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The first Question that needs your answer is who is God?
Not what is his name, but what is God like, What is the Nature and Character of God.

The second Question that needs your attention is this, Who does God say you are.

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Steven Furtick - Lead Pastor of the Elevation Church has had a GREAT series on being forgiven, and accepting Christ's mercy and forgiveness. I'd suggest starting with the first of this series and listening to the whole thing.

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Join me in the room of Grace...

This is not a debate forum.
You are welcome to hold your own views.
Your participation in this forum is at the discretion of the moderators.
and sometimes they will get it wrong.
Relationship with each other is regarded to have more value than being right.
This Forum is not about what you need to do, it is about who God has made you to be, no matter how far in your journey you are.

God finally gave me the green light on this, welcome one and all...

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The thirty-three things are given to you strictly by God’s grace; they are not experiential but indicate our positional standing with Christ – it is our STATUS QUO before God forever.
The 33 things are not experienced.
The 33 things are owned instantly at the point of salvation.
The believer’s status quo before God is not earned by merit
They are only known by revelation – the Bible.
They come to us by grace alone by God alone.
The 33 are eternal in character, none can be lost.
*We are either perfectly saved or we are perfectly lost *

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Grace is a journey experienced in community. Trueface wants to help you navigate that journey through our books, experiences and online learning opportunities.
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