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if ya read my poll you know what this dreams about

chen is remembering the most the interesting dream segment i had this morning

in my dream i was walking on a highway like road heavily forested it was midday a few mins during my walk 2 cannibals hoped out a they looked like the war boys from Mad Max Fury Road but without the chrome paint they attacked me i knocked them out with a log convinetly placed after that i start walking again but this time i got to the end of the high way in front of me was a bridge road heavy with traffic seaming to cross a ocean i start crossing it halfway through i hear another cannibal stalking me i mange to cross the bridge only to get to another road i see an opening in the woods a nice looking path i run though it to reach a white victorian era house
i open the door the first room was a huge wooden waiting room it had a wooden table in the middle with ten seats 5 at each side i see an old living room and a kitchen on the sides of the waiting room and in the middle of the wall opposite to the door was an out of place stairway i enter the stairway it went down far the first things i noticed is it went by each floor having 20 stairs between them in a pattern first the stairs were blue next floor yellow and lastly pinkish red the stairway went is a square spiral down with enough room to jump down 3 floors if you wanted to go down to the first platform open the door it was a small bedroom white walls and red bed with white pillows a small heater in the back and a window which was only blackness outside i go down another floor and open the door this one had 3 rooms the same bedroom a small white kitchen and a bathroom turquoise blue with a white sink and a purple and yellow seashell shower curtains the bathroom gave me the most chilling feeling i was scared of that room for some reason i leave check some more floors each one consisting of one or more of the 3 rooms i mentioned i finally reach the bottom of the stairs after jumping a few times my mind told me it was floor 100 it only consisted of 4 showers with the seashell patterns i was freaking out at this point i all of a sudden her knocking i knew it was the cannibal stalking me he had reached the house i knew i had to get back quick and defeat him or something terrible would happen at this point i realise this was a dream i still had only little control of it i mange to get to the top floor with the waiting room i open the door an take on the cannibal bashing his head into a draw he was dead not knowing what would come next too guys in black suits came up and shot me i felt a stinging pain right near my heart

that's when chen woke up to get ready for work even though most of the time i can tell if its a dream this one was interesting though i could not control it except at one point most others when i realise its a dream i have some control this one also had me feel pain very rarely do i get sensations in dreams chen has weird dreams


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