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Select the theme you want to claim and create ANYTHING you'd like! Or, choose a free day and let your ZoNa creativity flow~ You can reply to this post right away and claim your theme TODAY!


Whole Cake Island is finally over! Meaning we are close to seeing Zoro and Nami together again!

Any ideas on how their first meeting in Wano will be!?

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There's ZoNa in there somewhere, somehow. For us shippers. :)

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We need YOUR help to fill out this year's calender!

Hey everybody, noticed some action on here and wanted to keep it going with a discussion:

I'm sure some of you are aware, but for those of you who aren't, Oda has signed a deal with the creators of Prison Break for them to do a Live Action One Piece TV Series. And though it will be doomed to have some "White Washing Controversy", and there is no way it can make all the hardcore fans happy, I'm kinda excited to see what may come of this series.

I'm especially excited to see how they are going to use the source material, as well as stray from the canon as all live action does (Like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Marvel Movies, etc...).

So here's the discussion: Who do you guys want to play our favorite Straw-Hats? And do you guys think there is a chance the TV crew will add romance?

Happy discussing ;-}


Hello to all my fellow ZoNa nakama! It is with my greatest pleasure to announce the ZoNami Holiday 2017 schedule!
Last year, our ZoNami Holiday 2016 was our most successful event yet! Having been on Tumblr with this account for a year and a half, to see so much support for our holiday season was truly uplifting and encouraging as a ZoNa shipper. So, I was definitely planning to bring back our calendar-based event!

What IS ZoNami Holiday 2017!?

We are going to be celebrating Zoro and Nami for the entire month of December! Each day will have a different theme, and I will ask you - yes, YOU - to claim a day with its matching theme, and create something ZoNa-y to post on that day.
How do we get the themes, you may ask? Well, here is the schedule:

❄️ November 3rd - November 17th: Submit Your Themes!
Through a reply to this post, submit a holiday theme to be placed on the calendar! I will randomize all of the themes and assign them to every day in December, excluding Wednesdays, which will be “Free Days”, so anyone who feels inspired can send something in to our ZoNa blog! (Note: You CAN pick more than ONE THEME if you feel you can handle it, for sure~ If more people want to claim a day, then you will be asked to give up any of your extra days)

❄️ November 17th - November 24th: Pick Your Theme!
I will post a visual calendar with all of the themes listed under their specific day, and you will pick which theme you’d like to claim. On that day, you are expected to post something ZoNa that is relevant to the theme you chose. It can be anything from
- Fanfiction
- Fanart
- GIF creations
- Homemade goodies
- Cosplay Pictures
- Anything made by YOU!

❄️ December 1st - December 31st: Celebrate ZoNa with Us!
Wait for your day, then post your submission and tag me so that I can share your contribution with all of your fellow ZoNa nakama! Note that by joining the event, if you do not already have a tumblr account, you are asked to give me permission to share your art on tumblr at ZoNamiEvents! If you have a tumblr, please inform me of your post so I can simply reblog it from you directly.

✨I’m SO EXCITED for this year’s amazing contributions, so get ready for a ZoNa-filled season! Feel free to begin submitting your themes TODAY!✨

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We talk all things ZoNami from the latest chapter to random theories! Come join us and talk ZoNa whenever you'd like! This link is ETERNAL, so click on it any time. :)

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new mep sweeties ^^
we hope you like it <3
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