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Awesome! We cannot imagine the world without communication. If you need similar type of educational whiteboard video, let's find our #whiteboardAnimation services at #EducationalVideo #socialmedia

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This mobile app explainer video demonstrates the way users can get branded #products for FREE by using the app. We have plenty more work to show you. So get in touch if you can't see a #video in your industry #explainervideo #mobileappcompany

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Today #explainervideos are an integral part of every #videomarketing strategy for #business promotion. Take a look at the steps you should know before opting for one.

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In this video we share simple & fun ways to help SHY PEOPLE feel more CONFIDENT with their VIDEO PRESENTATIONS so they can strengthen their online presence, and share their awesome message to the world. Enjoy :)

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Focusing on HOW to make your video... what's the best webcam or how to edit or how to track your followers is vital. 

But what about your content? And more importantly how you PRESENT that content? (yes. I'm talkin' bout speaking) 

Speakers who focus on being professional and mild, are in fact doing everyone in the room a disservice. Far from being pleasant and inoffensive to listen to, they are subjecting their audience to a presentation which they won’t remember and their organisation, project, or whatever they care enough to talk about is losing ground over presenters who make their message stick.

So what does it take to make YOUR message stick?

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Video Editing Course - Preview
Full Course Now Available

In this Sony Vegas preview video, we will take a look at module 9 which is about Track Motion. This means placing a smaller video inside of a larger one. Enjoy!

#VideoEditing #SonyVegas  #StarrtechVideoTutorialLibrary

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Join a Hangout with Me from my Website...

Did you know that you can add a Google Hangout button on your website so that people can instantly call you?

You have been able to add google hangout button to your website for quite sometime now though I have only just got round to doing it myself. This will allow people to call you straight from your website itself. As a massive fan I think this is brilliant and its the perfect replacement for Skype. 

You can also add a button for starting a live  #HOA . If you want to add more functionality to the button, you can have it invite guests on click and automatically start hangout applications like the YouTube app also also specify a specific which video you want to load. 

What do you think, will this hangout button replace Skype? Maybe you have a hangout button on your website already...

Also, do you see taking the place of a contact number on your website in the future?

P.s. If you want to test it out and see how it works, press the Start a Hangout button on my website at and I look forward to hanging out with you!

#googlehangoutsforbusiness    #googlehangout   #googlehangoutsonair    #googlehangoutsformarketing  

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The Hangout Formula Final Episode with +Mia Voss

Tomorrow is the final episode of  #TheHangoutFormula  and we have had some amazing guests, all delivering some amazing value. Tomorrow we have another amazing guest +Mia Voss  who runs an amazing show called +The Mia Connect Power Chat, if you have not seen it yet then I would highly recommend watching! 

Mia will get to share the story of how show and will be sharing her tips on what its taken to create the show that she has today. We may have a few twists in-store for you as well. 

See the event for more information and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow :) 

#hangoutsforbusiness   #hangoutsonair  
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