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A new spartan has joined the fight, with enough jokes to keep the morale high

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Remember reach

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Remember reach and those who fought for her

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name:jack cooper
home world:earth
weapons: shot gun, MA5C assault rifle
rank: captain grade 2

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Name: Drake
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Specialty: Recon
Weapon: Energy sword, gravity hammer, battle rifle
Rank: Warrior
Bio: I joined the UNSC to show the covenant how much I hate them and now I finally get to join the fight.
Armor: Hayabusa

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Alyss says something to me and I smile and facepalm (open also side note this is years ago before the fall of reach way before it)

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Tag name:Vent
Skills:Is best with rockets and speed and swords.
Weapons:Rocket launchers and a energy sword

Nickname: Rouge1, the only know name of mine
Bio: a 14 year old male who faked his age so he could join the UNSC, i grew taller and got stronger from the augmentations.
Armor: same as before, but sometimes with a ODST UA/CNM
Looks: black ear lenth hair
strenths: swords, snipers, shotguns, pressurse points.
weaknesses: none
favorite food: all fish....but tuna
favorite drink: Coffee
favorite color: black
likes: motorcycles, making swords, swords, fencing, coffee, music, explosions, and sniper rifles.
hates: romantic comedies, people who show off, John 117, TUNA, sports (but motor cross, and fencing), lag, and certain horror games (not amnesia and outlast)
call #:118
secrets: about how i truely lost my arm and my age.
what i hold most dear: family, freinds, and a dragon tailsman.
branch:spartain. medic/2nd class, sniper/first class.

extra notes: i am very loyal, if i'm ordered to kill my freind i will kill my commanding officer, if i have to die to save that freind i will.
i'm an assassain, i'm not proud of it but it puts some cash in my pocket.

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Name: Adam Jorge
Gender: male
Age 41
Rank chief warrant officer
Weapons: mini gun and magnum
Years in service: unknown

is in the canyon when a blast hits me and the helicopter guys,lock ur aromor!!!!!!!(need 5 nobles.gender don't matter)
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