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1. It's called "cheap commissions" and honestly commissions which are over 50 points aren't really cheap. It took me a year to collect 50 points.

2. Post in the right category. If you're not sure what category it is then post in the "discussion" category.

3. No scamming. Scams will result in a ban.

4. No bullying. This will result in getting in the "watch list" and a strike.

5. No advertising.

6. No stealing. This will result in getting in the "watch list" and a strike.

7. No asking to be a moderator. All you need to do is be a good member of this community and if you've taken good responsibility in helping the moderators to keep the community clean for a month then I'll promote you to be a moderator.

8. English only If you started talking in a different language then I won't be able to know if your post is appropriate for this community or not. Languages will be accepted only if one of the moderators are able to speak, read and understand it.

9. Have fun!

Moderators that you can tag when there's a problem:

A Midget Fox (owner)

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Doing some sketches like this for 2-5 points! Because I'm broke xD
I'll be taking 3 for now and spots will reopen if I have time. (And I'm not that good with hoomans but I can try :'3)
Da link:

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+Finni Minni Done! (I already uploaded this to deviant art but it seems like you didn't notice it so I sent you it here :3)

I'm reEEAAALLYY proud of the fur, anatomy, and background but the lighting...I feel like I failed but I tried my best to fix it but I still never knew why it still looks horribly made ;m;

Want to commission me? Check out my commission sheets first! :3 v
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