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1. Don't be Xx_Wierd_xX

2. Don't invade 2 or more nations

3. M8 plez don't get after me for petty shet

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it actually worked for me, i was kissed (i didn't want the kiss part to happen but oh well)

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I made map of Germanized France... You know where it goes

I War On poland because hes not remove kebab

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Kebab (Turks) can be killed, but can't be defeated. -Napoleon Bonaparte

Nation:French Galactic Republic
Place:France and Germany
Leader:Grasant De Napoleon IV
Known For:Creating A Galactic Empire
Military:300 Tanks/280,000 Soldiers/Air Force 200/Canons 211
Government:Impiral Republic(Remove Kebab)

Name: Pepole's Kingdom of Poland
Place: Poland
Leader: Tadeusz Sznuk II
Known for: His dad was in 1 from 10 show
Military: 3 million New Hussars (mechanic horse with AK-47) 50 Tankz
Policy: Communist Monarchy

Name: Wombat and Kangaroo Republic of Straya (WKRS)
Leader: Vombatidae Macropus Rufus, the first 
Land: australia

Well, I'm a kebab but I'm not racist. HELLO?!
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