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The kingdom of stars, solor year 1695


Prince Orin was next in line for celestial throne, the only son of the current king Leo. It was his duty someday to take rhe throne and rule the kingdom with all the same power and dignity that his father before him has. No weakness could be shown he had to be perfect that was what he had been training for his whole life. Yet he wasn't as strong as his father, and he never would be.

Orin the star king was born sickly something no citizen was allowed to know about him. For this reason Orin had to stay in the place like some rare gem locked up, and never seen by the people. His illness was rare amongst the star people, and it was known to cut ones life rather short. The star prince someday would be the weakest king to take the throne in 200 solor years.

despite his illness and his fate he still tried his best, wanting to be that strong prince everyone excepted him to be. He would work hard daily to succeed in all that he did, even if he would collapse form exhaustion during the lessons. Most days one could find rhe prince sitting in the garden painting the nature of the kingdom. Everything seeming to have stars captured inside them. He wanted to capture their beauty it was just his pleasure.


(y/n) was of a gang of rebels who wanted to take down the kingdom. The crown called the your gang terriosts monsters who wanted to create civil war and unrest amongst the people. You called yours freedom fighters. The crown had all the power the people deserved to have a say in matters, they needed to be able to speak out without fear of dying. The current king Leo and his father before him Cepheus have both been vary strong and cruel kings. The citizens have lost most of there freedoms, and their is great fear that his unseen son will be just like them both

With this fear in mind a plan was set in motion to get the current ruling family off the throne. The kings queen had recently passed, and he will not have another heir to the throne should something happen to the star prince. (Y/n) was going to Kindnap the prince during the glaxey ball. It was the first time the prince was attending a social event, and (y/n) would be able to seek in and make off with the boy. What would happen to him after that was up to the other members


The night of the galaxy ball (y/n) managed to seek in with ease with the masquerade theme no one questioned your placement. You blened into thw crowd of rich nobles biting your tounge as they talked trash about the unruly citizens. The whole ball seemed to glow with star light captured stars glowed high above in the chandeliers. Servants walked around with trays of sparking liquids in clear glasses like (y/n) had never seen. There was pastries, and other beautifully decorated treats on other trays passing by. Music played from a string quartet filling the room with music. It was rather breath taking.

The king stood in a corner chatting with some nobles making good face as he was supposed to do. Despite his cruelty he was rather good at playing nice. There was still no sign of the star prince Orin.

Orin stood behind the current dividing the ball room from the rest of the castle, he was afraid of what would happen. He thought he would make a fool of himself on his first pubic appearance. He took a breath and walked out to hear a voice call his name announcing his presence and letting (y/n) know that it was time to begin...

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Vampire hunters are suppose to be things people make up in scary stories or stories of any kind involving a vampire; but unfortunately that isn't the case now a days. Just like vampires and monsters, hunters were created to defeat them. How do you become a hunter might you ask? Well first you are either an orphan or a child that ran away between the ages of 8 to 13. People wearing black suits while having a very scary and intimidating feeling comes up to you and offers you a for them and you won't ever have to face your problems with your families again, and, for a bonus, they will give you almost anything you could possibly want.

The second step is to start the training. At first it may seem normal and silly things like going for a small run or lifting weights to make sure you keep your strength up, but it slowly turns into more than just that. They start to train you with staffs and spears; how to defend yourself, how to attack, and everything else you may need to know when engaging a dangerous person or going into battle.

The third step is to actually engage with a professional hunter to see how far you are on the scale and what areas you need improvement on. Your orders are to kill the hunter or else they kills you; and with the way that they look at you....that story is very convincing. "Fight until you are unable to anymore," was all that you coach says before the battle begins. How long the fight takes and how high you are on the scale of hunters all depends on the type of person, and fighter, you are. Some pass and go onto the next step, the ones that fail either go back to training to improve their skills, or are killed because they have seen the operation and are unable to meet the standards of what is wanted from them.

The final step is to actually take out a target assigned to you by the higher ups. Nothing is said to you and no information is given besides a small folder containing only what you absolutely need to know about the target. Usually you are giving an infiltration mission for the first time before killing them, but every once in a while a person might receive permission to eliminate the target suitable for them.

Alex has been hunting vampires for as long as she could remember. The reason why she wanted to become a hunter was because she watched a vampire kill her family and then try to cover its tracks by burning the house down, leaving Alex trapped inside when she was only a little girl. She didn't know who was the one that pulled her out of the fire and saved her, nor did she seem to care, all she wanted right at the moment was revenge on the sick and hungry son of a bitch that murdered her family.

Without her realizing it the secret organization has taken a liking to the young red headed woman. She was the youngest recruit among all of the hunters that passed the tests, and had the most promising results. She was a hunter prodigy that everyone within the organization wanted to meet; but unfortunately for them it was like her heart was made of stone and all she seemed to care about was revenge and protocol.

It was a cool September night. The light breeze made the leaves on the trees rattle gently while distant sounds of animals crawling in the woods could be heard. The stars shined like billions of tiny diamonds scattered throughout the large black sky while the half moon was so bright that it provided what little light was needed. Alex stood in the middle of a large grassy field with a lightweight, camouflaged crossbow in her hands and the extra arrows laid on her back in an almost weightless quiver, but of course that wasn't the only weapon she was carrying.

Earlier that fine evening she decided to wear a pair of durable black jeans that were surprisingly stretchy and easy to move around in. Alex filled both of her front pockets with small trackers and a silent alarm system so the organization could find her if something went wrong. She also wore a tight tank black tank top underneath a real tree camouflage long sleeve shirt that fit her loosely since it was a size to big. It also hid her movements if she were to pull out a hidden dagger while trying to avoid unwanted attention. In between the tank top and her long sleeve shirt there was also a small black, Smith and Wesson .380 pistol that Alex always carries around with her. As one last precaution Alex put on a medium-thick black hoodie that went down past her butt, con sealing the weapons she was carrying even more. Quickly she put 3 extra loaded magazines for her pistol in her pockets.

Alex doesn't know how long she has been out here in these woods and she didn't really care about something like that either. All she wanted was to kill the one responsible for ruining her life. The downfall was that she knew she wasn't strong enough to defeat that twisted vampire yet and the only way she knew how to become stronger was to train more frequently and harder. She comes out to the same field every night and pushes herself to the limit as much as she can out here before traveling back to the quarters and training even more there. Whether it be punching at a bag in there training room to running on a treadmill or doing other physical activities in her bedroom when she was suppose to be sleeping. But no matter how hard she worked herself or how little she slept she had, Alex was up every morning with everyone else and did what she was told to do; never complaining about how sore or tired she was.

With an exasperated sigh Alex lowered the cross bow before walking to the target she set up to see how bad she did. All of the arrows were just a hair off from being in the bright red bulls eye and she growled. Gently, she kicked the small, square shaped target onto the ground, so it was lying face up, before pulling out the arrows with frustration. The only reason she has been training at night is because at that is the time vampires like to hunt or move around. If she can't hit the dead center of a bulls eye every time she fires there would be no way she could hit a figure moving as fast as a vampire does. Her frustration with herself only boiled inside of her the more she thought about what she had to do before the night was over. "Dammit why can't I get this? They made us hit dead center every day while in training, I should be able to do this without a problem!" She snapped at herself; her voice rising with every word.

"It's probably because you haven't been assigned a vampire that was much of a challenge yet." A deep, mysterious voice spoke to her while the person itself decided to continue hiding in the shadows of the surrounding forest. "The Hunters Association have a soft spot for you...but then again that isn't very surprising at all. You are special in your own unique way." the voice continued while small traces of amusement could be heard. Alex glanced quickly at her surroundings, hoping to spot a figure that wasn't there earlier or something that could lead her to where the mystery person was; but all she could see was darkness and faint outlines of trees and bushes.

"Show yourself!" She demanded, her voice was as cold as ice and filled with seriousness while the expression on her face didn't give away and hints of fear that would be there if someone else, or a rookie, were standing in her place. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember me? Oh that is such a pity." they said before rustling could be heard from the bushes about ten feet in front of her. She quickly draws an arrow from her quiver, places it in the crossbow and gets ready to fire if needed to while slowly backing up with every rustle she heard. Her dark, blood red colored hair glowed as if it were on fire underneath the pale light of the moon. "You haven't changed a bit from all those year ago, have you Alex?" they asked which made her body stiffen. She opened her mouth to ask but before she could say anything the mysterious figure stepped out of the shadows and into the lighting of the moon.

Stood there was a tall, young, man that was a little bit over 6 feet tall. His skin was as pale as paper while his lips were stained red from, what Alex assumed ,was blood.. Around his neck he wore a thin chain while a small vile filled with dark liquid could be seen from the split in his shirt and jacket, showing off part of his chiseled upper body. The person had long, inky black colored hair that somehow managed to look quite rugged as it fell to his shoulders. His eyes shinned brightly underneath the moonlight and Alex noticed that they were silver. His eyes weren't just a dark grey that looked silver because of the lighting, but an actual silver with a metallic glaze to them.

A jolt of recognition shot through Alex causing her eyes widened. The red head looked at him with surprise and focused hard on trying to remember his name and the exact moment in life she had seen him before, but her memories all seemed to be a blur. A low, deep, and menacing chuckle snapped the young woman out of her thoughts and made her focus on the target. "Who are you?" She asked, her voice cold and threatening. A smirk appeared on his lips before he put his large, calloused hands into the large pockets of his nice leather jacket.

"I already answered that question years ago when we first met. Seems like the hunters fried your brain so you can't remember me unless they allow you too." He stated causing her to scoff a little.

"What did you mean that the organization has a soft spot for me. Why?"

"Like I said earlier, you are special. If you don't know why than it is not my place to tell you; you need to figure that part out on your own." He said with a light, yet serious and dark tone. "Now put down that useless weapon before one of us gets hurt." He suggested as he takes a small step forwards. Alex backs up while bringing the scope to her eyes and resting her finger on the trigger. Her face showed no signs of emotion for him to figure out if she was serious or bluffing. He lets out a loud, and very deep laugh before looking at her with amusement. "Do you honestly think that you can defeat me with a crossbow. A crossbow that you can't even hit the center of a still bulls eyes with?" He asked with a wide smile on his face, making the moon shine on his bright pearly white fangs.

Without any hesitation Alex aimed the crossbow and pulled the trigger. The arrow sinks deep into the soft flesh on his shoulder. Alex smirked as the sense of pride slowly started to fill the core of her being while she grabs another arrow from the quiver on her back and started to put it in the crossbow. Within 5 seconds she had her crossbow raised and was ready to give the finishing blow to the familiar appearing vampire, but....he was gone! Alex never lowered her guard or crossbow as she slowly started to creep around, ready to shoot at anything that appeared to be a threat.

A rough textured hand wrapped around her full red colored lips, muffling any screams or cries for help while the person roughly pulls her back against their chest. As Alex removed one hand from the crossbow to balance herself the person quickly grabs her wrist before twisting it behind her and shoving it in between her shoulder blade, making her cry out in pain. "Not so tough now are ya?" The familiar smooth voice asked which caused Alex to growl with frustration. "I guess you lack the skills of hand to hand combat that a hunter needs. You act like you are still a rookie at this organization." He stated with a chuckle causing Alex to growl again. With a new determination, the young red headed woman bite the hand covering her mouth as hard as she could while a hidden knife appeared in her hand. A small smile appeared on her lips before she cut the captors wrist until he let go of her before turning and cutting diagonally and hurting his left shoulder once again causing him to back away and create some distance.

His eyes glared down at her small height before looking at his bleeding shoulder before growling in anger and pain since the cold night wind was sending a painful stinging sensation down his arm and side. "Damn you Alex the Hunter, I now know better than to let my guard down and underestimate you." He snapped with a hateful look in his eye as he stared into her dark blue ones that were sparkling underneath the moonlight. Without a moments hesitation she pulls out another dagger before getting into a defensive stance and waiting for him to attack. A voice in the back of her head was shouting at her, telling her to activate the tracking device so the organization could come and help out, but they would kill him and she needed him alive to answer all the question that she has.
With a small sigh he stands on his own two feet before dashing after her, his figure nothing but a mere blur because of the inhuman speed that a vampire possesses. He ran around her in circles before abruptly stopping beside of her and bringing a raised hand down, hoping to hit the back of her neck and knock her out without to much of a hassle. Her reflexes were insanely quick, as soon as he started to bring his hand down Alex had ducked to avoid to blow and started to rise as fast as she could while raising her dagger with her, trying to cut his chest vertically this time; but before her cool blade made contact he already dashed away and tried to find her weak spot. Alex kept her eyes trained on the blurry figure moving all around her. When she figured out where he was going to strike she quickly turned her body to try and prevent the attack from behind her. What she didn't realize was that the bangs covering the left side of her face moved and revealed the nasty scar she had obtained from a beam falling onto her face during the house fire when she was a child.
The vampire looked at the scar with slightly wide eyes before the smirk returned and he dashed away at the last minute, faster than the previous times. Alex raised her daggers and scanned the surrounding areas but it seemed like nobody was around. As the seconds transformed into minutes Alex let out a small sigh of disappointment before lowering her daggers and shaking her head, her long red bangs covering the scar on her face once again. "Coward." She muttered to herself before suddenly she found herself locked in a choke hold.
Alex accidentally dropped the daggers she was carrying before trying to figure out a way to escape the strong hold as she was struggling to breath. Behind her a familiar chuckle could be heard before a deep, smooth voice whispered in her ear. "Gotcha."

Alex frowned as she continued to try and breath as well as figure out an escape plan without contacting other hunters. A couple of minutes had pass before Alex started to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. The vampire decided to move one of his hands to just underneath her jaw line, giving him control on where her head should go, while the other hand continued to choke her until the point that she could barely keep her eyes open. When he finally let go of her she gasped greedily for air before she coughed lightly against his chest. Alex felt as he placed a calloused hand on her right shoulder and then another, darker chuckle escaped her lips. Just then she realized when he was preparing to do and started to struggle as hard as she could, trying to get away before feeling herself being choked once again.
A hiss sounded from behind her before the smell of rotting and burning flesh reached her nose, the scent started to make her head pound. "Dammit, its starting." Alex heard him whisper while a hint of aggravation could be heard in his voice. Without a second to spare he unwrapped his large hand from around her neck before struggling to pull her head to the side. Alex panted heavily and closed her eyes from shame and embarrassment since a hunter is to never get in a position to where her neck is exposed to a vampire. The hissing grew into a loud wince before the vampire violently bit down on the young hunters neck and started to drink as much and as fast as she could, trying to stop the heat of her skin from rising and burning him even more.

His silver eyes were closed tightly as he started to drink her blood while trying to stop her from struggling. To say that the young woman was fierce was an understatement. Even as she was in pain from him drinking her blood, she still managed to struggle and nearly slips out of his grip out of his grip a couple of times. "S-stop this." she stuttered in a cold tone even though it wavered because of the pain, her skin still burning his hands. Her blood felt like it was on fire as well and was burning the inside of him as he drank it, but the weaker she became, the less painful it was for him to drink and he started to enjoy it. By the time he was done feeding off of her Alex was almost as pale as he was while her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was weak. "Guess i took a little to much...but mission to capture her, complete." He whispered quietly to himself before.....

1. no text talk or emojicons
2. Ask permission before joining
3. to know that you read the starter please answer these three questions when asking:
~What is her pistol?
~What color is the Vampires eyes?
~Why did the vampire hiss?
4. Male needed to play the vampire
5. I only do pp's (private posts)
6. Do not mention me every 5 seconds. If i do not respond after 4 days, then mention me.
7. Do not control my character.
8. Everything allowed (and I mean everything)
9. Do not abandon without telling me first, I wont be upset.
10. please play a cold, slightly sadistic, character
11. third point of view wanted but not necessary.
12. do not reshare this as your own starter
13. 10+ lines

(Pic one: the scar that Alex has on her face)
(Pic two: her hair and eye color.)
(Pic 3-5: the vampire)
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From anyone standing on the ground the night sky was crystal clear, not a cloud with the stars shining brightly. For a brief moment there was a flare of light somewhere off to the south before suddenly a shooting star streaked through the upper atmosphere leaving a long white and orange trail behind it. The truth however, was much different.

Galen Mallak fought with the controls of the centuries old freighter as he felt the beginnings of the gravity for the planet that he was heading towards. The large blue oceans and crisp green landscape offered little in the way of hope that it was a space faring civilization. Tugging on the straps of the combat harness around his chest he felt the beginnings of the pressure building up around the hull, large white and orange streaks forming along the hull and streaking past the windshield. In a moment he was through the upper atmosphere and beginning the descent, sharp angled as it was towards the land mass on the western coast, a small inlet bay was his target

Overshooting the bay there was a large copse of trees, a forest that stretched for miles. easing down the freighter as much as he could with much of the hull already super heated. The first touch of the hull against the top of the trees sheared them off comletely before he slammed into the ground, gouging out a long piece of earth and trees that scoured the landscape

((Open RP, the basic idea is an alien comes to Earth sometime in the 19th century))

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i am a sexy human kitty darkstalkerπŸ’•πŸ’•
i am a house cat pet..πŸ˜’πŸ’”

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I am in the galaxyπŸ’«βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸŒŒπŸŒ 

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~Open rp~

I sat there alone In the pouring rain, shivering, breathing cold air, wet. You came to me and looked confused as to why Im out sitting in the pouring rain alone in such cold like this

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Name: Hunter
Nickname: violet
Age: 16
Spices: neko
Personality: shy but friendly
Likes: ehhh not much to name
Dislikes: ehhh not much to name
sexuality: Bisexual
gender: male (( but dressed as a female ))

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Hi everyone my name is Jane the killer I love everyone 😘😘😘😘😘 I don't kill everyone I be nice to you 😊😊😊😊

You watch Akira training. Her foot work was a little messy but her attacks were clean. You slip and fall into her pattern of attacks. She stops before hitting you and slams her chainsaw into the ground "Umm... what...?" ((open Rp, no need to ask))
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