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Do you write ZoNa fan fiction?

Do you draw ZoNa fan art?

Do you want to celebrate ZoNami love with your ZoNa nakama!?

Then join us for our first ever ZoNami BANG! BANG!

I’m so glad you asked! It’s an event where authors and artists in our community come together to create content for our event! If you aren’t working on your own, an artist and author are paired up (through a system I’ll explain down below), so that one person writes a fanfic and the other draws fan art based on the story.

Sign up by emailing (I’ve set it up so my banner and avatar are the same as the blog!) and providing the following information:

Name: (either a nickname or how you’d prefer to be addressed)
Contact Info: (however you’d like to be contacted to discuss your submission with your partner, one-three preferred channels)
Role: (are you an artist, an author, or both?)
Once you send in your info, we will be following this schedule down below~

February 24th - March 12th: Sign Ups Open!
Fill out the information above and email it to I won’t be accepting tumblr messages / asks / etc. as a sign up, in order to keep the event organized and simplified.

March 13th - March 24th: Writer Registration
If you’re an artist, you can sit back and wait until next week for your next step. For any authors, here’s where you sell your story to your potential artist! This is what you’ll need to submit to me via email no later than March 24th @ 11:59 PM EST.

Name: (for your artist)
Estimated Word Count: (5,000 words or less! 10k is the absolute maximum!)
Rating: (G - NSFW)
Warnings: (potential triggers, such as extreme violence, heavy drug usage, etc.)
Summary:Notes / Snipit: (any extra details)

March 25th - March 31st: Artists Pick!
After compiling all of the submitted Authors’ Registrations, I will send out a Google Doc to all participants. When an artists sees a story they want to draw for, email me so I can strike it off the Google Doc and connect you with your partner!
All artists should make their decisions no later than March 31st @ 11:59 PM EST! Otherwise, an author will be selected on your behalf.

April 1st - April 3rd - Pair Up!
Matches finalized, you will connected with your partner during this weekend! Work together to create your matching ZoNa fanfic and fan art sets! Remember that you CANNOT post anything until the official event, giving you time to pan everything out and work out any kinks (unless that’s what you’re working on, wink wink!)

**Note If there are more of one group than the other - authors or artists - these concerns will be addressed during this time.**

June 25th - July 1st: Check-In Week
I will personally contact everyone during this time to see how things are going, and help in any way that I can to get all pairs ready for the big event! You are more than welcome to email me at any time with any concerns, but this will officially be when I pop my head in to guarantee that everyone is still on course. Because…

July 9th - July 16th: ZoNami BANG! BANG!
All week long, we will have submissions from our pairs. After working hard on your fanfics and fan art, now is the time to post them! You are more than welcome to share them on other sites, but just remember that I'll need your permission to share your submission with the tumblr community!

💚🍊 So join us, as starting today, SIGN UPS ARE OPEN!!! 🍊💚

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ZoNa Discord is UP! Join your fellow ZoNa shippers as we talk about anything and everything Zoro x Nami!

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Here's another link to join us! Our ZoNa Discord where we talk anything ZoNa is up NOW!

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Come join the ZoNa Discord, where talk about anything and everything ZoNa!

To celebrate ZoNamiWeek 2017, ZoNamiEvents will be hosting a ZoNami Mini Bang, titled ZoNami BANG! BANG!

💚🍊 What is this, exactly? 🍊💚

For this event, fanfic authors and fan artists who want to celebrate ZoNa sign-up and are then paired together. While the author writes a ZoNa story, the artist will draw a picture based on that story and ta da! Double participation~
For more info, click on the original post for ZoNami BANG! BANG! There you will find a schedule and the details of how it’ll all come together.

💚🍊 How do I sign up? 🍊💚

Easy! Send the following information to

Name: (either a nickname or how you’d prefer to be addressed)
Contact Info: (however you’d like to be contacted to discuss your submission with your partner, one-three preferred channels)
Role: (are you an artist, an author, or both? You can work solo if you wish)

💚🍊 The deadline to sign up is 11:59 PM EST on March 12th! 🍊💚

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Hmmm, my bestie thinks this is a ZoNa song! Thoughts?

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What a cute comic drawn by one of our ZoNa nakama! For the theme "beaches", enjoy!

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MMD One Piece Roronoa Zoro Film Z ARROW .... XD !!! By Me

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🌟 Themes with stars have already been claimed! 🌟

Some lovely ladies from our community have taken on their themes, and now we are even closer to filling up our calendar!

If you need assistance in choosing a theme, please go to and look at our two posts, ZoNami Holiday 2016: It's HERE!, and Holiday Themes: Explained!

Can't wait to see what you guys create~

P.S. The person who shares this calendar the most with other ZoNa fans decides which them I WILL CHOOSE for the event! Happy sharing~


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IT'S HERE! The calendar is completed!

Just comment on this post and choose which theme you'd like to claim for the event! I'll stamp your name on the day, and it will be all yours! <3 
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