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Name: Otto gokle
Rank: Corporal
Army: Union
Unit: 8th Kansas infantry
Height: 6.0 ft.
Age: 17
Bio: Otto was a German immigrant to Kansas he lived in auburn and when the war broke out he enlisted right the way and ended up in an almost all German company and was happy to be with fellow Germans
Weapon: spring field 1861 musket 

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Name: Dylan J. Daugherty
Army: Confederate army of Tennessee
Unite: 1st Tennessee infantry
Height: 5;7
Age: 14
Bio: Dylan was born and raised in Scott county Tennessee. When the civil war erupted he was only 13. In 1862 he turned old enough for his parents to let him join the C.S.A. The closest regiment was the 1st Tennessee in Knoxville with had just formed. Dylan would survive the in-tier war fighting in places like Shiloh, and Gettysburg.

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Name: Joseph Robbins
Home-state: Bigfork Arkansas
Rank: Captain
Age: 34
Height: 6ft'2
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye: color light brown
Hair: color black
Equipment: Harpers Ferry rifle and Remington Army Revolver

Born in a the little Hamlet Bigfork. Joseph or Joe to his friends. He was a typical farm boys on the Arkansas frontier, he longed to join the Army, and go on a great adventure. At the Start of the Civil War, Joe joined the local Milita, the 4th Arkansas Confederate infantry. He saw action throughout the TransMississippi. Hebecame a captain, and rumored to have killed 75 Yankee soldier's in one battle. 

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