Welcome to our new members!  Please remember that if you post a poem you must critique the three before you (at this point two).  Poets who do not critique the three poems before theirs will have their poem removed.  Please use the Poem for Critique tag and post your poem right here rather than posting a link.  Once you critique feel free to post but then do not post again until you would not critique your own poem.  Currently +hafiza manjothi and +lovish bishnoi have active poems out for critique.

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please stop by to suggest the scope of improvement 

As this group gets off the ground here's a reminder of how it works.  One poet posts a poem and other critique it.  The catch? You may not post a poem for critique until you've critiqued the requisite amount of poems prior to your posting (see FAQ/Guidelines for more info).  I am going to delete the two the first that was posted and then please critique +hafiza manjothi 's poem from 2/15.

Its been long since we met
How come we never regret;
The chances we denied
Which could make the ends meet
Haven't heard you for months
Those silent notes showing your distress;
I never had missed
I shared with open heart
My ideas my art
Yet we were apart
But Now i promise
To accomplish our start
We will be friends forever
This is what says my heart.

Can u let me know on wat thngs m i to focus fo improvement?!

To start, one person can share a poem without having to critique.  The second person to post only has to critique the one before, etc.  Let's get this started!
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