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{WELCOME TO KINDOM HEARTS BLACK ORDER RP}  must read as soon as you join

Here is the guide for the community


1. Respect members and mods of the community.
2. A certain number of mods will be made so don't ask unless I say it's ok
3. This rule only pertains to the mods. Don't change anything unless you get the ok from me. Your ideas will be heard and consulted with other mods in a private post that you will make and tag me and 2 other mods to.

kingdom or black order
Picture is needed
Weapons: if you have a keyblade you must explain why and how

Heartless profile
Magic power (mod will tell you)
Bio (how did you become heartless)

Keyblade users profile
Keyblade type (magic, defense or attack)
Keyblade ability (make your own nothing op)
Kingdom or black order

keyblade users list (must ask before making profile)

Here's the guide to everything else

Here's the wiki for everyone who doesn't know what kingdom hearts is

Post has attachment please check this out I worked really hard on it and would like any opinion or your thoughts on it

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Quotes: "I love heart Dont kill her she is friendly"

Name: Alis Hearts

Nickname: Lisa got that nickname bc of my nobody

Age: 17

Gender: female

Birthday: September 28th 2001

Zodiac: idk

Personality: kind, shy, loyal, silly, smart, brave, childish

Sexuality: straight

Crush: none but my nobody had a crush on Roxas

Weapons: keyblade and keybow (personal favorite)

Powers/abilities: to use a keyblade and magic

Type: keyblader


Hair color: pink

Eye color: blue some times right eye turns red

Height: 5,2

Weight: not saying

What they usually wear: a blue dress

Bio: I was born in a world that I don't even know but I grew up on land of departure. I had only one friend who is a heartless name heart she is a cat

Like: my pet heartless cat, friends, family, good people

Dislike: shadow, evil heartless, nobody's, villains

Friends: sora, riku, Donald, goify, Mickey, and Kairi

Parents: I don't know

Relationships: not dating anyone

Weakness: no friends, being hated, bullied, not being cared about and being alone
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Dis ded
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Hello everyone I am new here

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Name: Edgar Ronie Figaro

Age: The age is unconfirmed, so probably around his 20s now

Gender: Male

Weapons: Edgar is a machinist so he can build or pilot any weapon he needs given enough time between missions. Currently, Edgar has a chainsaw and an auto crossbow, but he has also managed to build himself a powerful suit of armor powered by magicite giving the Eidolon Knight armor abilities based around Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, and Bahamut thus also allowing him to summon these Eidolons while the head is powered by a powerful supportive magicite named Carbuncle allowing him to have magic energy shield to take damage before actually getting hurt by attacks and also allowing him to heal his comrades with beams of green energy or a radial pulse.

Personality: Edgar is very bold and courageous but also a flirtatious ladies man at times

Likes: Women, gambling, fine dining, and adventuring along with building weapons and machinery

Dislikes: Villains, abusers of power, and people trying to steal a girl he likes

Dark/Light: Light

Bio: Edgar was a kindhearted king of Figaro and proudly battled to save the world from Kefka. However, after many years of a suspended slumber, Edgar has awoken to realize he is no longer where he belongs and knows there is yet another powerful enemy to fight and has decided to put his skills to use once more

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Weapons /abilities: Has the keyblade, and can use many different spells, including cure, fire, blizzard, and thunder.

personality: thinks of every good person as friends

Likes: traveling in the gummy ship, and nice people, and hearts

Light /Dark: Light


Bio: He was a normal boy who lived in destiny islands, until he was chosen by the keyblade, and travels with Donald and goofy to defeat the evil organization 13 and clear all the worlds of heartless

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If anyone, especially +therealestJ24 lasal is broken wishes to know how Vanigx earned 7 new pieces of equipment in his arsenal, here's the story from his 1st person view written in journal entries.

Entry 47:

I have been traveling all over the place in search of a new purpose. Upon arriving at a castle, I was greeted by strange beings wearing black cloaks. They told me they were expecting my arrival and made me one of them and so I told them I was simply a warrior to their cause and a machine but also a man. The revelation caused me undergo extraordinary changes. My body was stronger, yet it felt the darkness while my skin was replaced by gold and black metal yet they gave me a sword. They didn't know what it was called, yet they dubbed it a sacred blade. My travels have ended, but a new journey begins.

End Transmission

Entry 66:
The organization sent me out to hunt down Heartless across various worlds. I stumbled across an abandoned area in one unknown world and it seemed like it was packed with some kind of ancient relics. I ran to the relics and started uncovering them only to find that they weren't ancient, but they were highly advanced. I dug through and found what seemed to be a flying device and the model was labeled 3LYTR0N, so I called it Elytron, other dig sites showed more weapons such as some kind of hook sword called Akguza and also found a huge gun. There were weird guns with rotating clips and even very complex pistols. I found it all before eliminating the Heartless in the area and bringing the relics back to the castle before restoring them to optimal functioning capability. What can these weapons do? I'm not entirely sure myself, but I will show further reports.

End Transmission

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Name: Cid Highwind

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Appearance: Blonde hair, white skin, white shirt, blue pants, slightly muscular

Weapons: None since he is a shop owner

Class: N/A

Magic: None

Partners: In the shop, Donald's nephews work with him


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