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come Join. We need more active members for this community who would post daily.

We can't let the Hedgehog pride go down the drain! We have to fight Eggman!

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I have 2 ocs hero or villain first?
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Hero (mythic)
Vilain (nix)

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Here's my oc!
Name: mythic
Power: transforms into any mythical creature (but can only turn into dragon right now)
Pros: can transform pretty quick
Cons: when a dragon always falls into buildings

I'm putting my oc on here tomorrow

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sad & crys

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Name: Shade the hedgehog
Age: 50
Powers: Chaotic fury (Red or blue)
Likes: Freinds, running
Dislikes: bullies & lil kids (Sorry)
Jobs: (G.U.N.) Assassin, & Murder
(Has a dragon form)
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I wait at the starting point and wait for my enemy to show up.

📘Can use a weapon.
📘Can use special abilities.
📘Can use Boosters.

//Victory Conditions//
📘Has to collect a lot of Rings.
📘Have to battle and defeat your enemy.

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Anyone Up for a race?

📘Cannot use special Forms
📘Can use powers
📘Can use Items and Boosters 
📘Can use weapons

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Name: Shade maroon chaos Queen of the seven chaos
Age: 80,004
Gender: female
Species: hybrid
Height: 3,2
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