LG 360 mounted in a store display in an AT&T cellphone store.

After I get the camera batteries fully charged, I will try capturing firmware during an upgrade. I have three attempts at this (because three "old-firmware" cameras).

And I just need to glue an appropriate threaded nut into the broken camera housing bottom, and these cameras should be good to go (for personal use). I may give one or more of my other (nice and complete) cameras as gifts to friends and relatives who are interested in VR and 360 photos (especially my grand kids)...

Now I have seven LG 360 cameras plus six XDV360 (Pano View) cameras (now only $39.99 shipping, with lots of accessories and underwater housing). And the XDV360 cameras even have root access via ADB, and can run custom apps on them.

And if you are not already aware, all of these various 360 cameras run android OS (because they are basically smart phones without the phone-specific hardware).

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How to run your LG 360 camera for more than 20 minutes.

Edit: sorry for the double-post; I forgot I had posted a similar question a few weeks ago. This has more research info and I am hoping someone can assist. :)

Is there any way to manually update the LG 360 camera without LG Bridge or PC Suite? I have a LGR105 with an older firmware (R10508e). The current Android version of the LG 360 Cam software (v5.2.6 & v5.2.7) appears to require this firmware update as it will not connect to the camera. (v5.1.9 connects immediately).

Neither LG Bridge or LG PC Suite will recognize the camera to so I can update the firmware. LG Bridge will see my LG G5 on same config & USB cable. I have tried the software on several PCs (Win7 x86, Win7 x64, Win8.1, Win10) and a Mac (Mac OS X 10.14) with several different USB cables and USB 2.0/3.0 ports with the exact same results: I plug in the camera and LG Bridge tries to connect for 30 seconds and then responds with 'Cannot Connect. Disconnect the USB cable from your computer and reconnect.'

I suspect a similar fimare issue with LG Bridge as to the Android app. I have tried an older version of LG Bridge (1.2.10) with no luck.

Is there any way to manually update the LG 360 camera by putting the firmware on a MicroSD card or similar? If so, is there a location to download the latest firmware? (

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