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Hey did you give latest Emy Material theme a try?

bonjour! désolé. j'ai un autre probleme!
this time is with the Bing map. when adding a pin, Bing add the element <a ref="#" ... > to the map. By default a click on the pin display an infoBox. but emy captures all clicks on a, and then, try to display a view ... 
i am new with Bing map. i am not not sure i can really customize the <a> element of the pin.
do you know a work around? (specify to emy dont capture this event for instance)

sorry. maybe there is a small bug in the emy.js (on both master and v1.1)
on the v1.1. ligne 345.  if value=null, then type(value)=='object', but then error on value.length

emy.css. ligne 36/37. there is a ':' missing
border:            0;

can we add some <section> after document.ready via js?
it seems to me emy breaks if i do it

Hi there, compiling the framework on iphone(s) with phonegap, we have noticed that the height of the views are always bigger than the screen, this don't happen in the browser inspector (chrome), do you have any suggestion?

web site down?

Hi, i'm tring to understand the use of this span style:

section fieldset > .row > span {
padding: .7em .6em 0 30%;
margin: 0;

Hello, Thanks for developing this great project, I was wondering if you can write some documentation about how to "Create own transitions and styles", as I like the project and would like to customise it further.

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